Playing As MOBS On ONE BLOCK In Minecraft!

This Minecraft One Block is FUN to survive as MOBS! Hehe!
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  1. Silvia Valdivieso

    Silvia ValdiviesoПре 5 минута

    Pirce is trash

  2. Kourtney Otero

    Kourtney OteroПре 39 минута

    I really love your videos and you

  3. Lucho Acevedo

    Lucho AcevedoПре 55 минута


  4. Katrina Bauer

    Katrina BauerПре сат

    What is the name of zane’s channel

  5. Lu Kot

    Lu KotПре 2 сата


  6. Sofia Matos

    Sofia MatosПре 2 сата


  7. Francine Dinan

    Francine DinanПре 3 сата

    i have all of your merch

  8. Francine Dinan

    Francine DinanПре 3 сата

    love the merch btw even the french fry cat plushy im not good at spelling sorry :"(

  9. Francine Dinan

    Francine DinanПре 3 сата

    im eating a pear lol

  10. Mandy Coleman

    Mandy ColemanПре 3 сата

    aphmau i would cry for u and ur friends if one of u guys died ill come with u

  11. Princess Julia Montellano

    Princess Julia MontellanoПре 3 сата

    Go girl

  12. Sandra Makwikila

    Sandra MakwikilaПре 3 сата


  13. Janessa Britt

    Janessa BrittПре 3 сата


  14. Janessa Britt

    Janessa BrittПре 3 сата

    Pierce: I am doing this wif my mind! it's very hard! me: ok...

  15. Janessa Britt

    Janessa BrittПре 4 сата


  16. Janessa Britt

    Janessa BrittПре 4 сата

    Pierce! how could you!!!

  17. Kailee Ridgely

    Kailee RidgelyПре 4 сата

    Hey your so great can you tell me the mod thing?

  18. Iris Steel

    Iris SteelПре 4 сата

    Pierce: EXTRA CRACTING BENCHES WOOO! Ein: I'm gonna put my crafting benches on your one. Me: lol ein

  19. Kailee Ridgely

    Kailee RidgelyПре 4 сата

    It’s my fav 1 block challenge my most fav!

  20. Ashley montalvo

    Ashley montalvoПре 4 сата

    Cool 😀

  21. Sarafia Thorncrawler

    Sarafia ThorncrawlerПре 4 сата


  22. Mharavin

    MharavinПре 5 сати

    I love Minecraft



    heeyyy aph soo umm you know girls are short right?? well i a girl and wht AM I TALLER THEN MY FRIENDS THAT ARE BOYS??/ AYYYYY

  24. Muhibur Nahid

    Muhibur NahidПре 5 сати


  25. Ray Zero

    Ray ZeroПре 6 сати


  26. Kat Como

    Kat ComoПре 6 сати

    You’re supposed to build your own Minecraft world

  27. Christiane Akbulut

    Christiane AkbulutПре 6 сати


  28. Kat Como

    Kat ComoПре 6 сати

    Build a pan for the chicken

  29. Faker God of Belerick

    Faker God of BelerickПре 6 сати

    Nice video

  30. scp 096

    scp 096Пре 7 сати


  31. Minahil Ali

    Minahil AliПре 8 сати

    fun fact jessicas lucky number is 8 mine is too

  32. Paula Webb

    Paula WebbПре 9 сати


  33. kenneth lazaro

    kenneth lazaroПре 9 сати

    i miss her old vids like the game of life i am bored just watching minecraft

  34. BTKoldDeuce1947

    BTKoldDeuce1947Пре 9 сати

    The honorable lock reportedly guard because eyelash proportionally interrupt among a utter burst. satisfying, noiseless relative

  35. Theo Sansom

    Theo SansomПре 9 сати

    Best enderman- in the world Aphmau is the best in the world

  36. Theo Sansom

    Theo SansomПре 9 сати

    Aphmau is the best in the world

  37. caddie-carmela

    caddie-carmelaПре 9 сати

    Aphmau Is a Eenderman

  38. tamarantula's minecraft

    tamarantula's minecraftПре 10 сати

    Aphmau you need an axe to break a melon and a pumpkin

  39. Jasmin Campbell

    Jasmin CampbellПре 10 сати

    Have my dog good job

  40. Chazzett Rosas

    Chazzett RosasПре 10 сати

    i saw the thumnail and was like: aph's knees really be bendin whith no kneecaps

  41. Aidah Fatimah

    Aidah FatimahПре 10 сати

    I know but how you turn into a animal but standing on the one block that's how you doing Minecraft maybe I want to do that too but I want to stay with you just do that please please please

  42. Annabel Dunne

    Annabel DunneПре 10 сати

    I jumped on my like and. My sub and I Brocken. My Ipad

  43. Tess Letada

    Tess LetadaПре 12 сати

    Haha. I. Dont. Like. That. Creper. Girl. haha.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Tess Letada

    Tess LetadaПре 12 сати

    I. Love. Moves. Its. So. Kyut

  45. Nathan Wadland

    Nathan WadlandПре 12 сати

    Protip:axes have the most knock back and it only has 1 less damage then a SWORD

  46. Godmoon TV

    Godmoon TVПре 12 сати


  47. Sherryl Torrecampo

    Sherryl TorrecampoПре 14 сати


  48. kadisha Brown

    kadisha BrownПре 14 сати


  49. kadisha Brown

    kadisha BrownПре 14 сати


  50. Jeannia Peavey

    Jeannia PeaveyПре 15 сати

    Roses are red violets are blue aphmau is the best and so are you

  51. Alex_Gamer Lol

    Alex_Gamer LolПре 15 сати

    But he die you know what I mean😂😂

  52. Melissa Torrez

    Melissa TorrezПре 15 сати


  53. Melissa Torrez

    Melissa TorrezПре 15 сати


  54. the little candy•ʕ•ع•ʔʕ•ع•ʔ

    the little candy•ʕ•ع•ʔʕ•ع•ʔПре 15 сати

    Aphmau can you join my server im happy if you join my server

  55. vijayeswari boyina

    vijayeswari boyinaПре 15 сати

    I love these kinds of videos pls make more!!! Like if you agree..

  56. Typical Dominik

    Typical DominikПре 15 сати

    Right when pierced responds like out of that Birch he’s like he’s coming out of the gun like zombies rising

  57. Baileyloo Orsborn

    Baileyloo OrsbornПре 16 сати

    plot twist: peirce is blue from mycrafts uncle and showed him that chickens are cool

  58. John Quang

    John QuangПре 16 сати


  59. John Quang

    John QuangПре 16 сати


  60. Roderick Oliver

    Roderick OliverПре 16 сати

    Why do black pigs look like fmthe fnaf shadow freddy-


    SHERMAN ADAMSПре 16 сати


  62. Shane Thompson

    Shane ThompsonПре 16 сати

    Ein: well I hope you’re happy bc we lost our crafting bench perice: oh we did lose our crafting bench oh! That makes me so mad! Ein: DON’T DO IT AGAIN aphmau: nope got it *giggles* *PERICE FALLS DOWN* Perice: uhhh... me: rip perice

  63. Ongaku Neko Nguyen

    Ongaku Neko NguyenПре 16 сати

    ...aphmau was the enderman cause she wants to be tall XD(my street joke...kinda)

  64. Leesly Arellano

    Leesly ArellanoПре 17 сати

    Omg the way piece say that the old creeper was her bf me: bdbgdh What

  65. Jessica Benavides

    Jessica BenavidesПре 17 сати

    I love the video😊

  66. Felix Line

    Felix LineПре 17 сати


  67. สายันต์ สอนสา

    สายันต์ สอนสาПре 18 сати


  68. Ashley Abshire

    Ashley AbshireПре 18 сати

    I always thought creeper Ein would blow up more than the support for Aphmau

  69. Leia PastelPuff

    Leia PastelPuffПре 18 сати


  70. Hla Myint

    Hla MyintПре 18 сати

    Ha ha ha it’s aphmau

  71. Frosty Dragon

    Frosty DragonПре 18 сати

    Is Ein aphmau brother

  72. Gregory Hutchinson

    Gregory HutchinsonПре 18 сати


  73. Gregory Hutchinson

    Gregory HutchinsonПре 18 сати


  74. Scott Lewis

    Scott LewisПре 18 сати

    They can not look at you you are a endear man

  75. Heather Davis

    Heather DavisПре 19 сати


  76. anamarie riddle

    anamarie riddleПре 19 сати

    Aphmau: ay the spider get out .......ahhhhhhhh

  77. anamarie riddle

    anamarie riddleПре 19 сати

    What do spiders even eat creepers

  78. Gael’s World Of Fun

    Gael’s World Of FunПре 19 сати


  79. Jeremy Hfnh

    Jeremy HfnhПре 20 сати


  80. Lilianna Muller

    Lilianna MullerПре 20 сати

    i want to be in video plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  81. Alisa

    AlisaПре 20 сати

    17:42 Makes as much sence as Minnie Mouse being scared of a mouse Pierce creeper scared of creeper

  82. Amy Alfaro

    Amy AlfaroПре 21 сат


  83. Azra Tilki

    Azra TilkiПре 21 сат


  84. Neil Laporte

    Neil LaporteПре 21 сат

    M Bbvvbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb be

  85. heygirldd corgiQUEEN

    heygirldd corgiQUEENПре 21 сат


  86. MySophie0805

    MySophie0805Пре 22 сата


  87. MySophie0805

    MySophie0805Пре 22 сата

    rip piers 17 times

  88. we are a wolf army

    we are a wolf armyПре 22 сата

    He knew it was their but he fell XD 6:49

  89. MySophie0805

    MySophie0805Пре 22 сата

    dirt is commen

  90. Micah Donelly

    Micah DonellyПре 23 сата

    When I was in your new video

  91. Joseph Hattendorf

    Joseph HattendorfПре 23 сата

    Peirce: I am doing this all with my brain it's very hard Me: Because Peirce doesn't use his brain ever

  92. Sarah Hughes

    Sarah HughesПре 23 сата

    I love this vid i watched it 23000099600000 times

  93. Crimson Lincoln

    Crimson LincolnПре 23 сата

    Wot duse the ended purl do

  94. Crimson Lincoln

    Crimson LincolnПре 23 сата

    I love you

  95. Mario Castro

    Mario CastroПре 23 сата

    This is funnny super funny against my dad tickling me

  96. Cheryl White

    Cheryl WhiteПре 23 сата

    Oh my god

  97. Jessica Centeno

    Jessica CentenoПре дан

    Pierce has no arms and he can hold the chicken🤣😂

  98. Jay Seha

    Jay SehaПре дан

    Pierce: explodes like ten seconds in

  99. Pump

    PumpПре дан

    Wow, ur lucky aphmau bc u can teleport if someone knocks u off

  100. RedLikAwish

    RedLikAwishПре дан

    creeper ;-;