Minecraft Billion Dollar Game Show...

Minecraft Billion Dollar Game Show...
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George is competing on a BILLION DOLLAR Minecraft game show and has one final question...


  1. GlxyGalaxy

    GlxyGalaxyПре 3 сата

    Its yellow!

  2. shmoop liv

    shmoop livПре 16 сати


  3. Brambles and Nugget

    Brambles and NuggetПре 18 сати

    Oh! I forgot he's completely colourblind! OMG

  4. Totality

    TotalityПре 21 сат

    Bad: what is the color of this block George: Beetbaux

  5. Cadence Goodman

    Cadence GoodmanПре дан

    BBH: what is the color of this block? George: *rages on his keyboard*

  6. Mate tolentino

    Mate tolentinoПре дан

    this is rigged

  7. Kushal Sarkar

    Kushal SarkarПре дан

    The backup music??

  8. Jerryd Bahreini

    Jerryd BahreiniПре дан

    George- sees a green block Also George- begins to scratch a chalkboard

  9. Sams436

    Sams436Пре дан


  10. keo kimleng gaming

    keo kimleng gamingПре дан

    If bad show lime color he just color blind

  11. Ms. Miss

    Ms. MissПре дан

    I wonder how many people didn't get the joke initially without looking in the comments

  12. Mohammad Ammar

    Mohammad AmmarПре дан

    George is color blind

  13. Chloe Marian

    Chloe MarianПре 2 дана

    George: **Helicopter Noises**

  14. Elany To

    Elany ToПре 2 дана

    Badboyhalo:what the color of the block George: doesn’t know because he is color blind ☹️

  15. F_ARMY

    F_ARMYПре 3 дана

    Where's Elon Musk 😫



    what is the color of this block George: *Scraping Pencil to chalkboard noises*

  17. Poised Tomato

    Poised TomatoПре 3 дана


  18. Shubhangi Ramteke

    Shubhangi RamtekeПре 4 дана

    Everyone : it is green! George : yellow?

  19. Michał Pluciński

    Michał PlucińskiПре 4 дана

    I didnt watch end yet, but i think it will ne 2+2 and he will fail Or he will have to show the green color, but he is colorblind

  20. Hardi Wisata

    Hardi WisataПре 4 дана

    The only thing you shouldn’t ask George: COLOR?!

  21. Hardi Wisata

    Hardi WisataПре 4 дана

    Plot twist - the question was sapnaps fort password ._.

  22. UltraNathan 99

    UltraNathan 99Пре 4 дана

    I soon as I heard color I knew George lost

  23. Reza Aalam

    Reza AalamПре 4 дана

    Lol 😂😂

  24. Chace Diep

    Chace DiepПре 4 дана

    Lime or green, but for a colorblind person, that's unfair.

  25. Giancarlo Huaman

    Giancarlo HuamanПре 4 дана

    Poor George...

  26. Keira Coroneos

    Keira CoroneosПре 4 дана

    “What is the colour of this block” George: *flapping paper noises*

  27. PEAK HRF

    PEAK HRFПре 5 дана

    It's dream's color

  28. Nooshi eightyeight

    Nooshi eightyeightПре 5 дана

    george is colorblind remember from the reality tv show episode?

  29. Ashlyncox7

    Ashlyncox7Пре 5 дана


  30. Frosty

    FrostyПре 5 дана

    Another question he would have never got right is what is 9+10

  31. Blueninja _8000

    Blueninja _8000Пре 6 дана

    he lost 1bil all bc he did not wear his colourblind glasses

  32. necROMANCEr

    necROMANCErПре 6 дана

    This show is ableist

  33. snowys

    snowysПре 6 дана

    anyone notice that behind the wither skull is the name dizzyTJ he's actually a youtuber with 80k+

  34. Upal Basu

    Upal BasuПре 7 дана

    Calculus Fromm Tintin?

  35. Terno Lindberg

    Terno LindbergПре 7 дана

    People who dont understand 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  36. DJ Youtuber TMJ

    DJ Youtuber TMJПре 7 дана


  37. B Lalitha

    B LalithaПре 7 дана


  38. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisementПре 7 дана

    That's just rude lmao.

  39. OVERDRIVE6978

    OVERDRIVE6978Пре 7 дана

    BHH: What, is the colour of this block? George: *transcends into the 4th dimension*

  40. Alpha800

    Alpha800Пре 7 дана

    it's not george's fault he is color blind

  41. Albert Einstein

    Albert EinsteinПре 8 дана

    George: ready to answer the question Also George: nervously twerking

  42. Christopher Jenvey

    Christopher JenveyПре 8 дана

    I don't get it

  43. Minhnhat Dang

    Minhnhat DangПре 8 дана

    That's true evil 🤣🤣

  44. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonПре 8 дана

    that's mean

  45. Little Damien

    Little DamienПре 9 дана


  46. Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition

    Mr. Cheese Pocket EditionПре 9 дана

    "What is the color of this block" George: *Breathing Intensifies*

  47. Kirbo

    KirboПре 9 дана

    Hey he should actually know this since dream revealed what color he actually was lmao

  48. frog

    frogПре 9 дана

    “What is the color of this block?!” *replaces organs*

  49. HappyKiwi

    HappyKiwiПре 10 дана

    Why bbh gotta do george like that he knows george has colour deficiency

  50. Simonsluck

    SimonsluckПре 10 дана

    He's color blind

  51. D N

    D NПре 10 дана

    Wow they did George that dirty

  52. The 8-Bit Nerd

    The 8-Bit NerdПре 10 дана

    “Frantically scrambling to pull out color blind classes”

  53. DJ ErHoov

    DJ ErHoovПре 10 дана

    Oh don't do this to poor George

  54. Luiz Gabriel

    Luiz GabrielПре 10 дана

    BBH: "what is the color of this block" George: *Has literally everything every other comment said at the same time*

  55. Abhishek Rathore

    Abhishek RathoreПре 10 дана

    F3: Am I a joke to you? 😂😂

  56. Eduardo Trindade

    Eduardo TrindadeПре 11 дана

    Badboyhalo:what is the color of this block George:yellow

  57. Kathleen Doten

    Kathleen DotenПре 11 дана

    XD pore George

  58. Kathleen Doten

    Kathleen DotenПре 9 дана

    @mrdidibekfeast again no one u^u

  59. mrdidibekfeast

    mrdidibekfeastПре 10 дана

    @Kathleen Doten spelled*

  60. Kathleen Doten

    Kathleen DotenПре 10 дана

    @mrdidibekfeast do ⟟ care? No Did anyone ask? No There for no one cares if ⟟ spelld it wrong or not

  61. mrdidibekfeast

    mrdidibekfeastПре 10 дана


  62. Qwer Tyu

    Qwer TyuПре 11 дана


  63. Sydney Butscher

    Sydney ButscherПре 12 дана

    bbh: george answered all the questions me: well he is a ravenclaw

  64. C H

    C HПре 13 дана

    This Is the funniest dream short video i've ever watch

  65. Eyanat

    EyanatПре 13 дана


  66. Snowfluff YT

    Snowfluff YTПре 14 дана

    Poor george

  67. Jesse P.

    Jesse P.Пре 14 дана


  68. Kayden Truong

    Kayden TruongПре 14 дана


  69. Murali R

    Murali RПре 14 дана

    Dream and Sapnap:Why am I here?

  70. EM ME

    EM MEПре 15 дана

    bad :what is the colour of this block George : dream colour

  71. lossa noir

    lossa noirПре 15 дана

    His only weakness

  72. Sea fantasy

    Sea fantasyПре 15 дана

    Should have been pink

  73. Malakai Lopez

    Malakai LopezПре 15 дана


  74. McKenzie Maurice

    McKenzie MauriceПре 15 дана

    Bad: “What is the color of this block?” George:WTH IM COLOR BLIND HOW DO I DO THIS

  75. David Rivera

    David RiveraПре 15 дана

    Umm... OH I KNOW! It’s blue :D

  76. brawl a

    brawl aПре 15 дана

    BadBoyHalo:what is the color of this block? George:its so easy,its black

  77. slav channel

    slav channelПре 15 дана

    George is about to win but only one thing stood away his colorblind

  78. pUrU AzAd

    pUrU AzAdПре 16 дана

    well played Bad

  79. Sensei Firez

    Sensei FirezПре 16 дана


  80. Spirit YT

    Spirit YTПре 16 дана

    “What is the color of this block” “Clearly its the same color as dream.” “Ill take that as an answer”

  81. °^~Evelyn channel~^°

    °^~Evelyn channel~^°Пре 16 дана


  82. Emerson Rathbun

    Emerson RathbunПре 16 дана


  83. Md. Jakir Hossain

    Md. Jakir HossainПре 16 дана

    FOR 1 BILION DOLLERS WHAT is the color of this wool

  84. Nathalie Lundin

    Nathalie LundinПре 16 дана

    colourblind moment

  85. Jake

    JakeПре 17 дана

    bruh he is colorblind

  86. logup

    logupПре 15 дана

    that's the joke

  87. Laurene Miranda

    Laurene MirandaПре 17 дана


  88. Arun Kumar

    Arun KumarПре 17 дана

    This is like KBC

  89. the_mysc

    the_myscПре 17 дана

    Imagine winning.... Couldn't be me

  90. Knave

    KnaveПре 17 дана

    Quackity just vibin

  91. Katarina Biljecki

    Katarina BiljeckiПре 17 дана


  92. sequoia

    sequoiaПре 18 дана

    That's not fair Lolllllll

  93. It's Me Zian Gaming PH

    It's Me Zian Gaming PHПре 18 дана

    Bad: what color is this block George: Died because of I Don't know You know george is colorblind

  94. Fish Biscuit

    Fish BiscuitПре 18 дана

    I’m colorblind, could you give me something else to work with? No, sorry. No passes. *Persuasion check failed* I have glasses to assist me, could I fetch those from home? The contract said no breaks, sorry. *Persuasion check failed* Can I phone a friend if i’m struggling? You used that already on question 627. *Persuasion check failed* *Intense sweating*

  95. Cal The Konqueror

    Cal The KonquerorПре 18 дана

    "It's the color of the block"


    KEVIN RILEYПре 18 дана


  97. Sage Stripe

    Sage StripeПре 18 дана

    BBH: "What is the color of this block" George: *broken fan noises*

  98. Mr. Coolman

    Mr. CoolmanПре 18 дана

    Boy is that a perfectly colorblind scream

  99. allie zeng

    allie zengПре 18 дана

    Bad: Puts down a lime block as a final question George: ajdfORSHwsifjsdfvnDAOSa

  100. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruПре 19 дана

    If george is colorblind to our green, then our green would be tought at his green. This video is not accurate

  101. Summy_kunuwu 1234 Macalino

    Summy_kunuwu 1234 MacalinoПре 19 дана

    Come on bad really got to do him like that

  102. Coffee Succubus

    Coffee SuccubusПре 19 дана

    George: *turns on that one pack someone is making for him* Green. Everyone else: O:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Charli_1o1 :]

    Charli_1o1 :]Пре 19 дана

    Y’all people in the comments are all disappointing me by spelling *color* like *colour* (Btw before anyone says, yes I do know that that’s how some countries spell words)

  104. Sonic_fan_boi521

    Sonic_fan_boi521Пре 19 дана

    Bad: whats the color of this block Goerge: *starts to scream Internally* Comments: lady and gentleman we got em

  105. Mukesh Balani

    Mukesh BalaniПре 19 дана

    Kaun Banega Billionpati