My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS

i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
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listen 2 some tunes doggy!
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  1. William Caboara

    William CaboaraПре 44 минута

    I know you don't know who I am but I know something that will shock you, my sister's boyfriend was on a call with you for your new music and you and he were talking about a collab, the guy's name is Brandon. My sister said that she saw what you face looks like but no leaks

  2. Liza Canete

    Liza CaneteПре сат


  3. Sasha Wittebrood

    Sasha WittebroodПре сат

    also. side note, we were drinking.

  4. Kendra C

    Kendra CПре сат

    Hey Corpse I'm new to your content, I just want to say I really like your videos. They make me laugh lol.

  5. Passer

    PasserПре сат

    How did they set up the mods?

  6. v0mitc1rcus

    v0mitc1rcusПре 2 сата

    no ones talking about the mamamax video

  7. September Kordelewski

    September KordelewskiПре 2 сата

    The moment I see your face it’s getting plastered everywhere.

  8. Ade ToVAR

    Ade ToVARПре 2 сата

    Your content is trash

  9. Beesuma

    BeesumaПре 2 сата

    21:48 hahahahaha someone farted (yes i thought this was funny)

  10. Rene Renee Seymour

    Rene Renee SeymourПре 2 сата

    Do you face to me I won't tell anyone

  11. The one Weird kid

    The one Weird kidПре 2 сата

    This is Socksforone but worse

  12. RainS

    RainSПре 3 сата

    Oh this is like werewolf

  13. DepressedGamer

    DepressedGamerПре 4 сата

    Can you say i'll get you next time gadget in the next among us video

  14. `Bazarre

    `BazarreПре 4 сата

    Bretman: What does afk mean? Me: 💀

  15. The Most Random YouTube Channel Ever

    The Most Random YouTube Channel EverПре 5 сати

    12. I Am Everywhere, I Am Nowhere Can You Solve the Hidden Code? “Oh, do not cry. Be good children and we shall meet in heaven.”

  16. Dirk YT

    Dirk YTПре 5 сати


  17. TGN

    TGNПре 5 сати

    I just came back wtf is this i come here to watch horror stories wtf is this

  18. Alice Crow Shoe

    Alice Crow ShoeПре 5 сати

    i love you corpse!!!!!!!

  19. Kittie Kitty

    Kittie KittyПре 6 сати

    Bruh this is chills

  20. Aliyah Brehall

    Aliyah BrehallПре 7 сати

    ...vocal org***

  21. Siple

    SipleПре 7 сати

    Corpse, someone said that i sound like a girl version of you, we should do an among us game together

  22. Rodog

    RodogПре 6 сати

    look at you trying to network

  23. IGaveLiaHIV

    IGaveLiaHIVПре 8 сати

    Bro shouldn't this be on your gaming channel? I subbed for stories not gaming clips lol

  24. CarlS.

    CarlS.Пре 8 сати

    socialism is a social construct, quite literally in the name... capitalism has done substantially more to raise people out of poverty than any other. please dont blame this disgusting backwards ass socioeconomic joke of capitalism on capitalism. blame the boomers for voting this shit in and the tyrants playing mind game on the lot of us.

  25. Captain Lollipop

    Captain LollipopПре 9 сати

    The caption is a mood

  26. MLG Quilava

    MLG QuilavaПре 9 сати

    Do scary stories

  27. ɨ̶ɨ̶L̶α̶v̶ɨ̶v̶α̶

    ɨ̶ɨ̶L̶α̶v̶ɨ̶v̶α̶Пре 10 сати

    *Surfing on RSclub.* *Seeing a Dream Animation.* *Seeing Corpse.* "Wow this guy's cool. " *Checking out Corpse's Channel.* *Saw his old videos that was about of spoopy spary things.* "Oh my WHAT THE FLUSH ARE THESE?!"

  28. Fahad Alshammari

    Fahad AlshammariПре 10 сати

    HIS VOICE GAAHHH * dies cutely*

  29. Twana M

    Twana MПре 10 сати

    holy f***!

  30. Christian milan

    Christian milanПре 11 сати

    choke me like you hate me

  31. Its Random

    Its RandomПре 11 сати

    So complicated

  32. Avery HI

    Avery HIПре 12 сати

    Pinned by HeyImBee Corpse Husband 1 year ago I just wanted his name lmao

  33. EpikMurk

    EpikMurkПре 13 сати


  34. Allen Alibasa

    Allen AlibasaПре 13 сати

    I love how drunk they are while playing among us

  35. illumi naughty

    illumi naughtyПре 13 сати

    How do u feel to come on time square

  36. Ephels

    EphelsПре 14 сати

    I love watching all the anti socials try to act overly drunk

  37. melxdiq dooms

    melxdiq doomsПре 14 сати


  38. Alejandro Sanchez

    Alejandro SanchezПре 15 сати

    Go back to horror story’s corpse I have been watch for three years please go back

  39. DaBama

    DaBamaПре 15 сати

    I just watches corpses 5 years old video and the voice was like "normal" but still very deep

  40. Lola Of Metal

    Lola Of MetalПре 15 сати


  41. Obama has my vcr

    Obama has my vcrПре 15 сати

    Dude can we get some stories? Among us is everywhere now I can’t take it anymore

  42. Camera Flash

    Camera FlashПре 15 сати

    I don't even get the game but I'm watching this because I enjoy your voice. It really calms me

  43. Call sign Badger01 THEPLANEGUY

    Call sign Badger01 THEPLANEGUYПре 15 сати

    Arby’s we havveeee the meeaattssss

  44. Peytons Place

    Peytons PlaceПре 16 сати

    Nobody’s talking about Bretmans rocks singing- and how corpse sound so drunk like idkkk lol

  45. Weeb Psycho

    Weeb PsychoПре 16 сати

    Guys how do you make (1080p60) back to normal (1080)?

  46. Nadia and her gloves

    Nadia and her glovesПре 16 сати

    For some reason I imagined that he had 27.94M subscribers

  47. Magikarp Bros

    Magikarp BrosПре 17 сати

    He has a flicking deep voice damnnnn

  48. Jordan Hannay

    Jordan HannayПре 17 сати

    Ofc rea and corpse wipe them all out that fast

  49. jess fong

    jess fongПре 17 сати

    levi vs corpse inqusiter master

  50. Lovekiller RIGGS

    Lovekiller RIGGSПре 18 сати

    I thought this was an actual meme that got on the news, now I'm sad because I have homework and I'm not supposed to be watching corpse

  51. Katsuki bakugou - Jxyden_Gxcha

    Katsuki bakugou - Jxyden_GxchaПре 20 сати

    Corpse irl: I'll bring her home at 10pm sir. 🙇🏻‍♂️ Corpse in his songs: I never said which day. 🕴️

  52. Celesta Gertse

    Celesta GertseПре 21 сат

    Hey did you stop making videos

  53. Turtles don't

    Turtles don'tПре 21 сат

    Corpses voice feels like chocolate milk

  54. 15 Ways To Say Spaghetti

    15 Ways To Say SpaghettiПре 23 сата

    Well, goodbye creepypastas

  55. S123Rocks

    S123RocksПре 23 сата

    Sykunno- "Jesus this meeting not over yet?" Me- Poor soul. He doesn't know yet

  56. Vegeta Blunt

    Vegeta BluntПре дан

    Any chance we will see you narrate horror stories again?

  57. Parker Stud

    Parker StudПре дан

    21:40 this man out of nowhere says I have a huge GPA lol I think he meant IQ LOL

  58. TrueReview

    TrueReviewПре дан

    Who else has been subscribed when he was doing his story telling?

  59. Krista Duncan

    Krista DuncanПре дан

    💅🏼✨ I love this!

  60. Kayitun

    KayitunПре дан


  61. Jennifer Karnga

    Jennifer KarngaПре дан

    Ok so is corpse married or is he just married to the dead you know like a corpse so he's corpse's husband

  62. Jennifer Karnga

    Jennifer KarngaПре сат

    @dr um Rere so is he married or not

  63. dr um Rere

    dr um RereПре 2 сата

    corpse husbando

  64. MizJuli23

    MizJuli23Пре дан

    So are you only posting this crap from now on? No more horror narrations?

  65. Katyusha

    KatyushaПре дан

    Katyusha likes you

  66. Vermiexan

    VermiexanПре дан

    This game died and all creators dont know what to do

  67. Delno Hoptowit

    Delno HoptowitПре дан


  68. Midnight Uzumaki Uchiha

    Midnight Uzumaki UchihaПре дан

    Is corpse gay

  69. Midnight Uzumaki Uchiha

    Midnight Uzumaki UchihaПре дан

    Or is he straight?

  70. Jesse Alumbaugh Alumbaugh

    Jesse Alumbaugh AlumbaughПре дан

    How does he get imposter like every time

  71. jay

    jayПре дан

    I could make a deep corpse boys can I share it brwo

  72. larae cope

    larae copeПре дан

    Not me simping:D

  73. PokeBoy

    PokeBoyПре дан


  74. JoJo Is Not Vibin.

    JoJo Is Not Vibin.Пре дан

    This nigga really get bitches for playing AMONG US.

  75. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре сат

    Nah it’s because he’s got a deep voice thats literally the only reason why he’s famous still and yes because he played among us (boring ass game)

  76. Good vibes 101

    Good vibes 101Пре дан

    Corpse:”also we were drinking” Me:ok lovely

  77. Michelle Spencer

    Michelle SpencerПре дан

    Where does it break the news

  78. Alex Swinney

    Alex SwinneyПре дан

    Bruhhh please make more scary narrations

  79. Benjamin Mendosa

    Benjamin MendosaПре дан

    so, when are you going back to your original content? I'm not alone when I say that I miss the OG corps. Among us is slowly dying and It would be nice for you to post scary stories in between your among us videos, at least.

  80. Natalie xx

    Natalie xxПре 37 минута

    @Greg Jr yeah, vocal chords must have auto corrected to chorus and i didn't notice. thank you again though :)

  81. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре 42 минута

    @Natalie xx Oh I thought u didn’t know about his illness I didn’t know it was a typo sorry

  82. Natalie xx

    Natalie xxПре 45 минута

    @Greg Jr i do know, i'm sorry if it didn't seem that way and for the typo. i was just trying to let Benjamin know. thank you for explaining it better than i did.

  83. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре сат

    @Natalie xx You do know he has an illness right? It’s not because of “Vocal Chorus” Basically If he stares at a computer monitor for extended periods of time he gets really bad eye strains that hurt really bad so bad he can’t even keep his eyes open and during the eye strains his body stiffens up and it’s harder for him to move. It’s also the reason why his voice is so deep. It’s not curable and he might live a short life because of the illness. It sucks but there’s nothing we can do

  84. Ade ToVAR

    Ade ToVARПре 2 сата

    Yeah Corpse is trash

  85. Lunar Storm1620

    Lunar Storm1620Пре дан

    That was fun to watch

  86. spong

    spongПре дан

    Bruh how is his voice so deep omg

  87. GoodTimesWithGigi

    GoodTimesWithGigiПре дан

    my brother died the other day and ive been crying to medieval tavern music... well at least im crying on an adventure

  88. MarakasPolska

    MarakasPolskaПре дан

    Kto od neexe?

  89. Ursilka

    UrsilkaПре дан

    Great video! And i like your voice..👉🏻👈🏻

  90. Avii

    AviiПре дан


  91. dat boi 15

    dat boi 15Пре дан

    My voice is better than Corp voice.

  92. trisha langford

    trisha langfordПре дан

    Hey i just wanted to say a few things and u prob won't see this but im gonna say it anyway 1 i really want to give u a hug and tell u thank u for always bringing up my spirits and 2 u think that everyone is going to hate u if u do a face reveal qnd everyone will be disappointed but really thats sorta unrealistic bc no matter what u look like u r u and your content is the bomb and there are some people i hope that aren't that shallow bc if there isn't then this world sucks and needs to burn in hell for that but for now i understand why u don't do a face reveal but just to remind u there is some good in this world and i hope that u are doing ok and u will read all of this lol

  93. Austria Morris

    Austria MorrisПре дан

    A corpse I describe your RSclub channel ICU is mrbeast and stuff apples with you guys

  94. Denki Kamanari

    Denki KamanariПре дан

    So....I was doing impression of corpse on the phone with my friwnd....and sha was like "OMG ARE YOU HANGING OUT WITH CORPSE"

  95. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре сат

    It’s not that hard to type. It’s really not you did that on purpose weirdo

  96. Naba kumar Bhattacharya

    Naba kumar BhattacharyaПре дан

    Can any wanna play Among Us Please give me Discord link

  97. Naba kumar Bhattacharya

    Naba kumar BhattacharyaПре дан

    Corpse, give me your discord link

  98. Jose Juarez

    Jose JuarezПре дан

    Look up Despacito two on discord

  99. Mark James Verceles

    Mark James VercelesПре дан

    umm.. hey corpse i just finished a video that talk abouts morgan freeman the voice i wish you make a video with your voice!! im sure people would love your voice!!!

  100. Joosey

    JooseyПре дан

    also we were drinking

  101. cod

    codПре дан

    Yamborghini highs

  102. Dan Buttery

    Dan ButteryПре дан

    Wow how did you go from creepy horror stories to this I mean come on this is just pathetic I'm going to stop watching you no hate but this is boring

  103. Russian Julian

    Russian JulianПре дан

    Just found this channel, this voice is like a grown up man + death + darkness. He maybe is Batman or something idk

  104. Natalie

    NatalieПре дан

    not him saying thank u natalie AND MY NAME IS NATALIE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  105. Kiwi Dew

    Kiwi DewПре дан

    i really do love corpse husband

  106. _Uchiha Itachi_

    _Uchiha Itachi_Пре дан

    This game is boring asf idk how ppl play this 24/7

  107. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре сат

    It’s bc everyone who plays among us is 5 years old and among us is literally the first game they have ever played

  108. Ron LT

    Ron LTПре дан

    Corpse I want you're voice 😭

  109. Corpsey Fan

    Corpsey FanПре дан

    Um, can we get some scary stories plz ?

  110. RosiexBloom

    RosiexBloomПре дан

    Literally 99% wont see this but stay safe! I'm struggling to reach 1k subscribers.... help me

  111. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре сат

    Seriously? your trying to shoot for 1k and u have 1 vid and 45 subs? Try and shoot for 100 subs first if u can even reach it by the end of the year

  112. Moon

    MoonПре дан

    I’m so scared:( it saids 666

  113. Lehman Djindjele

    Lehman DjindjeleПре дан


  114. Sooraj

    SoorajПре дан

    My man could quite literally spit fire if he learned to beat box

  115. Corrupt Vapor

    Corrupt VaporПре дан

    I just saw this channel for the first time. And I feel concerned for this guy's voice what happened does he scream a lot?

  116. Greg Jr

    Greg JrПре сат

    No he’s dying