Nikola Jokic 27 pts 8 rebs 11 asts vs Pistons 20/21 season

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  1. Catherine Garrett

    Catherine GarrettПре 11 дана

    The yielding payment lately desert because point formerly owe down a miniature armadillo. cooperative, spectacular stove

  2. Lang Kanai

    Lang KanaiПре 12 дана

    Teammates face at 5:11 lmao, like bro you just got embarrassed

  3. Chris D

    Chris DПре 13 дана

    give him the mvp award now, end of story

  4. Nenad Kostic

    Nenad KosticПре 13 дана

    Serbian Style 🇷🇸🔥

  5. DnaKingz

    DnaKingzПре 13 дана

    I swear these refs dislike jokic....jokic gets hit NUMEROUS TIMES and barely gets his fouls smfh

  6. Oleg Yakovlev

    Oleg YakovlevПре 13 дана

    Russia is watching Serbian brother!!! Real MVP. So elegant and effortless play joy to watch.

  7. Olan Comperada

    Olan ComperadaПре 13 дана

    If it's harden it Westbrook they would have stay in the game just to get the triple double but not Jokic respect

  8. rafikz77

    rafikz77Пре 13 дана

    Basketball IQ off the charts

  9. Kurwin Saunders

    Kurwin SaundersПре 13 дана

    Turned him around like an old dreidel ftw?

  10. MrBoJangles

    MrBoJanglesПре 14 дана

    That one leg cheese 🧀 3 pointer was extra cheesy cheezzussss

  11. ASMRepublic

    ASMRepublicПре 14 дана

    aaaand... ANOTHER ONE!

  12. Uli Peterson

    Uli PetersonПре 14 дана

    the refs doing once again what they always do when Jokic gets clearly fouled: not calling anything. it's unreal.

  13. Trump Ameri

    Trump AmeriПре 14 дана

    I watch NBA since 1993 and Michael Jordan era.... they was so many great unique players but this big MAN like NIKOLA JOKIC never like this

  14. Trump Ameri

    Trump AmeriПре 14 дана

    NIKOLA JOKIC is something very special

  15. Michael Joyner

    Michael JoynerПре 14 дана

    The Joker's Wild !!!!!

  16. Warrior BC

    Warrior BCПре 14 дана

    When the Joker is boss everything is easy he plays even better when Murray is out and Denver puts much bigger numbers.

  17. Serbona Applications

    Serbona ApplicationsПре 14 дана

    Grant's face on 05:11 - priceless :)

  18. delija67717

    delija67717Пре 14 дана

    Of course there is power players like Lebron in the NBA but there is no one in the world that plays basketball SO EASY and sometimes look effortless like JOKER

  19. BigBagOfFrikenAirFak

    BigBagOfFrikenAirFakПре 14 дана

    If you think embiid is better, then you just don’t know anything about basketball.

  20. Zeljko Milivojevic

    Zeljko MilivojevicПре 14 дана

    41st round pick guys :D

  21. Njegos Kekic

    Njegos KekicПре 14 дана

    he is that good. period. this dude playin hoops with such elegance and it looks so easy when you look at him but this is NBA lvl and he owns it! Makes players around him better, MVP no doubt!

  22. Vladimir Nedeljkovic

    Vladimir NedeljkovicПре 14 дана

    Jokic MVP

  23. Božidar Jovanović

    Božidar JovanovićПре 14 дана

    Nikoola Jokić!

  24. Marko Rapaić

    Marko RapaićПре 14 дана

    Nikola Jokić=Najbolji igrač u istoriji srpske košarke!!!

  25. ЦАР душан СРБ

    ЦАР душан СРБПре 14 дана

    Jokić 4 Dunk contest !!! 😁

  26. Миодраг Милинковић

    Миодраг МилинковићПре 14 дана

    prelepo. ne samo jokic nego cela ekipa. uzivanje za gledanje.

  27. Dalibor Dalibor

    Dalibor DaliborПре 14 дана

    We all know who is the real MVP 😉 Refs trying to steal it from Joker but he just too damn good ☝ That chemistry between him and AG is scary thoo 💪

  28. Balboa Balboa

    Balboa BalboaПре 14 дана

    Jokić does it looks so easy!Simple but the brilliant at the same time!

  29. Yow Theng Lim

    Yow Theng LimПре 14 дана

    Tim Duncan footwork + Nowitzski Shooting + Webber Passing

  30. Vlada Djole

    Vlada DjoleПре 14 дана

    Prcaj,samo prcaj.

  31. dragan 23

    dragan 23Пре 14 дана

    man fuck this refs hate europe players

  32. Joe’s manifesto

    Joe’s manifestoПре 14 дана


  33. Dejan Ljubicic

    Dejan LjubicicПре 14 дана

    Brat sakrio loptu i asistirao samom sebi..

  34. Vitas

    VitasПре 14 дана

    3:46 Discrimination that reigns in the NBA league,

  35. vladimir cubra

    vladimir cubraПре 14 дана

    MPJ has a nice shoot. I think it is best looking shoot in NBA

  36. Jane Za

    Jane ZaПре 14 дана

    I was here 5:12

  37. Kien Mai Trung

    Kien Mai TrungПре 14 дана

    And 2 FTAs.

  38. Dzon Stokton

    Dzon StoktonПре 14 дана

    5:12 look at Grant face hahahah!!! He is smiling like 'i told you' :D

  39. 24

    24Пре 14 дана

    Keep going like that few more matches and MVP is yours

  40. truth truth

    truth truthПре 14 дана

    Mn he is an MVP if he doesnt win it NBA is rigged

  41. 24

    24Пре 14 дана

    NBA is rigged like every sport. RSclub research it is all about the money. They would rather give it to Harden then Jokic

  42. Jeffrey Lumansang

    Jeffrey LumansangПре 14 дана


  43. Chin Beats

    Chin BeatsПре 14 дана

    He's slow as hell and no one can stop it lmao

  44. Chin Beats

    Chin BeatsПре 14 дана

    @RCGenerator I'm amazed at how slow he is while putting up the numbers he does. His IQ is off the charts but in a race he's getting smoked lmao

  45. RCGenerator

    RCGeneratorПре 14 дана

    @Chin Beats You are joking right, or you are simply do not watch enough whole games? The guy plays 35-40 minutes, an all court player, scores from the up to 3p and to the paint, and all in triple double stats. So you say he barely moves? He changes his tempo from quarter to quarter and he didnt miss a game in the season.

  46. Chin Beats

    Chin BeatsПре 14 дана

    @RCGenerator Lmaoooo nah bro this dude can barely run up the court. Dude is just crafty

  47. RCGenerator

    RCGeneratorПре 14 дана

    No, he is just elegant. :D

  48. Bojan Pecanac

    Bojan PecanacПре 14 дана

    What a player!

  49. Sale

    SaleПре 14 дана

    Embiid 20 FTA, Jokic only 2.

  50. Jay Stew

    Jay StewПре 14 дана

    Jokic for MVP but Grant for MIP his team may suck but he’s ballin for himself

  51. J Rock

    J RockПре 14 дана

    great game, but travel @5:00. slow the vid down to 0.25 and the pivot foot gets lifted slightly before the move.

  52. Nikola Medic

    Nikola MedicПре 14 дана

    No, it's not. Not whole foot. And if you didn't know, nba hass some rulles which we hate in europe. 0 step especially.

  53. Laikon24

    Laikon24Пре 14 дана

    if you wanna be consequent and call that, NBA couldnt exist cause nowadays everybody is travelling by that definition. Im not supporting it, just stating the facts

  54. Well Researched Person

    Well Researched PersonПре 14 дана



    SPORT THEATRE TVПре 14 дана

    Jokara 💥🤩💎

  56. Darko Davidovic

    Darko DavidovicПре 14 дана

    For the love of god let him get a triple double!!

  57. Joao Marveloso

    Joao MarvelosoПре 14 дана

    There is more skill, beauty and real basketball in this segment than some players have in their whole career.

  58. QuarkGluon Plasma

    QuarkGluon PlasmaПре 14 дана


  59. savemelofi

    savemelofiПре 14 дана

    Not only is he a generational talent but the man is an absolute leader and floor general!

  60. Dejan Popovic

    Dejan PopovicПре 14 дана

    Gordon is great. He understand Jokic so good. So glad, he can became only better with genious

  61. Trump Ameri

    Trump AmeriПре 14 дана

    With NIKOLA JOKIC every single NBA player become a superstar 😃😃😃

  62. Timon Fish

    Timon FishПре 14 дана

    When Jokic starts figuring out he can throw it anywhere up towards the rim and Gordon will go get it and finish....then they're going to be truly unstoppable. At this rate it'll probably be by next week.

  63. RCGenerator

    RCGeneratorПре 14 дана

    Great athlete with high IQ so no wonder why they cooperate great after just a few games.

  64. Nem C

    Nem CПре 14 дана

    Jokic AKA Poetry in motion!

  65. Trieu Nguyen

    Trieu NguyenПре 14 дана

    Man it gonna be fun watch Jokic and Luka battle it out for the West after LeBron retired

  66. Misa Marinovik

    Misa MarinovikПре 14 дана

    Jokić on cruise control

  67. buzz 3polis

    buzz 3polisПре 14 дана

    Shit is easy

  68. Jason Harding

    Jason HardingПре 14 дана

    Yes shitting is easy........

  69. Holech Batel

    Holech BatelПре 14 дана

    O my goodness, he is getting better and stronger every game. Put a needle on the court and he will give it an assist.

  70. kebs

    kebsПре 14 дана

    Not gonna be mad if Jokic wins MVP.

  71. Lazar Hrebeljanovic

    Lazar HrebeljanovicПре 14 дана

    MVP, MVP, MVP !!!

  72. Немања Исакович

    Немања ИсаковичПре 14 дана

    The best scorer rn

  73. Sebastian Lindel

    Sebastian LindelПре 14 дана

    they are placing such a good basketball

  74. Tom Jackson

    Tom JacksonПре 14 дана

    soft touch 2:29

  75. KingSerbon7

    KingSerbon7Пре 14 дана

    Jokara brat!!! MVP!!!

  76. Serbona Applications

    Serbona ApplicationsПре 14 дана

    04:52 At first Joker was giving free cheeseburgers - now he is handing free dunkin donuts :)

  77. Serbona Applications

    Serbona ApplicationsПре 14 дана

    Unreal game for MVP. Joker put those numbers in 2 1/4 quarters.

  78. Stefan M

    Stefan MПре 14 дана


  79. Pavle Dinulović

    Pavle DinulovićПре 14 дана

    Undisputed MPV.

  80. gendale

    gendaleПре 14 дана

    3:42 DAYUM

  81. Sindja 〈3

    Sindja 〈3Пре 14 дана



    BORIS BALTAПре 14 дана

    Ovaj čovjek ima priliku da nadmaši Dirka.Najbolji igrač na svijetu poslednjih godinu dana.

  83. blic leak

    blic leakПре 14 дана

    Sto je najludje i Jokic i Doncic su na putu da nadmase Dirka...

  84. Cobe

    CobeПре 14 дана


  85. Jason Harding

    Jason HardingПре 14 дана


  86. Delikt

    DeliktПре 14 дана

    He is basketball.

  87. Млади Гангстер

    Млади ГангстерПре 14 дана


  88. 31orka

    31orkaПре 14 дана

    Bravo Jokara MVP

  89. HD Boys

    HD BoysПре 14 дана


  90. Boyan Kartolov

    Boyan KartolovПре 14 дана

    just beautiful

  91. Walter Johnson

    Walter JohnsonПре 14 дана

    jokic really has one of the best touches to every play he always seems to have a handle on the control needed to make certain shots like those random tips

  92. igi pop

    igi popПре 14 дана

    why are nuggets scary team now? the yrally around Jokic and behind his back they reach decision to promote him in every interview after game..and when you have that kind of spirit then oh boy..

  93. Nikola Miletic

    Nikola MileticПре 14 дана

    free throws jokic 1 embid 20

  94. KantonaSRB

    KantonaSRBПре 14 дана

    @Kill54bunnies what about him? Is he in the MVP conversation??? Love it or hate it the fact is that a white guy from Europe will be the best player in the league for years to come and no ammount of start padding and deliberate reff mistakes will change that!

  95. KantonaSRB

    KantonaSRBПре 14 дана

    @Z. Highlights Embid forcing inside game😂 😂 😂 yes and jokic is only shooting 3pt 😂 The guy literally gets NO calls! racist moronic country and league

  96. KantonaSRB

    KantonaSRBПре 14 дана

    @Z. Highlights you can play dum as you want this is how it is

  97. Z. Highlights

    Z. HighlightsПре 14 дана

    @Truth Hurts Really good one :) you made me laugh

  98. Kill54bunnies

    Kill54bunniesПре 14 дана

    @KantonaSRB cough luka cough

  99. Hallo Hallo

    Hallo HalloПре 14 дана

    Denver Nuggets FTA 9 Joel Embiid FTA 20 This is so unreal!

  100. Trump Ameri

    Trump AmeriПре 13 дана

    @Lazar Hrebeljanovic nema veze junace😃svako ko radi taj i gresi

  101. Lazar Hrebeljanovic

    Lazar HrebeljanovicПре 13 дана

    @Hallo Hallo pozdrav buraz!

  102. Hallo Hallo

    Hallo HalloПре 13 дана

    @Lazar Hrebeljanovic nije problem brate :-) svi smo mi gresni! Puno pozdrava

  103. Lazar Hrebeljanovic

    Lazar HrebeljanovicПре 13 дана

    Nisam provalio da je reč o slobodnim bacanjima... jbg

  104. Lazar Hrebeljanovic

    Lazar HrebeljanovicПре 13 дана

    @Trump Ameri ma sve pametni neki, izdajnici bre -xaxaxaxaaa

  105. Miroslav Milanovic

    Miroslav MilanovicПре 14 дана

    Denver sad igra prelepu košarku

  106. Lennysunday

    LennysundayПре 14 дана

    Where can I get that intro beat?

  107. Niko Bitan

    Niko BitanПре 14 дана

    Ajmo🃏 !!! ⛏️ 🇷🇸 💪 🏀

  108. Ots bjay

    Ots bjayПре 14 дана

    See this y he better than embiid jokic doesn’t flop jokic barley gets calls and don’t rely on free throws

  109. Thor

    ThorПре 14 дана

    embiid gets his fouls

  110. Kristian Herdi

    Kristian HerdiПре 14 дана

    Ajmo Jokara!

  111. chunhou mooi

    chunhou mooiПре 14 дана

    His move is so unpredictable and change like water

  112. Aleksandar Jovanovic

    Aleksandar JovanovicПре 14 дана

    “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” - Bruce Lee

  113. Aleksandar J.

    Aleksandar J.Пре 14 дана


  114. King Base

    King BaseПре 14 дана


  115. Mini S

    Mini SПре 14 дана

    I dont understand melone to keep him on bench when he need 2 more REB for triple double? Always same why he do this terrible ... what a dick

  116. mr ghostdog

    mr ghostdogПре 14 дана

    You stupid

  117. M M

    M MПре 14 дана

    He want to give time ather players too

  118. Filip Martinovic

    Filip MartinovicПре 14 дана

    Jokic doesn't care. Stats mean nothing, just the Ws

  119. ffunit

    ffunitПре 14 дана

    Joker played this game like a true MVP it felt magical!

  120. Marko K

    Marko KПре 14 дана

    Please stop

  121. Rajko Nedic

    Rajko NedicПре 14 дана

    Insane highlihts, nevertheless best moment is when Jeremy Grant is hugging him at the beginning of the video

  122. jie worthy

    jie worthyПре 14 дана

    2:30 after finding that he will be hit hard and get no free throw, our smart boy finally invent a way to score with least effort: he doesn't even need to shoot...

  123. Vukan Simic

    Vukan SimicПре 14 дана

    WOW, he's so good!

  124. Sloan Nethercutt

    Sloan NethercuttПре 14 дана

    You know the AG trade was good when both him and Jokic are already playing hot patatoe

  125. Yush

    YushПре 14 дана

    That tip was filthy boy could ball

  126. Юрий

    ЮрийПре 14 дана

    Mike give him 2,3 more minutes for TD ...


    PEKI VASICПре 14 дана

    Mene sramota amerikanaca, Nikola ovo sto ti radis nije radio niko u svetu kosarke..

  128. Jonathan Lovelace

    Jonathan LovelaceПре 14 дана

    What do you even call 5:15? Lol. I know it's a blow out, but I wouldn't be shocked to see similar in a more significant moment.

  129. RCGenerator

    RCGeneratorПре 14 дана

    That should be counted as 3 assists for both. lol

  130. Sou

    SouПре 14 дана

    Hot potato

  131. Agnes F

    Agnes FПре 14 дана

    Give him the MVP

  132. Mario Jokic

    Mario JokicПре 14 дана

    His stats are just coming naturally, unlike some "other" mvp candidates, he is not forcing anything it just happen.. How many times he needed 1 reb, or 1 asts or 1 something to have triple double, it's because he is not even trying to do that, he will do what his team need the most in that moment, he is just the most valuable player in the league..

  133. Dzukacorama

    DzukacoramaПре 13 дана

    @Tobias Beadsworth make it 22 :D

  134. Tobias Beadsworth

    Tobias BeadsworthПре 14 дана

    @Mario Jokic true mate it’s way more enjoyable and satisfying to watch. Some of Jokics no calls are infuriating tho and I’m not even a Denver fan. Best player to watch by far

  135. Mario Jokic

    Mario JokicПре 14 дана

    @Tobias Beadsworth who cares mate, i love this a lot more than that Jokic has 20 ft every game like embid, this just shows who is class..

  136. Tobias Beadsworth

    Tobias BeadsworthПре 14 дана

    To answer your question he’s missed out on a triple double by 1 statistic 21 times. The officiating for him and Embiid couldn’t be more different either