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  1. 21Yasuo plays

    21Yasuo playsПре дан

    happy birthday yanniiiiiiiiii

  2. Luis Fermín

    Luis FermínПре 2 дана

    I wake up like "fuck... living another day"

  3. YourDaddy

    YourDaddyПре 3 дана

    Im 19 and 70 years old mental age So guys quit playing lol will make u age faster

  4. Michael

    MichaelПре 4 дана

    belated happy birthday ;)

  5. Søren Paulsen

    Søren PaulsenПре 4 дана

    Haha right before the game i love the comment that Said LL Grandpa!!! Hahhahha

  6. Zakkeus Trepanier

    Zakkeus TrepanierПре 5 дана

    Where did Swain get the x2 Zhonyas?

  7. Sinder

    SinderПре 5 дана

    2:20 yaani doesnt know thats how we laugh seeing him miss his qs and play bad.

  8. michael rafanan

    michael rafananПре 5 дана

    Hello @stylish idoll looking forward for a million subss hhehehe subscriber and greeting from Philippines 🇵🇭✌️✌️✌️😀😀

  9. Κostis 77

    Κostis 77Пре 5 дана

    he is no longer the young zed player..

  10. Stormchaser

    StormchaserПре 5 дана

    1 Time he didnt miss he died

  11. Gerhard Stefan Billing

    Gerhard Stefan BillingПре 6 дана

    he is flaming about graves beeing too strong, but he is still destroying graves. zed is way stronger than graves. XD

  12. clash cannottouch

    clash cannottouchПре 6 дана

    theodore bagwell!

  13. Manuel Cisternas

    Manuel CisternasПре 6 дана


  14. ThunderBlade 69

    ThunderBlade 69Пре 6 дана

    i tried that test my mental age is 40 while im 15 year old

  15. Nicolas Stuven

    Nicolas StuvenПре 7 дана

    OMG! look at min 5:30 the support in the bush praying for yanni doesn't notice she is there!

  16. Alex the Boi

    Alex the BoiПре 7 дана

    Anyone know the dnb track at 7:20 ? kinda fire

  17. Maik M.

    Maik M.Пре 8 дана

    i cant hit the table there is food on it something only a boomer would say

  18. OK8

    OK8Пре 8 дана

    i am 18 yo and did the test, it said 52 yo. yikes

  19. emmanpc

    emmanpcПре 8 дана

    i also got 37 lmao

  20. Shadow Goku

    Shadow GokuПре 8 дана

    Why is he winning level 1? The whole wave of minion focusing Zed: i dont know you tell me

  21. NenMage

    NenMageПре 9 дана

    LL Boomer

  22. mohamed showky

    mohamed showkyПре 9 дана

    -deny that he is a middle aged man -like to wake up early

  23. Sterben Z.

    Sterben Z.Пре 9 дана

    Now we know why he misses his Qs, he cant see properly

  24. Breslov Torah Shiurim B'H

    Breslov Torah Shiurim B'HПре 9 дана

    Dude wtf happened to your hair? You look like the bad guy from James bond skyfall..😳

  25. PEEKatCHU

    PEEKatCHUПре 9 дана

    The Yi comp got reverse boosted.

  26. JAKEY

    JAKEYПре 9 дана

    So nobody's gonna talk how yanni passed a champ while he's going botlane

  27. Drakodyr

    DrakodyrПре 9 дана

    Mental of a 37 year old goes "PRRRRRRR" and dies to Graves lvl 1 who started E... Lmao

  28. Arvo

    ArvoПре 9 дана

    Its not triple kill for the young zed player no more its triple kill for the boomer zed

  29. KERDEL Younes

    KERDEL YounesПре 10 дана

    what about the joke 11:03 ?

  30. freddy Jason

    freddy JasonПре 10 дана

    bro u still one of the best youtubers i watch every day

  31. Marie Chaoui

    Marie ChaouiПре 10 дана

    Try essence reaver last item on that build

  32. Blazereon Red

    Blazereon RedПре 10 дана


  33. YOLODI Vlogs

    YOLODI VlogsПре 10 дана

    Never thought that Zed has a Birthday. btw Happy Birthday!

  34. schn1tzel

    schn1tzelПре 10 дана

    9:48 the invisible man hits again

  35. Catswaga

    CatswagaПре 10 дана

    11:16 John Cena's intro starts playing

  36. яєι愛

    яєι愛Пре 10 дана

    Are you winning son? Me: no still havent win the prrrr comment of the day

  37. Lelouch Nikushimi

    Lelouch NikushimiПре 10 дана

    6:29 Also me when i'm tilted but can't find something to slam my hand on. lmao

  38. Lorde Ross

    Lorde RossПре 10 дана

    22 mental age: 48....

  39. Yan Daue

    Yan DaueПре 10 дана

    0:26 cmon Yanni

  40. Fran A

    Fran AПре 10 дана


  41. Futile

    FutileПре 10 дана

    diamond is not high elo

  42. bobistefx

    bobistefxПре 10 дана

    Stylish video ending: Me: HABATAITARAAAA

  43. Drowzy Sailor230

    Drowzy Sailor230Пре 10 дана

    ah yes now i see why the white hair

  44. LL SHADOW Yasuo

    LL SHADOW YasuoПре 10 дана

    hehe im here :) we did choose the picture on stream

  45. HalflingYT

    HalflingYTПре 10 дана

    i didnt even know he had a bday, happy birthday man!

  46. Wira Raditya

    Wira RadityaПре 10 дана

    Happy birthday NF thank you for the signed mixtape bro I love youu

  47. Lam Ani

    Lam AniПре 10 дана

    fuc* am from algeria i got 42 age in the test and am only 18 fuc* algeria make u older

  48. alial66

    alial66Пре 10 дана

    I did this test 11 days ago. It's pretty shitty. Just because I don't like going on a trips doesn't make me 27 yro

  49. TheNextGeneration

    TheNextGenerationПре 10 дана


  50. ITeazZx Gaming

    ITeazZx GamingПре 10 дана

    "I cant even hit the table there is food on it" best line of the video xDDD i felt that so much

  51. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan GarciaПре 10 дана

    Yanni in a retirement home nurses hearing him "PRRRRR" from his room down the hallway. Nurses: What does that even mean, it's probably why he's in here.

  52. Zed Main

    Zed MainПре 10 дана

    R.I.P your hair bro😂

  53. J- Cup

    J- CupПре 10 дана

    "I can't hit the table, there's food on it." Ye, thats what my grandma would said.

  54. X_Ghame Crasher_X

    X_Ghame Crasher_XПре 10 дана

    Someone Called Me: Yanni Me: Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  55. M.B.P 2K

    M.B.P 2KПре 10 дана

    37 and he never misses a Q impressive UwU

  56. Đạt Cao Thành

    Đạt Cao ThànhПре 10 дана

    Stylish visits my house Mom after hearing Stylish laugh: -Is there a monkey in the house Me: nah its just my friend

  57. Haoh

    HaohПре 10 дана

    is it a joke ? 404 fun not found

  58. I like potatoes

    I like potatoesПре 10 дана

    Yanni: "I'm not a reading guy, I don't like books" Also Yanni: 14:02


    ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΤΖΙΝΗΣПре 10 дана

    you are like lebron but 1 year older

  60. Minh Truong Hoang

    Minh Truong HoangПре 10 дана

    yeez you are still too good to be old

  61. izaya senpai

    izaya senpaiПре 10 дана

    i felt like he was gonna say i don't miss 2:11

  62. Shane

    ShaneПре 10 дана

    Taric: *disrespects* Yanni: So you've chosen deat...d...de..dea...DIE!

  63. Mario

    MarioПре 10 дана

    i got 50 and i am 16 =))

  64. Aaron Vaz

    Aaron VazПре 10 дана

    Don’t worry Yanni I’m 14 and I did the exact same test and my mental age was 36 or maybe I should be worried

  65. Shellby Beatz

    Shellby BeatzПре 10 дана

    Yani in 2016: super saiyan 1 still trying to hit Q Yani in 2021:Ultra instinct whos the face of Zed i never miss prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

  66. Pepino Alpha

    Pepino AlphaПре 10 дана

    bro, i miss your old hair

  67. Mustafa Kamil

    Mustafa KamilПре 10 дана

    Wish you the greatest happy birthday Yanni. Another thing: u are my fav RSclubr and I kinda get bored when u don't release a new vid but I don't really mind since ur either having troubles or something else. Deepest respect.

  68. Hassan BUR

    Hassan BURПре 10 дана

    im 23 and i got 41, feelsbadman

  69. Sckys

    SckysПре 10 дана

    Hey if it makes you feel better, I got 37 too I'm turning 18 in 6 days

  70. Thomas Papastergiou

    Thomas PapastergiouПре 10 дана

    Mate I did this, I am 17 I got 72 what can I say depression op asf nerf pls.

  71. Arcane Hex

    Arcane HexПре 10 дана

    im really digging this new music, very chill

  72. Ren Syn

    Ren SynПре 10 дана

    The Old Zed Player is back boiiii

  73. Milbert Yaeso

    Milbert YaesoПре 10 дана

    Imagine if Yanni Miss his Q's

  74. Tech no

    Tech noПре 10 дана

    6:28 "i can't hit this table theres food on it" hhahah

  75. Dark Kyriakakis

    Dark KyriakakisПре 10 дана

    Song at 13:40 ?

  76. 杨裕贤

    杨裕贤Пре 10 дана

    Its funny ,good video😂respect!! bro

  77. Abhishek Naithani

    Abhishek NaithaniПре 10 дана

    Editor: shinzou sasageyo Stylish: Nani

  78. Tuong Ngo

    Tuong NgoПре 10 дана

    Now stylish look like elite 500 but a not good looking version

  79. Jeff Oray

    Jeff OrayПре 10 дана

    Hey stylish!! Pls do AP Zed

  80. Shah Rosli

    Shah RosliПре 10 дана

    happy birthday to our old zed player, please don't start to forget misses Q

  81. Jean-Alexis Savonniere

    Jean-Alexis SavonniereПре 10 дана

    Stylish at 90: and a double kill for the young Zed pkayer!

  82. ChavezdaGreat

    ChavezdaGreatПре 10 дана

    Who else wanted to hear the joke? 😂

  83. Jaleel Beal

    Jaleel BealПре 10 дана

    37 and still missing Qs, some things never change

  84. leche milktea

    leche milkteaПре 10 дана

    Wait was that the editor?

  85. Hanzuu .f

    Hanzuu .fПре 10 дана

    the old zed player keeps on fingering R!

  86. Rinrin Fran

    Rinrin FranПре 10 дана

    Whoa, based on that thumbnail I can already see a badass skin of Zed when he's old.

  87. イツキ

    イツキПре 10 дана

    triple kill from the old zed player Prrrrrrr

  88. Derek Diaz

    Derek DiazПре 10 дана

    *Yanni: I never miss, Im dead *Also Yanni: So you chose death

  89. Jon Amir Lim Abaga

    Jon Amir Lim AbagaПре 10 дана

    hahaahaha yes, you finished that shit hahaahahahaha

  90. Chất Hoàng

    Chất HoàngПре 10 дана

    Lớp p

  91. Elijah Anglacer

    Elijah AnglacerПре 10 дана

    Happy birthday

  92. Haikal Rosli

    Haikal RosliПре 10 дана

    Yanni: im boomer, but i know zoomer vibe Also yanni: hey there small bro

  93. ;-;

    ;-;Пре 10 дана

    I can get cockroach with a book Ll: what the fuck is this question

  94. Aey Garrate

    Aey GarrateПре 10 дана

    Atleast now we know why he miss everytime he's getting old he's eyes are getting blurry

  95. Zcyther

    ZcytherПре 10 дана

    "I have a dream." *Jojo intensifies

  96. Jack London

    Jack LondonПре 10 дана

    “I can’t hit a table because there’s food on it” 6:30

  97. Mohtasim Billah

    Mohtasim BillahПре 10 дана

    April Fools

  98. Eduardo Rubio

    Eduardo RubioПре 10 дана

    the thing he says when waking up is prrrrr

  99. Mikael Uy

    Mikael UyПре 10 дана

    More birthdays to come yanni

  100. 그들을 태워라

    그들을 태워라Пре 10 дана

    37 year old yani: The old Zed player does it again PRRRRRRRRRR

  101. ninedakom

    ninedakomПре 10 дана

    Grandpa Stylish tell us some more stories about when you used to rush botrk on Zed