Reacting to James Charles Impressions!

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I reacted to people doing James Charles Impressions. I announced a contest on Tik Tok asking my followers to do their best impression for $1000 and the chance to be in today's video and the responses were... interesting. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Carolina Hernandez

    Carolina HernandezПре 3 сата


  2. Un Known

    Un KnownПре 4 сата

    And you got a new subscriber

  3. {starlight} [idits]

    {starlight} [idits]Пре 5 сати

    i Love ur vidz

  4. Scruffy Bear

    Scruffy BearПре 5 сати

    Just me or did the noise cut out in the first impression?🤣

  5. Abidin Mach

    Abidin MachПре 6 сати

    He did the middle finger

  6. Rein Westmoreland

    Rein WestmorelandПре 7 сати


  7. Isaiah Runyan

    Isaiah RunyanПре 8 сати

    James Charles is actually marshmallow from alone

  8. Reiden Villa

    Reiden VillaПре 8 сати

    I love how when he puts his hand on his mouth theres a slap sound 😂❤️

  9. Krystal Cruse

    Krystal CruseПре 9 сати

    It’s true tho I swear pls believe me James Charles ☹️😢

  10. Jichu Kim

    Jichu KimПре 9 сати

    The first one tho james reaction still gets me till this day ❤️🤣

  11. Jichu Kim

    Jichu KimПре 9 сати

    It was so funny I was laughing when I saw it

  12. DAZAI Double suicide

    DAZAI Double suicideПре 9 сати

    Can we all agree Trisha paytes sucks

  13. Samantha Smith

    Samantha SmithПре 10 сати

    Not gonna lie I'm sure the one you said was perfect before the girl with blond hair that dude played a video of you doing it I think the noise in the background changed weirdly

  14. Asten Peric

    Asten PericПре 10 сати

    Me to I have had my tonsils out aswell

  15. Ferananda Miranda

    Ferananda MirandaПре 10 сати

    At 2 minutes and 10 seconds I stopped hear

  16. MurmuringSomo99

    MurmuringSomo99Пре 12 сати

    I thought my auto was bad 😂2:11

  17. jaydyn ricker

    jaydyn rickerПре 12 сати

    Is this rude well sorry ummm ok so a boy acts like a girl witch I guess wants to and I girl acts like a boy lolololo

  18. paul mckenna

    paul mckennaПре 12 сати

    Jams you are so inspirational I love you ❤ Apollo look I much love the sister's

  19. alexis amey

    alexis ameyПре 12 сати


  20. ahen ahen

    ahen ahenПре 12 сати

    james : slapping his mouth for 10 million times. Me: Omg james dosent it hurt

  21. Dutch

    DutchПре 13 сати

    James charles

  22. ahen ahen

    ahen ahenПре 13 сати

    James : Hi sisters saying it for 100million years. me: Mmm james u oke?

  23. Maaz Khan

    Maaz KhanПре 13 сати

    Ozikoy though lol

  24. ashley moll

    ashley mollПре 13 сати

    Did anyone realize he has 29,00000 sisters

  25. chris burnett

    chris burnettПре 13 сати

    i still love you james! Great reaction video!

  26. sc9pe

    sc9peПре 13 сати

    I just came back t From watching the original video 9:35

  27. the_timekeeper

    the_timekeeperПре 14 сати

    Hey Eddie vr said that Freddy ate you and created funtime Freddy

  28. Kristina Zemaityte

    Kristina ZemaityteПре 14 сати


  29. Alicia Kuziak

    Alicia KuziakПре 16 сати

    Bro why don’t you ever say hey brother’s (No offense)sorry james

  30. FIDGET AND ASMR!!!!!! lol

    FIDGET AND ASMR!!!!!! lolПре 16 сати

    I Love ozikoy

  31. Eve Wright

    Eve WrightПре 16 сати

    Omigod....I've never heard so many Hi sisters in one video...

  32. brattyxangle

    brattyxangleПре 16 сати

    James so the guy who sounded just like yuk he made a tiktok and get got that sound from one of y oh r videos so yea just saying

  33. Anthony

    AnthonyПре 17 сати

    I keep on forgetting James is a guy

  34. Lily Bryant

    Lily BryantПре 18 сати

    Can u stop acting like ur life is perfect it kinda hurts me because i dont have one but at same time ik u dont have one either

  35. Cassidy Swaggerty

    Cassidy SwaggertyПре 19 сати

    WhErEs Da SoUnD

  36. AJ price

    AJ priceПре 19 сати

    ShooooooOoore there are mAnY different types of ShooooooOoores

  37. Stephanie Pretel

    Stephanie PretelПре 20 сати

    12:49 not the tinder notification😂ion

  38. Kylie White

    Kylie WhiteПре 21 сат

    Hi sister

  39. Shadow Life

    Shadow LifeПре 21 сат

    Uh when the black guy was singing and you got a exclamation mark ❗️ next to you the sound cut out than came back at the end

  40. Delilah Scheffen

    Delilah ScheffenПре 19 сати


  41. Poscagirl_worm ona string xD

    Poscagirl_worm ona string xDПре 22 сата

    I won't tell you who

  42. Lizzy Girl

    Lizzy GirlПре 22 сата

    On the first one I'm with James

  43. RAR Vlogs

    RAR VlogsПре 22 сата

    Did anyone not hear the first one ?

  44. Jxck

    JxckПре 23 сата

    The girl at 5:09 literally sound like the garbage disposal 😂😂

  45. SWAT Bella

    SWAT BellaПре дан

    I remember that someone edite-

  46. ayla Näf

    ayla NäfПре дан

    One is better

  47. Wøłf Ģıřł

    Wøłf ĢıřłПре дан

    6:13 for anyone who came from the short You're welcome 👌🏻

  48. ScreamScream_Yuh

    ScreamScream_YuhПре дан

    Everyone can almost sound like James

  49. kaitlyn boustani

    kaitlyn boustaniПре дан

    Did anybody else not hear tygar singing this is how much people that didn’t hear him 👉

  50. suman ekka ekka

    suman ekka ekkaПре дан

    the blue hoodie he is cheating he haking

  51. rhys cull

    rhys cullПре дан

    Was there no sound for the first one for u two ?????


    HEY STOB ITПре дан

    Y'all here from the short-?✨📍

  53. Kashvi Singh

    Kashvi SinghПре дан

    you are too good james love you sister

  54. amy videos

    amy videosПре дан

    Un the guy with the long blonde hair he took a bit of your video lol

  55. amy videos

    amy videosПре дан

    I'm.not being rude he genuinely did he told his hole followers

  56. Briana Ellah Taal

    Briana Ellah TaalПре дан

    6:26 is the guy who perfect it

  57. the yellow pikachu

    the yellow pikachuПре дан

    Is it just me or on the first one the sound went??

  58. Kaydence Vail

    Kaydence VailПре дан

    He should say “hi brothers” in a video to be funny

  59. Abbylynn Esguerra

    Abbylynn EsguerraПре дан

    I know

  60. Randy Ishihara

    Randy IshiharaПре дан

    Omg James charles

  61. Fikir Animaw

    Fikir AnimawПре дан

    When the man said "its yellow", a crow finished the "ow". Outside my window and i was confused for a sec😂. And it said "ahhhhh".

  62. tomboy 7765 deadly rose

    tomboy 7765 deadly roseПре дан

    i was not able to hear the first vid sadly but I love you so much

  63. Baleigh Girouard

    Baleigh GirouardПре дан

    James Charles: Hi sisters! Draco/Draca: Hey stalkers!

  64. Yuri Guzman

    Yuri GuzmanПре дан

    Hi sisters never forget james Charles is beautiful i love u

  65. Trap-Donks-On 34's

    Trap-Donks-On 34'sПре дан

    Idk why but I have a crush on James Charles (NOT A SIMP LOL)

  66. Makenzie Haynes

    Makenzie HaynesПре дан

    Soo you know you lost adio

  67. Julie Swadley

    Julie SwadleyПре дан

    I think #2 should have won

  68. Quinn Campbell

    Quinn CampbellПре дан

    It does

  69. Dakota Crowder

    Dakota CrowderПре дан

    James makes my head in pain

  70. Kiwi Gaming

    Kiwi GamingПре дан

    I know right ugh

  71. Maximilian McGowan

    Maximilian McGowanПре дан


  72. Sad Psycho

    Sad PsychoПре дан


  73. Lucas Rescigno

    Lucas RescignoПре дан

    Can I be the first to say wtf is in my recommended

  74. NoobTube 2008

    NoobTube 2008Пре дан

    2:06 youtube literally copyrights james OWN song or whatever

  75. sis nisvkoi

    sis nisvkoiПре дан

    as someone who is asian am i the only one who thinks the thumbnail just dont seem right



    Yes james charles does get old

  77. TatersMommy_Paula

    TatersMommy_PaulaПре дан


  78. Leanna Kalber

    Leanna KalberПре дан

    James: Copy right me I dare you RSclub: Bet

  79. Cookie Gaming

    Cookie GamingПре дан


  80. Cookie Gaming

    Cookie GamingПре дан


  81. Lola may White

    Lola may WhiteПре дан


  82. Magic Unicorn4357

    Magic Unicorn4357Пре дан

    #2 cheated

  83. bRoKeN_sweater23

    bRoKeN_sweater23Пре дан

    HI SISTERS!!!!

  84. Nicholas Glisson

    Nicholas GlissonПре дан

    Can boys where makup

  85. Macie Swanson

    Macie SwansonПре дан

    I missed the first one I could not hear it

  86. Layla World

    Layla WorldПре дан

    Ok sisters the start 🤣🤣🤣

  87. andra white

    andra whiteПре дан

    What about Benito skinner? 😆 it’s not perfect but its funny as hell!

  88. ashley shadow

    ashley shadowПре дан

    Ok so umm I do not sound like you

  89. Kawaiimilk Legit

    Kawaiimilk LegitПре дан

    Ppl who came here from the other one 👁👄👁

  90. Cameron Aponte

    Cameron AponteПре дан

    do not worry we love

  91. Cameron Aponte

    Cameron AponteПре дан

    we love you

  92. shapathu Gaming

    shapathu GamingПре дан

    Hey bro where is hey brothers

  93. Sofia Lily

    Sofia LilyПре дан

    2:06 i think the audio cut out-

  94. adam milsted

    adam milstedПре дан

    cmathews44 copyed from ure video onto the video i saw on tik tok lol

  95. Esmes vlogz

    Esmes vlogzПре дан

    2:17 I can't hear it

  96. adamarie crespo

    adamarie crespoПре дан

    1 of dem wer feik😂😂😂l so o vi dio ir son 1 doig Tour vois

  97. Lilyadore

    LilyadoreПре дан

    Ummmm my sound cut out at 2:05 and then came back at 2:11 like wtf happened?? 😐🤔🤔😐

  98. Efrein Oquendo

    Efrein OquendoПре дан

    2:06 is it just me or could I not hear anything 🤔

  99. Charlotte Fincher

    Charlotte FincherПре дан

    listen to the video from 9:34 😂😂😂

  100. Rida mariam

    Rida mariamПре дан

    James face the whole video " :0 "

  101. Octavian Pinzari

    Octavian PinzariПре дан

    just i see a mesaje from tinder at 12:56 ?𓆉︎

  102. Tianyi Guo

    Tianyi GuoПре дан

    why iz there so many muted parts

  103. queenflavored

    queenflavoredПре дан


  104. Ali Aro

    Ali AroПре дан

    Is this women or a man

  105. Maddie’s Life

    Maddie’s LifeПре дан

    1:43 is where the reacting starts. thank me later xoxo