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No matter if your mom’s RICH or BROKE, NORMAL or TRENDY😃 All types of moms can do some fun and crazy stuff! 🧘 But we love them and everything they do for us!💜
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00:00 Cooking time!
00:27 Soda Challenge
00:55 Your turn to do the dishes
01:21 Trendy Mom
01:54 Normal Mom
02:23 Why so dirty?
03:20 Expectation vs Reality
03:49 How to skip school
04:27 When your mom is Sherlock
04:46 Bon Appetit!
05:14 Alice’s missing!
05:46 Yummy chips
06:33 Night meal
07:18 My Mom vs Me
07:29 Super Mom
08:09 Sister vs Brother
08:45 Kiss your Mommy
09:06 School time
09:18 Getting ready for a date
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