Make It Stop & Steer Better - BMW E46 325i Touring - Project Cologne: Part 9

In this episode, I take apart a good portion of the car for no reason and fight off a bumblebee. The Touring misbehaves and rewards me with a check engine light. We also upgrade the front brakes with 330i brakes, big calipers and rotors and install M Sport control arms.
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  1. HCjuntti

    HCjunttiПре 13 сати

    What winter tyres you having?

  2. Luis Sismeiro

    Luis SismeiroПре дан

    I which I knew 10% of what you know about BMW maintenance 😊

  3. Rancho Villa

    Rancho VillaПре дан

    Why would bad MAF affect one cyl only?

  4. marco rothfusz

    marco rothfuszПре дан

    you have a link for the braided lines?

  5. Wim

    WimПре 3 дана

    BMWs according to Scotty: endless money pits 😜. Nice cars though and you are a master in fixing them!

  6. mrcs o10

    mrcs o10Пре 4 дана

    Hi Sreten, would be great to hear what your best restorations were (top 10?), what brought back the best driving experience to the car, bearings brakes suspension steering. Look forward to your M sport styling.

  7. A Marco

    A MarcoПре 5 дана

    Can't wait to see the car with the new rims, they are phenomenal! Bravo monsieur !

  8. Ferdinando DeFrenza

    Ferdinando DeFrenzaПре 6 дана

    Surprised on how good your English is!

  9. Radek Wojtysiak

    Radek WojtysiakПре 6 дана


  10. Karl Anttila Sr.

    Karl Anttila Sr.Пре 6 дана

    Your command of English is very good! Better than most Germans I've met...almost sounds like you might have spent some time in the US? I'm an American but born in Finland (came here as a teenager). Great channel!

  11. John Rest

    John RestПре 7 дана

    This is such an entertaining channel. Much love for the station wagon (estate, touring, whatever you call it) that seems to be disappearing from options lists everywhere. I don't WANT a crossover! I don't WANT an SUV. I don't WANT a minivan. I WANT A STATION WAGON!

  12. ///Got To Accelerate

    ///Got To AccelerateПре 7 дана

    I have to admit that this channel made me to have my own garage like this for my cars like channel ever for bmw fan boys... P.s. buy an e46 m3 to maintain pls

  13. ///Got To Accelerate

    ///Got To AccelerateПре 7 дана

    What was that engine cleaner that you put in the engine before the oil change?does it do anything?do you recommend to all engines??

  14. nacekozo

    nacekozoПре 8 дана

    I had the same steering column issue as you on my Mini Countryman - I took it to mechanics who wanted silly money and/or refused to do it as they didn't have 'airbag insurance', but it turned out to have the same solution.

  15. A J Thomas

    A J ThomasПре 8 дана

    Another difference with the M-Sport control arms on this chassis is the mildly increased caster. Factory difference in castor is slight, but it was there. You can use regular arms with stiffer dampers and springs, but usually it's the wider tyres and bigger alloy diameters that push more stress through the suspension than 205/55 R16s. Even on regular suspension, the extra stiffening and (reportedly) tougher ball joints are worth it.

  16. A J Thomas

    A J ThomasПре 8 дана

    5,000 rpm would give a lot of engines a hard time for hours on end but the mean piston speed given the short 75mm stroke is really not very high even at 6,500. The short final drive works well for acceleration but I would be fitting a slightly longer diff (available for peanuts these days) to give at least 40 km/hr per 1,000 rpm in top gear. Or, the six-speed box from the 325ti, hmm...

  17. herobo123456

    herobo123456Пре 8 дана

    So glad u did not erase the part with the steering wheel lol

  18. lalalamlendig

    lalalamlendigПре 9 дана

    Next please do an early one series. Very curious how you can make the most of that!

  19. Aarsenalfan

    AarsenalfanПре 9 дана

    How's your tow doing ?

  20. Antiochia ad Taurum

    Antiochia ad TaurumПре 9 дана

    The German for standstill is stillstand, just sayin

  21. Ian Skinner

    Ian SkinnerПре 9 дана

    please do an N62 equipped vehicle.. i'd love to see how you deal with some of the normal design flaws.


    MEGABAWOL9Пре 10 дана

    In poland u can get stainless steel brake lines front for 66euro (300zł turboworks-66euro, or hel ones for 360zł with multiple colors etc;p)

  23. J Yearr

    J YearrПре 10 дана

    Thank you for leaving in the steering play misdiagnosis. Even the best technicians goof up every now and again, we are all human after all. Thanks for the amazing content!

  24. Onur Karataş

    Onur KarataşПре 10 дана

    Nice video bro

  25. James Wood

    James WoodПре 11 дана

    I've got a LOT of favorite automotive channels on youtube, but I just made my first t-shirt purchase for one of them. M539 it is.

  26. Dick Vreenegoor

    Dick VreenegoorПре 11 дана

    Nice video, every time again Where do you think I should buy new brake rotors for my 2008 M3?

  27. Rohan Wilson

    Rohan WilsonПре 12 дана

    As an Australian, I'm so envious of your German Autobahn. I had a seven and a half hour road trip recently, at a sedate pace of 110kpa. With an autobahn, I could have easily and safely made it a four hour trip.

  28. Hank M.

    Hank M.Пре 12 дана

    I Love the channel and your work is awesome, but... Those Zimmermann are garbage! Only ATE OEM please.

  29. mitchy38

    mitchy38Пре 13 дана

    Excellent e46 content! Have you thought about upgrading the steering rack to a purple tag m sport one?

  30. Davinder Sanghera

    Davinder SangheraПре 13 дана

    Great channel, quality repairs done the right way, I know a few "BMW Techs" that could learn a lot from you. Also as a side note, where do you find out who the item supplier to BMW for parts, i.e. buying valvo wipers, exactly the same without the BMW box and BMW mark up?

  31. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 13 дана

    Check out FCPeuro's blog on OEM parts.

  32. Nickolas Winter

    Nickolas WinterПре 13 дана

    man you should do a PhD on how to wase a shit load of money on a dull old car...............................sorry to be a c... because it is fun to watch, although do prefer to see the decrepit old bangers revived.........

  33. Arthur Fain

    Arthur FainПре 13 дана

    s54 swap ?

  34. Shahrugh Ali

    Shahrugh AliПре 13 дана

    Hi Sreten. I'm looking to do the same brake upgrade on my e36 325i. Could you provide me contact information of where you bought these refurbished calipers?

  35. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 13 дана

  36. PequlaTV

    PequlaTVПре 13 дана

    I am a Mercedes version of you, the clicking steering whele is a problem on any W211. Haha random w211 owner now you will never stop hearing it when i said it exists, put your stering whele closer to the dash it will be insignificant

  37. Darren Jones

    Darren JonesПре 13 дана

    Your channel is Awesome …. great watching

  38. Al Mb

    Al MbПре 13 дана

    Did you do the alignment?

  39. John Smith

    John SmithПре 13 дана

    How do we send u stuff? Get a P.O. box.

  40. Eddie Flores

    Eddie FloresПре 13 дана

    I have disconnected my MAF on my 325i 02, 323i 00, they have been running great sense then! Fixed all vacuum hoses, but when I connect them back, it makes my BMWs run like sh!$!!! lol By the way they both have over 220k miles and still running strong!!!!

  41. bam garcia

    bam garciaПре 14 дана

    BMW z3m

  42. Sam Gregory

    Sam GregoryПре 14 дана

    Thanks for the fun video Sreten. For the next video maybe, what procedure did you use to bed the new pads?

  43. Musa Hasani

    Musa HasaniПре 14 дана

    Send me in Kosovo I will paint you for 2k

  44. André Luis R

    André Luis RПре 14 дана

    Imagine a car show with this guy and Edd china... mindblow.gif lol

  45. Enzo Marfal

    Enzo MarfalПре 14 дана

    My favorite youtube channel!!!!

  46. Николай Петров

    Николай ПетровПре 14 дана

    I've always wondered how I can know what is the original manufacturer for the OEM parts, so I can purchase the same sensor (part). Is there any website that I can search for such information?

  47. Николай Петров

    Николай ПетровПре 12 дана

    @M539 Restorations Thank you. This helps a lot.

  48. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 14 дана

    Fcp euro has a blog on it

  49. Peter Hayton

    Peter HaytonПре 14 дана

    Hi Sreten, please remind me of the site you use to purchase OEM parts. Thanks. I love the M5 but the touring is what I really want! Love your work!

  50. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 14 дана

  51. Jon A

    Jon AПре 14 дана

    I love your content!

  52. Blaž Bohinc

    Blaž BohincПре 14 дана

    5 speed only? Convert to 6 speed, drive with decency at high speeds

  53. darcy gerrard

    darcy gerrardПре 14 дана

    Bit late to the party, but subscribed now. Been silently following for a while now. Just brilliant every time. Great humour too.

  54. Mark Lydon

    Mark LydonПре 14 дана

    Original wheels suit car better imo.

  55. Mateusz Puk

    Mateusz PukПре 14 дана

    There's a liqui moly engine flush which is a bit different to this 10min one. What I mean is LM engine flush which you're putting into the engine and drive as normal for 200km and then normal oil change.

  56. Rhyne Runels

    Rhyne RunelsПре 15 дана

    Coming uppppppp... I find some Touring Alcantara seats to send to a subscriber in the United States... (one can dream)

  57. Maarten Bakker

    Maarten BakkerПре 15 дана

    YESSSS!! NO COPPERPASTE ON THE HUB! Finally somebody with knowledge about friction and understanding of bad effects of grease on a friction surface. I salute you.

  58. wayne khumalo

    wayne khumaloПре 15 дана

    Just realized because of this channel I have completely become picky when buying parts. Loving the good oem stuff

  59. wayne khumalo

    wayne khumaloПре 15 дана

    Just realized because of this channel I have completely become picky when buying parts. Loving the good oem stuff

  60. Michael Debrou

    Michael DebrouПре 15 дана

    Sretan , Hi are you German?.this is a serious question! ..regards Mick...RSVP

  61. wolverine1981pl

    wolverine1981plПре 15 дана

    1:59 whats tool you used

  62. ocelot48gaming

    ocelot48gamingПре 15 дана

    Watching your videos Sreten, i have a great time! Let your channel grow even more!

  63. Nicholas Ashe

    Nicholas AsheПре 15 дана

    Another mega motivation video!

  64. TheSiekieramotyka

    TheSiekieramotykaПре 15 дана

    Greetings from Poland mate ! :)

  65. hitardo

    hitardoПре 15 дана

    Another awesome video! On this one, BMW stroke again, with the "I need more money from you" light 😁 The changes are awesome, and these E46 are build like a tank. A tank with many miles and years, that needs love and attention, but a tank nevertheless!

  66. Dougie Stewart

    Dougie StewartПре 16 дана

    Awesome as always

  67. mademan18mad

    mademan18madПре 16 дана

    My e39 making noises like broken suspension. It turned out that it was a steering wheel adjustment wanted to be used 😂

  68. Mikael Jonsson

    Mikael JonssonПре 16 дана

    Great work! Will probably be the most expensive 325i ever though.... 🤑🤑🤑and best of course! 😉

  69. Daniel Drouin

    Daniel DrouinПре 16 дана

    Is there an upgrade manual transmission that can be done for this car?

  70. iamrichrocker

    iamrichrockerПре 16 дана

    U have inherited the VGG finger waggle..

  71. ZndChannel

    ZndChannelПре 16 дана

    Not lubing the guide pins? Prelubed? What.

  72. gordonisback

    gordonisbackПре 16 дана

    you are German but how come you speak such a good english?

  73. Danilo Wolff

    Danilo WolffПре 16 дана

    Where are the stainless steel brakelines from?

  74. Ethan Greer

    Ethan GreerПре 16 дана

    Love the work you do! I’m a ZHP owner, but I have to admit I prefer the Style 68’s to the 135’s. Do you expect the car to ride rougher when switching to 18” rims?

  75. stubbk3

    stubbk3Пре 16 дана

    man you need to have my car for a few weeks it needs your skills

  76. Philippe Garneau

    Philippe GarneauПре 16 дана

    I want a Spotify playlist of the tunes and it should be named "Vibe with carbon fiber towels"

  77. Dario Zuliani

    Dario ZulianiПре 16 дана


  78. Neil Parmar

    Neil ParmarПре 16 дана

    This episode was the best as I was watching it with a lovely British Tea in my new M539 mug :)

  79. Tim Fenton

    Tim FentonПре 16 дана

    Excellent, thanks

  80. stoqnesko

    stoqneskoПре 16 дана

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    Peter TakacsПре 16 дана

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    GreenGabe90Пре 16 дана

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    Alen FerhatbegovicПре 16 дана


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    dobryanskiyПре 16 дана

    Is there no difference in geometry between the M arms and the standard ones? Same camber, same caster, just reinforced? Btw, just replaced the same power steering line yesterday. :) I hope to get the underside as clean as yours some day, there's so much oily dirt everywhere from all the oil leaks over the car's lifetime, I couldn't get it all off without a pressure washer. But where's your plastic oil drain cover? :D

  86. inas abidovic

    inas abidovicПре 16 дана

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    Helmuth WeidlingПре 16 дана

    The way you pulled out the new maf sensor 😂😂😂

  88. Sham Sham

    Sham ShamПре 16 дана

    Please talk to me about 4 post lift even if you just mention it in another video. Do you regret 4 post lift? Would you buy another 4 post lift? Or is it a mistake and you wish you got 2 post?

  89. MrBlingBlingNr1

    MrBlingBlingNr1Пре 16 дана

    seeing this makes me miss my E46´s

  90. R6 Vinaros

    R6 VinarosПре 16 дана

    Zimmermann 🤦‍♂️ Wie kann man nur so einen Scheiss verbauen?

  91. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 16 дана

    Thanks. I don't have customers but I have friends who use them. I live in Germany and that's the very first I've heard of it. Say what you will, but Zimmerman makes great rotors, I drove with my previous M5 290 km/h, lots of hard braking on the Autobahn and they never missed a beat and lasted long time. Have them on several other cars and they've always been good. People like to shit on one brake manufacturer cause they prefer the other, same as with oil, just get whatever you prefer and has been proven for you. ATE is good, Bosch I wouldn't use for brakes, Testa I've never heard of.

  92. R6 Vinaros

    R6 VinarosПре 16 дана

    @M539 Restorations Zimmermann is not a well-regarded brand in Germany. Brembo Xtra Line, ATE, Bosch or Testa has the appropriate quality. If you and your customers are satisfied with Zimmermann ok. In Germany you have to brake from 270kmh and Zimmermann can't keep up. I wish you continued success with Zimmermann.

  93. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 16 дана

    What are you talking about? Been using Zimmerman for years and never had a single issue.

  94. Garage все по ремонту для глухих

    Garage все по ремонту для глухихПре 16 дана


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  97. Non Important

    Non ImportantПре 17 дана

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  98. Tj Semeniuk

    Tj SemeniukПре 17 дана

    Every bmw steering wheel has a soul. My e90 squeaks when its cold out unless I have it in the perfect adjusted setting lol

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    Vic SorlieПре 17 дана

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  101. southothehighway

    southothehighwayПре 17 дана

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  102. M539 Restorations

    M539 RestorationsПре 17 дана

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    M539 RestorationsПре 17 дана

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