Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show


  1. Ufology 101

    Ufology 101Пре сат

    I would love listening to Alex tell fart jokes for 3 hours

  2. Fergus MacLoud

    Fergus MacLoudПре 2 сата

    Joe is so dumb 43:00 in the past 150000 years, we lived through over 100000 years of ICE AGE...

  3. C H

    C HПре 2 сата

    God, this is embarrasing

  4. Billnerd

    BillnerdПре 4 сата

    Can’t dislike this if more than half Is true.

  5. April Dahlenburg

    April DahlenburgПре 4 сата


  6. April Dahlenburg

    April DahlenburgПре 4 сата

    CO2 😇 😈.....WAR 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜

  7. Dan Ag

    Dan AgПре 4 сата


  8. Ian

    IanПре 5 сати

    Joe get Del Bigtree on the show to talk about the pandemic and the vaccine.

  9. Alex Mansfield

    Alex MansfieldПре 5 сати

    God knows everything except one thing, where did HE come from? Alex Jones.

  10. Big Draco

    Big DracoПре 6 сати

    why is there a hindu god in the background?

  11. James

    JamesПре 3 сата

    Why not?

  12. goodfella

    goodfellaПре 7 сати

    Alex jones for presidente

  13. John Pluciennik

    John PluciennikПре 8 сати

    Here is the evidence. From chicago stage 4 lock down. Last week over 7k per day cases. Switched to all restaurants can open.

  14. John Pluciennik

    John PluciennikПре 8 сати

    Everyone back to school. Same positivity rate over the last 5 months, actually a bit worse right now

  15. doeme80

    doeme80Пре 8 сати

    Joe didn't watch planet of the humans

  16. TaggsR85

    TaggsR85Пре 9 сати

    The Biden’s are so corrupt and disgusting and now he’s our president !!!! So pathetic!!!!!

  17. Morgan

    MorganПре 9 сати

    Compared to Christ, spaceships and extraterrestrials are small potatoes.

  18. Neil Marsden

    Neil MarsdenПре 10 сати

    I laugh that everyone gets all their info of the web, seriously 🤣, whatever is on the Internet is censored and you see what you are meant to see. Play the game look at big picture and enjoy your life. Be in the moment!!!

  19. Neil Marsden

    Neil MarsdenПре 10 сати

    I get someone knowing something about something, but why does Alex know or says he knows so much about everyone ? Is he a plant ? He is hardly a spy !

  20. Neil Marsden

    Neil MarsdenПре 10 сати

    I just want to know if he feels good about his reaction with piers Morgan lol.

  21. Spencer Hansen

    Spencer HansenПре 11 сати

    Need Alex Jones, Tim pool and Edgy Brah in one setting

  22. Echo Mckay

    Echo MckayПре 11 сати

    3:03:30 while Alex is talking about the heart attack he's gonna have, dose anyone else hear a weird growl? Use headphones.

  23. Echo Mckay

    Echo MckayПре 11 сати

    2:55:29 what the fuck is that sound, I thought it was Alex because it's super deep but he starts talking and it continues as he talk.

  24. Echo Mckay

    Echo MckayПре 11 сати

    2:52:25 there's no way in hell that's joe's voice telling Alex "relax, we're both right here".... If you slow it down there's more than one voice there.

  25. huntertownsend21

    huntertownsend21Пре 11 сати

    You can tell spotify has joe by the balls. He has no control anymore of what he can and cant talk about....censorship at its finest. :/

  26. Zachary Curtis

    Zachary CurtisПре 13 сати

    Hate speech is a slippery slope and I can't wait for libs to get their comeuppance

  27. DIRGES in the DARK

    DIRGES in the DARKПре 13 сати

    Oh God knows where he came from. He is the first and the LAST!

  28. Convilious

    ConviliousПре 14 сати

    1:38:22 Alex looks like such a fun person, I'd definitely wanna be friends with him IRL, he seems like he could keep a party going for hours. :)

  29. DIRGES in the DARK

    DIRGES in the DARKПре 14 сати

    LOL Buzz...perfect Aliens...Fallen Angels...only in God's Creation!

  30. EEuphoria

    EEuphoriaПре 16 сати

    Sucks how Spotify owns Joe now, you can just tell. Bullshit ass deal

  31. Kristian

    KristianПре 17 сати

    Alex Jones is just Joe Rogan on steroids, really.

  32. Gregory Felock

    Gregory FelockПре 17 сати

    Alex Jones Does not know how to have a conversation And it’s a shame because he has so much to say

  33. toast french

    toast frenchПре 18 сати

    Why do i always learn all this wild shit on JRE

  34. Whiteguyindifferent

    WhiteguyindifferentПре 19 сати


  35. JamesTheWaffler

    JamesTheWafflerПре 21 сат


  36. Daniel Keene-Lopez

    Daniel Keene-LopezПре 21 сат


  37. Dillyn Stanford

    Dillyn StanfordПре 22 сата

    Team Carbon yeah 😎

  38. Garry Clark

    Garry ClarkПре 22 сата

    Klaus head of world economic forum "you will own nothing and be happy" the great reset'

  39. Dillyn Stanford

    Dillyn StanfordПре 22 сата

    God created the earth to handle dirty humans, the earth is our filter it thrives off our farts and bad breath

  40. Garry Clark

    Garry ClarkПре 23 сата

    People in the uk are told our government has done the worst globally in tackling the plandemic. I'm sure your told the same in all the other countries taking part in the exercise.

  41. Niko Fox

    Niko FoxПре 23 сата

    *2:37 and And infinitely small!

  42. Garry Clark

    Garry ClarkПре дан

    Mr Rogan have you forgotten your interview with Randy Carlson?

  43. Amy Nunya

    Amy NunyaПре дан

    The mindset that we need more proof of these things happening is insanity. There is so much proof of this terrible plan and we have ignored it for 40 years. This is our last chance as regular people to stand up as one nation. Against this long standing evil.

  44. Oh Kay

    Oh KayПре дан

    46:50 facts guys, you know that using electricity is still using gas right? How do you think we have electricy?

  45. Rod iz Lik E

    Rod iz Lik EПре дан

    I love Alex Jones. People hate him and talk a lot of shit but he's called a lot of stuff back in the day thats real now. He does great work.

  46. Izzy Valens

    Izzy ValensПре дан

    He was absolutely correct about the democrats opening up the economy after Biden enters the office now all of a sudden we need to get up and running scumbags

  47. Birdieinthesky100

    Birdieinthesky100Пре 19 сати that we have some viable vaccines, the U.S.A. (and the world) shouldn't try and get up and running then? When, politically speaking would be it okay in your your view to get up and running?

  48. Marcin Czechowicz

    Marcin CzechowiczПре дан

    When you sell your soul to the devil, you reap the consequences by condemning yourself from original GOD's order/plan.

  49. Bryan Flynn

    Bryan FlynnПре дан

    This was by far the worst one and joe was not even close to being free and open... sad

  50. FatherBootyHands

    FatherBootyHandsПре дан

    1:10:53 hahahahaha

  51. Sling and Stone

    Sling and StoneПре дан

    Tim, Eddie, Alex, same podcast 🙏

  52. ChiliConQueso

    ChiliConQuesoПре дан

    I want to see Alex and Joey Diaz go at it again.

  53. Chris Moltisanti

    Chris MoltisantiПре дан

    Alex.... ""her father was an MI6 agent thrown in the ocean"" Joe.....""Sasha Baren Koen is wonderful""". This is why I'm not a JRE fan anymore.

  54. moonglum101

    moonglum101Пре дан

    I wish Alex Jones would stop interrupting people. It ruins the conversation.

  55. Richie l

    Richie lПре дан

    I think you need to have Alex in a different room and have a switch where you control his mic. Seriously. This interview is not pro free speech if Alex is just gonna spurt out lies . You tried to control him but failed terribly so either control him properly or don’t have him on . Or check all he says after , and then cut the fact checks into the video after the fact .. that would be fun . Free speech and open forums for debate are good , but this was a one way diatribe of 50% conjecture and 50% lies . Totally disingenuous

  56. Luis Arroyo

    Luis ArroyoПре дан

    Rogan needs to stop listening to people who want to control information and just let the conversation free flow next time

  57. chucky cheese

    chucky cheeseПре дан

    Chesley is most likely dead

  58. Lee Connelly

    Lee ConnellyПре дан

    RIDDLE ME THIS : if the WATER LEVEL of the OCEANS is RISING as ive heard scince i was a kid? then WHY HASNT VENICE DROWWNED yet ?they have been "RIGHT ON THE EDGE" for hundreds of years! the water LEVEL seems to have REMAINED COMPLETELY STABLE ! or VENICE would be LONG GONE? right? VENICE WOULD BE THE FIRST place you would notice it.RIGHT? one thing is SURE .EARTH is DYING and AGE is catching up with her. i can SEE why they are getting nervous. but im PUZZLED by how everyone is told and assured there is PLENTY OF TIME.all these reseorces and all these people can do ANYTHING....if we all wanted to think reasonably and use our time wisely theres MUCH we could DO THATS GOOD with the remaining time. including buying MORE TIME...perhaps? as for ROBOTS....I always dreamed of having a LOST IN SPACE robot buddy. but CONSIDER that these ROBOTS are gonna DO EXACTLY WHAT the BUILDERS OF THEM design and program them TO DO.think about that.

  59. Chairman Kim

    Chairman KimПре дан

    Alex Jones has been speaking the truth for a decade now. Holy shit

  60. Jared Pritchard

    Jared PritchardПре дан

    I wish joe would shut up and let alex talk

  61. Paulius Jacinkevičius

    Paulius JacinkevičiusПре дан


  62. Gideon Berger

    Gideon BergerПре дан

    made it to 43 minutes. quite surprised actually.

  63. Marie-Eve Lapointe-allard

    Marie-Eve Lapointe-allardПре дан

    Oh I am lol and what isn't a show ? If you supress one you supress the others. Emotions are not to be supressed but understood and accepted. Would we have some much "bad behaviors" if it was'nt for all the "ismes" and "phobias" pretty much hammered in for ... how many generations now ... Just sayin'

  64. Butt Hurts

    Butt HurtsПре дан

    Joe needs to shut up an let the man speak.

  65. Joe T

    Joe TПре дан

    This shit is amazing

  66. Cezar's Timepieces

    Cezar's TimepiecesПре дан

    Joe "Hold on a second" Rogan

  67. Joe T

    Joe TПре дан

    Lmao that smile of the other guy when Joe asks " are coal plants really clean" Alex" I'll tell ya"

  68. kn1 Dave

    kn1 DaveПре дан

    like why kobe died but price is still alive

  69. Joe T

    Joe TПре дан

    Got right to the mind blowing eh Alex?

  70. OffLogic

    OffLogicПре дан

    you talk so much about fact checking Alex yet you let him so easily lie just about the holder of the most US debt. its obviously us citizens then Japan then China. i may not know much about the other topics, but its blatantly clear if that slips under the radar, i am sure so much was missed as well.

  71. Roshi R

    Roshi RПре дан

    This is hilarious. It's distressing how much political correctness has killed comedy. Bring free speech back, bring free thought back. This cancel culture and censorship is setting precedents - and that's where totalitarianism begins.

  72. kaiawase

    kaiawaseПре дан

    "I'm a smart moron" yep, that just about sums me up

  73. Brett Michael Schultz

    Brett Michael SchultzПре дан

    When Alex Jones says to type something in and look it up, he reminds me of mom asking me to google a paragraph lol

  74. Brett Michael Schultz

    Brett Michael SchultzПре дан

    Joe: "You go to frogs being gay" Me: *Fucking dead* 😂😂😂😂

  75. Fergus MacLoud

    Fergus MacLoudПре 2 сата

    @La Tre Clays I also remember learning that amphibians can change sexes long before AJ said the frogs were gay...

  76. La Tre Clays

    La Tre ClaysПре 5 сати

    You know what’s crazy is it was proven in 2011 that chemicals in the water caused male frogs to lay eggs. I’m not sure if it made them “gay” but it definitely effected them hormonally.

  77. Kevin Coakley

    Kevin CoakleyПре дан

    joe rogan is defo GAY... you need to come out truthful to yourself and us...its ok.

  78. Alyssa Nautica

    Alyssa NauticaПре дан

    Alex Jones says 98% of the atmosphere is controlled by the sun so it doesn’t matter how we affect it. But what he doesn’t realize is 2% is the difference more than the difference between many animal and human DNA. So just beecause it’s a small number in the grand schemes of existence of Earth’s atmosphere it doesn’t mean it’s a small effect on us.

  79. Alyssa Nautica

    Alyssa NauticaПре дан

    I think Alex Jones doesn’t realize if he believes in aliens and intelligent life and he knows carbon was more present in our atmosphere millions of years ago before we EXISTED lol that maybe the aliens are the ones creating mantras for people like him to continue to introduce atmosphere altering agents to switch the climate to better suit them than us. Because it’s been proven like it’s not good to breathe in tons of CO2 we breathe that out right I’m just confused how both rantionals can meld lol

  80. Douglas Bull

    Douglas BullПре дан

    Love how Joe has to slow Alex ok ok Alex slow it down breath Alex breath.we will get to it.alex is all over the place.i think he's heavily doing lots of coke and Adderall

  81. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezПре дан

    Alex Jones is a trip!!!😂 this dude is on another level

  82. James Watkins

    James WatkinsПре дан

    This video is proof that drugs are good.

  83. Jessica BreAnn

    Jessica BreAnnПре 2 дана

    This aged accurate AF 🔮

  84. Darold Stutzman

    Darold StutzmanПре 2 дана

    First time hearing Alex Jones who is this guy

  85. Ultimate Sicario

    Ultimate SicarioПре 2 дана

    Joe Rogan unable to stop Alex Jones lol

  86. Darold Stutzman

    Darold StutzmanПре 2 дана

    Stop interrupting Joe let the guest finish a story

  87. Ricky J

    Ricky JПре 2 дана

    My head is spinning after this shit. Alex is definitely on to something it's to bad he sounds crazy when he goes on his tangents. Most of this episode is them just trying to talk over each other and it's like pinball with the topics.

  88. Triddy bash

    Triddy bashПре 2 дана

    Danny Glover must be big 😂

  89. Lil Susu

    Lil SusuПре 2 дана

    I really hope Alex jones stays healthy. I will be praying for that man hes done too much to die young

  90. Triddy bash

    Triddy bashПре 2 дана

    Keep going Alex! One of the best Jo Rogan episodes I've seen 👏👏👏 Don't forget how they got to Tesla way back!!! Elon and Alex know shit. Listen to them 👊great show 🤗✌️

  91. Lil Susu

    Lil SusuПре 2 дана

    lmaooooo the day I see a tik tok ufo will be the end of the world

  92. Abu Aniha S3p AzG

    Abu Aniha S3p AzGПре 2 дана

    I wish Joe continues to pull out facts and verify, separate the facts from rants and Alex would just slow down what idiot that he Alex doesn't.

  93. PeetaPan

    PeetaPanПре 2 дана

    42:40 the problem is were chopping down all the plants. We need to regrow the rainforest, and learn to plan ahead.

  94. PeetaPan

    PeetaPanПре дан

    @Vince A exactly

  95. Vince A

    Vince AПре дан

    Try telling that to 3rd world Brazil. No end in sight to wallowing in quick profits + no foresight on behalf of Brazilian work culture. Or their weak government.

  96. Paul Gsell

    Paul GsellПре 2 дана

    Alex is so fuckin spot on about tech wanting to get rid of most of us

  97. PeetaPan

    PeetaPanПре 2 дана

    People don't realise how true the shit Alex Jones says actually is.

  98. PeetaPan

    PeetaPanПре 18 сати

    @IMadeAUserNameThisLong l And you are the exact problem they talk about in this episode. Freedom of speech, stop with your de-platforming bullshit. Again the guy has said sorry as many times as he can, he never told his fans to go out and harass people and even then he cannot be held responsible for what his fans did otherwise id hold Christianity liable for John Lennon. I dunno where you got the "8 times" figure, source?. He was beyond famous before sandy hook ever happened so he didnt use it "making a career". He just had an opinion on something, now you can get as mad as you like at him but 1. doesnt change the truthful things he has said and 2. does not mean anyone should de-platform him, if you just deplatform every person you don't agree with you would be living in some sort of draconian reality. Its almost like you didnt watch the episode at all as all of this is addressed. I don't agree with what he said about sandy hook, but that doesn't change the things he said that were true end of, if you don't like it then don't watch it, pretty fucking obvious.

  99. IMadeAUserNameThisLong l

    IMadeAUserNameThisLong lПре 19 сати

    @PeetaPan He tortured these victims of the massacre, and encouraged his supporters to go after them. The victims have had to move 8+ times because of Alex Jones fans threatening them. He thinks the events of Parkland was a false flag, and his fans continuously goes after those victims too. It's not being right sometimes and being wrong. It's about being a descent human being and leaving those who suffered terrible events the fuck alone instead of making a career going after them. He's trash, and shame on Joe Rogan for giving this trash a platform.

  100. PeetaPan

    PeetaPanПре 21 сат

    @IMadeAUserNameThisLong l Sandy Hook*** And you can't expect everyone to be right about everything, everytime. What kind of world would we live in if we did? Alex Jones is a human being like you and me, who makes mistakes (like you did spelling sandy hook), you can't discredit everything someone says because he got a piece of info wrong, which HE ADMITTED already.

  101. IMadeAUserNameThisLong l

    IMadeAUserNameThisLong lПре 21 сат

    Like denying the massacre of children of Sandy Hooke?

  102. Joe T

    Joe TПре дан

    Everything he pulled up confirmed him lol

  103. Erik Brice Ledford

    Erik Brice LedfordПре 2 дана

    This is the best joe Rogan interview ever

  104. GeekedUpSaltyBerserker

    GeekedUpSaltyBerserkerПре 2 дана

    And now we're back with Fauci & the WHO, bent over w/ no lube.

  105. Patrick Bertlein

    Patrick BertleinПре 2 дана

    Precious minerals are also used in cell phones that are often mined by slaves. Slaves. Also things like laptops. So basically every single American supports slavery. And half our taxes are going to bombing other countries.

  106. Juan Duran

    Juan DuranПре 2 дана

    Love the shirt Jo!!!

  107. Tommy Batesman

    Tommy BatesmanПре 2 дана

    2:01:49 “Put that down”

  108. Jonathan Lopez

    Jonathan LopezПре 2 дана

    Man when this dropped I was so GONE off acid. So great.

  109. Curtis Owen

    Curtis OwenПре 2 дана

    You give too much ground Joe. Its generally good, you give space to broadcast the most sane and insane, a space where they can speak freely. But your near zero pushback is going to encourage those who have a hard time with probabilistic reasoning to believe anything they hear on here.

  110. Surge Mouradov

    Surge MouradovПре 2 дана

    Shitty version of a joe rogan podcast

  111. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezПре 2 дана

    Joe rogan just stfu u sell out

  112. Mark Singh

    Mark SinghПре 2 дана

    Awesome show Gentlemen. Thank you .

  113. Jugguknoxx Unorthodox

    Jugguknoxx UnorthodoxПре 2 дана

    Corporations are not trying to get rid of us. Sellers will always need buyers. If you make products that nobody buys, you can't make money. Alex cannot convince me that they want to wipe out the human race, it doesn't make sense.

  114. Ziriao

    ZiriaoПре 2 дана

    What do you need money for when you own/control everything?

  115. Peredur

    PeredurПре 2 дана