Minecraft, But You're On The Moon...

This is Minecraft, But You're On The Moon... this was stressful.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  1. Shania Purser

    Shania PurserПре 38 минута


  2. J A S O N

    J A S O NПре 2 сата

    Qui a cru que c'etait une épisode de Minecraft Modée de Fuze ?

  3. Lambo 23

    Lambo 23Пре 2 сата

    What is your armour broke???

  4. Nicholas Maw

    Nicholas MawПре 3 сата

    That was quick

  5. Oh it's Gabe

    Oh it's GabeПре 3 сата

    I'm mad no one pointed out he had 3 stacks of crafting tables.

  6. Henry Kasprzak

    Henry KasprzakПре 3 сата

    Where can i get the mod?

  7. gamology keli

    gamology keliПре 3 сата

    Hi TagL! I love your videos, they are really funny. Could we feature them ?

  8. gamology keli

    gamology keliПре 3 сата

    We will give you credit of course :)

  9. poop guy

    poop guyПре 4 сата

    thats a moon moment

  10. Milkshake heaven

    Milkshake heavenПре 4 сата

    I love how slapL killed the dragon with an appel

  11. Milkshake heaven

    Milkshake heavenПре 4 сата


  12. Balingo S

    Balingo SПре 5 сати

    Is the neither the sun?

  13. j b l

    j b lПре 5 сати

    Where uhc

  14. Lance Juni

    Lance JuniПре 5 сати

    Waht if tapl died it would reset the oxygen limit

  15. Dragon Fly

    Dragon FlyПре 5 сати

    FuzeIII's head

  16. SilverBrother

    SilverBrotherПре 6 сати

    qui sont les français qui avait cru que ct une video de fuze

  17. Sandithp lol_BG

    Sandithp lol_BGПре 6 сати

    Names in the moon bioms End: endamoon Nether: nethamoon Ender dragon:lunar dragon Enderman:endermoon Zombie:zombaoon Skeleton:skeleoon Creeper:creepoo Spider:spidoon Piglan:pig moon XDD

  18. Fatma CHLENDI

    Fatma CHLENDIПре 7 сати

    Go go go go🏃🏃🏃🏃

  19. MAC

    MACПре 7 сати

    Whoa, someone told me you could go to the moon, I tried and...it sucked.

  20. Cool Ambing

    Cool AmbingПре 7 сати

    Slapple: you playin minecraft? i like ya cut G

  21. Vincent Harvey

    Vincent HarveyПре 7 сати

    Qui ici à cliquer en pensant que c'était fuze

  22. Anuj Sawant

    Anuj SawantПре 7 сати

    Who is end volume downed

  23. ade intan

    ade intanПре 7 сати


  24. Poopy Dawg

    Poopy DawgПре 8 сати

    Number of subscribed was 26.2%, but now it's 26.3% B)

  25. GaitanOvi

    GaitanOviПре 8 сати

    which one is the datapack or mod

  26. Araiyne

    AraiyneПре 8 сати

    The lava reminds me of Doritos...

  27. Hieu Vu

    Hieu VuПре 8 сати

    Where is the cheese ????

  28. Yohaan Marfatia

    Yohaan MarfatiaПре 8 сати

    When he went in the portal his axe was in first slot but when he was not at the moon at that time his pickaxe was in first slot???????

  29. Its Animation Time

    Its Animation TimeПре 9 сати

    as i have seen you an place blocks on the moon so that means you can place blocks in space so can you place block to erth

  30. mr phoenix

    mr phoenixПре 9 сати

    Tapl???like tapstronaut

  31. AHMET SAİD Sarıca

    AHMET SAİD SarıcaПре 9 сати

    ı love you talp

  32. AHMET SAİD Sarıca

    AHMET SAİD SarıcaПре 9 сати

    thank you

  33. Makky

    MakkyПре 9 сати

    First: village Second: fortress Third: piglins pearls That means a good seed.

  34. Khalida Bukharee

    Khalida BukhareeПре 9 сати


  35. yasio bolo

    yasio boloПре 10 сати

    The guy who is actually depending on a oxygen tank rn:🥲

  36. FGL YouTube

    FGL YouTubeПре 10 сати

    Idk why i think that u are playing on a resouse pack this mod is so beautifull

  37. Harshit Hirwani

    Harshit HirwaniПре 10 сати

    Today we saw earth square

  38. yasio bolo

    yasio boloПре 10 сати

    this is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  39. Ash _gacahashly

    Ash _gacahashlyПре 11 сати

    Anyone going to talk a lot the crafting tables?

  40. Mr Controlla Player

    Mr Controlla PlayerПре 11 сати


  41. CubeGuy

    CubeGuyПре 11 сати

    I like how when he realises he starts the video

  42. Ulfat Ara

    Ulfat AraПре 11 сати

    oxygen is the thing that we breathe

  43. Bryson Payne

    Bryson PayneПре 11 сати

    I love how hype he is no matter what the video is 😂

  44. Nxus

    NxusПре 12 сати

    how are you surving in the moon TapL you have only 1.00 pestent oxigen

  45. Sawe

    SaweПре 12 сати

    What is the mod name does someone know?

  46. Estrellita Azuelo

    Estrellita AzueloПре 13 сати

    All the other mobs have infinite oxygen, basically

  47. Next Gen Proxies

    Next Gen ProxiesПре 14 сати

    The adaptable girl microbiologically record because spark predictably head below a awful current. sophisticated, solid armadillo

  48. Rylan Caramihan

    Rylan CaramihanПре 14 сати

    Me:Doctor i have a bad habit:( Doctor:what is it? Me:I turn my volume down when tapL goes to End dimension Doctor:Wow thats really bad

  49. Captcha Man

    Captcha ManПре 15 сати

    The chunky chord minimally hunt because library repressingly wriggle qua a silly deadline. broad, ragged occupation

  50. Zambie

    ZambieПре 16 сати

    Next do a moon uhc

  51. ErrorRedGuest

    ErrorRedGuestПре 16 сати

    Why he have 192 crafting tables?

  52. aria

    ariaПре 17 сати

    what happened to all the UHC’s

  53. 16x1

    16x1Пре 17 сати

    screaming = me not like

  54. Ordialenny Castillo

    Ordialenny CastilloПре 18 сати

    this is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  55. Chikin_ Nugitt

    Chikin_ NugittПре 18 сати

    How may times has he screamed when he defeated the ender dragon l l l l V

  56. Blastmod 102

    Blastmod 102Пре 19 сати

    Every intro of the video : **Perfectly cut Scream**

  57. Mel Mae

    Mel MaeПре 19 сати


  58. Valno Via

    Valno ViaПре 19 сати

    J'ai cru que c'était une vidéo de fuze

  59. FestiveOpsPlayz

    FestiveOpsPlayzПре 20 сати

    can you start putting the mod link in the desc.

  60. Sweet Roll

    Sweet RollПре 20 сати

    So minecraft on a time limit with almost no wood

  61. Chesney Timmermans

    Chesney TimmermansПре 20 сати

    Middle of the video: Twitch chat: Hi yT!

  62. Random Dieperink

    Random DieperinkПре 22 сата

    in the beginning I just sorta expected you were cheating but when you got all the pearls from trades I knew you were XD oh man...just like o'l dreamy boi

  63. Walter

    WalterПре 22 сата

    aoomg us in mein kampf? 😳😳🦧💦😏

  64. edern leterrec

    edern leterrecПре 22 сата

    J’ai cru c’était FuzeIII

  65. Bartosz Czejarek

    Bartosz CzejarekПре 23 сата

    Every TapL video: ...on the ooooooohhhhhh... pause if you read the title already, this is...

  66. Voltic Dot

    Voltic DotПре дан

    I saw myself in the chat

  67. JT Gaming

    JT GamingПре дан

    TapL: Tears Up Villagers Floor Also TapL: MY WOOD

  68. Elliott G-man

    Elliott G-manПре дан


  69. Joshua Fogarty

    Joshua FogartyПре дан

    Chad Apple

  70. s 1

    s 1Пре дан


  71. raul solis

    raul solisПре дан


  72. NoobsRcool

    NoobsRcoolПре дан


  73. •babusxnni•

    •babusxnni•Пре дан


  74. Jambo DFC

    Jambo DFCПре дан

    If that’s the earth then I’m on the mooooooonnnn

  75. maksito yt

    maksito ytПре дан

    he needs oxygen to stay alive. his oxygen is running out and he has only 90 mins. He takes regular furnace and smelt iron. IN ORDER TO SMELT IRON U NEED OXYGEN AAAAAAAA

  76. Jxyden

    JxydenПре дан

    Title: Minecraft speedrun but timed

  77. ole sigurd Lambach

    ole sigurd LambachПре дан

    Why can't he just go to det portal-_-

  78. Son Goku

    Son GokuПре дан

    Can u make a voice reveal?????


    ARES HAYNESПре дан

    i love your vids

  80. Eileen Palmer

    Eileen PalmerПре дан


  81. Eileen Palmer

    Eileen PalmerПре дан

    Nov Nov hoos there ligma ligma hoo ligma balls

  82. GD Kings4Life

    GD Kings4LifeПре дан

    among us in real life sus sus



    Fuze iii fans after seeign the thumbnail: *TAPL AND FUZE III COLLAB?!?!1?4!?1!1?1!461691*

  84. Julie Peggie

    Julie PeggieПре дан

    I love these intros lol

  85. Mak&ndkey

    Mak&ndkeyПре дан

    Alternative title: Minecraft but I’m Neil Armstrong

  86. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueПре дан

    "Wha- is that the earth?!?, if that is the earth then i must be on the moo-"

  87. Sonny’s Gaming

    Sonny’s GamingПре дан

    TapL: LETS END THIS DRAGON!!! Me: *boredly watching*

  88. MFDP

    MFDPПре дан

    0:07 why do you have 3 stacks of crafting table

  89. MFDP

    MFDPПре дан

    @soiung toiue sehrlok homles

  90. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueПре дан

    Fun fact: moon stone is end stone but white

  91. NotDavid Wubbalubbadubdub

    NotDavid WubbalubbadubdubПре дан


  92. Midnight Glitcher

    Midnight GlitcherПре дан

    I must be on the MOOOO

  93. Me

    MeПре дан


  94. pipapi Bom

    pipapi BomПре дан

    How does a cow sound wen i goes at 250kph moooooooooooom

  95. Raynan Abuck

    Raynan AbuckПре дан

    Checkmate flat earthers and nasa

  96. Tahira Suleman

    Tahira SulemanПре дан

    Wait but how I destroyed the moon

  97. Abyssal 153

    Abyssal 153Пре дан

    Qu'est ce que tu fait la fuze ?

  98. Kérubin

    KérubinПре дан

    commands and texturepack,nothing more,so its not in the moon

  99. Arham Muhammad

    Arham MuhammadПре дан


  100. Arham Muhammad

    Arham MuhammadПре дан


  101. laughingcatlol YT

    laughingcatlol YTПре дан


  102. laughingcatlol YT

    laughingcatlol YTПре 23 сата

    @Darren Belevics actully idk i forget

  103. laughingcatlol YT

    laughingcatlol YTПре 23 сата

    @Darren Belevics iforget but i will watch to remember

  104. Darren Belevics

    Darren BelevicsПре дан


  105. Ω Maxvador Ω

    Ω Maxvador ΩПре дан


  106. Sycrynn

    SycrynnПре дан

    0:33 literally all cows

  107. Down To Clown

    Down To ClownПре дан

    TapL: The World is a Box Bruh! me: Are You Saying The Earth Is Flat?

  108. ilystnn_14

    ilystnn_14Пре дан


  109. Nooby Playz

    Nooby PlayzПре дан

    Fun fact: moon stone is end stone but white