Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

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  1. Amelija Mexmedova

    Amelija MexmedovaПре 5 сати


  2. Dev Bhavsar

    Dev BhavsarПре 5 сати

    This video is looks like gta vice city ❤❤😍😍 (vice city 😥❤ )

  3. Rebecka.dugarte

    Rebecka.dugarteПре 6 сати

    Am alguien que hable español?


    KEDİ YUMİMUПре 6 сати

    beğeninde önemli bişey yazdığımı sansınlar

  5. gaming gass

    gaming gassПре 6 сати

    love it

  6. gunn jjann

    gunn jjannПре 6 сати

    Song : ulalala Singer : Daniel, Randy, Yahaira Listen to the music I love ee you Justin!!!!!

  7. Lavrador Atrapalhado

    Lavrador AtrapalhadoПре 6 сати



    STAMPS SSПре 6 сати

    What a time when no one hates Justin Bieber no more

  9. Heaven Crowe

    Heaven CroweПре 6 сати

    Dis a vibe

  10. SuperMatth

    SuperMatthПре 6 сати

    Yeah bieber

  11. The Man

    The ManПре 6 сати

    Song straight but where the girls at

  12. fay mandani

    fay mandaniПре 6 сати


  13. Noli Charmz

    Noli CharmzПре 6 сати


  14. måri

    måriПре 6 сати

    Music be getting better this year tbh 👀

  15. Yadhira Belieber

    Yadhira BelieberПре 6 сати


  16. Fábio Costa

    Fábio CostaПре 6 сати

    Gostaram da música Eu amei eu vou abaixar ele

  17. Wed Fddc

    Wed FddcПре 6 сати

    I just want to understand why Justin Bieber isn't wearing his pants naturally and why he's not walking like a regular person in the music video. It looks like a stupid zombie

  18. Vankish59

    Vankish59Пре 6 сати

    Trop chaud Antoine Griezmann

  19. holly cullen

    holly cullenПре 6 сати

    hi im a huge fan :]

  20. Danilo Rivas

    Danilo RivasПре 6 сати

    I still forgorot about justin and my sis be like :jusitn beaver me: oh my god i forgot about him

  21. xHeptc

    xHeptcПре 6 сати

    I didn't expect him to beat MrBeast on subscriber count

  22. jace101

    jace101Пре 6 сати

    2:55 don't know what he's doing but I know that I love it

  23. Random Rebuilds

    Random RebuildsПре 6 сати

    We all made fun of this guy years ago, and now we're searching for his newest tracks on YT. Strange times we live in...

  24. Sci Fact

    Sci FactПре 6 сати

    He dance like drunk chicken 🐥

  25. gods gift

    gods giftПре 6 сати

    Justin ft Zayn waiting ❤️

  26. Nyssa Jay

    Nyssa JayПре 6 сати

    This video is absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t fit any of their aesthetics. But the producer freaked this song for real.

  27. Maria Perez

    Maria PerezПре 6 сати

    This song blew up fast

  28. D S Y A F E A

    D S Y A F E AПре 7 сати


  29. k p

    k pПре 7 сати


  30. shawn starbird

    shawn starbirdПре 7 сати

    This is FIRE!!!

  31. MiftahEDM Anti Teroris B3rc4dar

    MiftahEDM Anti Teroris B3rc4darПре 7 сати


  32. bartito_352

    bartito_352Пре 7 сати


  33. Xhodi Sakiqi

    Xhodi SakiqiПре 7 сати

    Justin bieber is the best singer

  34. Ariana Grande Lover

    Ariana Grande LoverПре 7 сати

    love thiss songggg

  35. mari diasamidze

    mari diasamidzeПре 7 сати

    its my favourite song .its excellent

  36. Davi Richzter

    Davi RichzterПре 7 сати

    i thought he said pass that shit, not thats that shit

  37. alex semchaoui

    alex semchaouiПре 7 сати

    From 🇩🇿 Lives 🇬🇧 Any body here ♥️

  38. alex semchaoui

    alex semchaouiПре 7 сати

    From 🇩🇿 Lives 🇬🇧 Any body here ♥️

  39. Souhail Wahrani

    Souhail WahraniПре 7 сати

    If you love Justin get beauty and a beat by Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber 1 bilion

  40. withmerkur

    withmerkurПре 7 сати

    I wouldn't be an influencer if l didn't make a make-up video with this song 🙃

  41. ABHI

    ABHIПре 7 сати

    The Slowed versions are just another vibe Who agrees?

  42. Like dynamite

    Like dynamiteПре 7 сати

    Justin bieber i love you !!

  43. Like dynamite

    Like dynamiteПре 7 сати

    Enhypen bu şarkı ile tiktok çekmeden önce de bu şarkıyı çok seviyorum ama tiktok videosu çektiklerini görünce çok mutlu oldum çünkü bu aralar favorim bi şarkı ile canlarımı bi arada görünce çok mutlu oldum ve şarkıyı şu anda daha çok seviyorum😇

  44. Violet Oni

    Violet OniПре 7 сати

    The vibes🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  45. Daniel orozco

    Daniel orozcoПре 7 сати

    Amo a Justin Bieber, por el vivo y muero. Dios, hombre perfecto

  46. Lilypop

    LilypopПре 7 сати

    I never considered that peach would be a suit color. Looks so good tbh idek

  47. Agustin Cardozo

    Agustin CardozoПре 7 сати

    te odio justin

  48. park mimi

    park mimiПре 7 сати


  49. Kim jennie

    Kim jennieПре 7 сати


  50. Salma Ahmed

    Salma AhmedПре 7 сати

    Love this song 🤩❤❤❤❤

  51. Anuj Pradhan

    Anuj PradhanПре 7 сати

    "It's the texture of your skin" hits different 😌

  52. Natalie Berulava

    Natalie BerulavaПре 6 сати


  53. cuasy godinez

    cuasy godinezПре 7 сати

    me encata elnuevo almbun gracias justin por salvar el 2021 por salvar esta decada

  54. Charina De Castro

    Charina De CastroПре 7 сати

    1:40 and 1:41 why is this giving me harry styles and bts vibes?

  55. Brian Kirabo

    Brian KiraboПре 7 сати

    just when i thought peaches was going to be just an album he claps back harder

  56. kevin lazarov

    kevin lazarovПре 7 сати

    i hate justin bieber but i cant lie this song is fireeeee

  57. A M J

    A M JПре 7 сати

    Let’s just acknowledge the producers, sound mixers, and bands hard work for making this amazing beat!

  58. army girl تاي

    army girl تايПре 7 сати


  59. Cristian P

    Cristian PПре 7 сати

    Justin gave me cringe in this video

  60. K

    KПре 7 сати

    I rate justin for bringing some light to giveon. Deserved 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I wont lie , after drake Chicago I've been wanting to hear more of him

  61. SuperMatth

    SuperMatthПре 7 сати

    Hello Justin

  62. Redmond Christopher

    Redmond ChristopherПре 7 сати

    I remember when give on was underground artist and I said it would be awesome to hear him do something with Zakaki now I see this and think awesome lol😂

  63. Suhana Suthar

    Suhana SutharПре 8 сати

    Is it just me or do people think Anne Marie and Justin look alike?

  64. Josh Murphy

    Josh MurphyПре 8 сати

    this is the 30rd time i heard this LOL

  65. Redmond Christopher

    Redmond ChristopherПре 8 сати


  66. ismaciL muHumet

    ismaciL muHumetПре 8 сати


  67. Johnny Rose

    Johnny RoseПре 8 сати

    You should be called justin bigger n Not justin bieber cos your song hits bigger every day.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR READING THIS COMMENT ❤❤❤👌

  68. Guadalupe Montserrat Olvera Santiago

    Guadalupe Montserrat Olvera SantiagoПре 8 сати

    🤢🤮 you canción

  69. Oscar Atencio

    Oscar AtencioПре 8 сати

    is that the same set of selena gomez on look at her now??

  70. Zechy 123

    Zechy 123Пре 8 сати


  71. 8D MUSIX

    8D MUSIXПре 8 сати

    Listen this in 8d

  72. Jay Blast

    Jay BlastПре 8 сати

    *I can't believe people are shocked that Justin Bieber went off on this song lol this guy is legendary but still slept on I don't get it lol*

  73. Celebrities

    CelebritiesПре 8 сати


  74. Gloria Sasu

    Gloria SasuПре 8 сати

    Aaa this my song aaa here this again

  75. Linkey

    LinkeyПре 8 сати

    Its great project fromJastin Biber and his manager and producer

  76. Sci Fact

    Sci FactПре 8 сати

    Just Justin !!!

  77. Martin Durias

    Martin DuriasПре 8 сати

    Ithink this a best song from Justin Bieber

  78. Hi, my name Is

    Hi, my name IsПре 7 сати

    My heart 💔

  79. Fun Fun

    Fun FunПре 8 сати

    134 millions views

  80. Onfleek Photo

    Onfleek PhotoПре 8 сати

    have this on repeat )))

  81. Alan Gilberto

    Alan GilbertoПре 8 сати


  82. Azaan Ali Bagga

    Azaan Ali BaggaПре 8 сати

    Aaaaaahh still listening!❤️

  83. Norma Juarez

    Norma JuarezПре 8 сати


  84. Byrd

    ByrdПре 8 сати

    Yep, my type of music

  85. GajeSingh Dhillon

    GajeSingh DhillonПре 8 сати

    Biber is best

  86. Tatiana Cuervo arenilla

    Tatiana Cuervo arenillaПре 8 сати

    yo biendo si hay un comentario latino

  87. Ttfg Thgg

    Ttfg ThggПре 8 сати

    His haters are so gay

  88. Mᴀʟғᴀʀᴅᴀɴ

    MᴀʟғᴀʀᴅᴀɴПре 8 сати

    2:26 his face lol

  89. cool bro

    cool broПре 8 сати


  90. LucaPC

    LucaPCПре 8 сати


  91. Thiago Teixeira

    Thiago TeixeiraПре 8 сати

    Melhor do world

  92. Thiago Teixeira

    Thiago TeixeiraПре 8 сати

    My life

  93. Thiago Teixeira

    Thiago TeixeiraПре 8 сати

    Melhor do mundo

  94. Funny Reels

    Funny ReelsПре 8 сати

    Indians like here

  95. •Lee Fabi•

    •Lee Fabi•Пре 8 сати

    Ay Amo

  96. Amine Chirage

    Amine ChirageПре 8 сати

    who is here in april 2021

  97. Alison Searcy

    Alison SearcyПре 8 сати

    This is the first Justin Bieber song I have listen to an I like it.

  98. King Ali

    King AliПре 8 сати

    Let's make this song fastest to reach 1 Billion views

  99. Akash Wadher

    Akash WadherПре 8 сати

    please remove the auto tune its very irritating 🙄

  100. Hi, my name Is

    Hi, my name IsПре 7 сати

    If you want to hear him sing peaches without this type of production you should hear his tiny desk. He sings this song on there slowed down. It’s really beautiful. Some people prefer that version - and if you don’t wanna watch the whole thing, he sings peaches after the first song btw. Definitely worth watching. Hope you like it!

  101. Gamerxxx Godly

    Gamerxxx GodlyПре 8 сати


  102. Dannilou Baileyyy.

    Dannilou Baileyyy.Пре 8 сати

    OMG HI

  103. eduardo rodriguez

    eduardo rodriguezПре 8 сати

    We are emotional specimens