Returning Luka Jovic scores Brace | Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Schalke 04 | 3-1 | Highlights | MD 16

#SGES04 | Highlights from Matchday 16!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Eintracht Frankfurt vs. FC Schalke 04 from Matchday 16 of 2020/21 season!
Goals: 1-0 Silva (28’), 1-1 Hoppe (29’), 2-1 Jovic (72’), 3-1 Jovic (90’+1)
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  1. Bundesliga

    BundesligaПре месец

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  2. Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014

    Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014Пре месец

    Luka majstore!

  3. szabó levi

    szabó leviПре месец

    Song name please??

  4. Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014

    Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014Пре месец

  5. Leonardo Moreira

    Leonardo MoreiraПре 24 дана

    Haaland gets all clout, while this youngster gets no media. It’s good for the club tho

  6. Peterschelling Peter

    Peterschelling PeterПре 24 дана

    Nice posision camera

  7. WhoIs SantaMuerte

    WhoIs SantaMuerteПре 25 дана

    Zidane is not giving him playing time. Zidane should be out of Madrid.

  8. Leah Van Dale

    Leah Van DaleПре 25 дана

    The background music and commentary are both horrible!!!!!!!

  9. Josh Nugent

    Josh NugentПре 25 дана

    Is it loan or transfer back

  10. PsY Gaming

    PsY GamingПре 26 дана

    Some players are not made for other league 😉 lik - Jovic

  11. Imad Soy

    Imad SoyПре 26 дана

    Real Madrid coach is an idiot 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Asyraf Kamil

    Asyraf KamilПре 28 дана

    Bundesliga is a farmer league. No doubt.


    FOOD KINGПре 28 дана

    La liga just has better players and in defense than bundesliga.

  14. sandhya sen

    sandhya senПре 29 дана

    real made amazing signings but both of them werent fit for them

  15. sandhya sen

    sandhya senПре 29 дана

    jovic is already doing so much better than at real

  16. Emmanuel Awuah

    Emmanuel AwuahПре 29 дана

    Madrid is a different team play...

  17. Ooii Sidley

    Ooii SidleyПре 29 дана

    Maybe he's just suited to the Bundesliga. Or went to Madrid just after a nice season doesnt bodes well. Maybe Niko Kovac should just go back also!

  18. Sergio Morales

    Sergio MoralesПре 29 дана

    Hay jugadores que lamentablemente no están destinados en jugar en el Real Madrid

  19. Aryan Mahanth

    Aryan MahanthПре месец

    This is a very tight slap to Zidane😭😭 He wasted him just like isco, James, vinicius, Rodrigo and so many others

  20. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniПре месец

    shame to see if a big historic club like schalke going down

  21. Daki Daki

    Daki DakiПре месец

    Kostic - Jovic best tandem.

  22. HBTekkz

    HBTekkzПре месец

    2:32 what are you doing step bro?

  23. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniПре месец

    Awesome Goals Luka, Welcome Back!

  24. Dylan Hadid

    Dylan HadidПре месец

    Jovic just need more game on real madrid

  25. FeelsBadMan n

    FeelsBadMan nПре месец

    3 apps 3 goals already for Jovic return for his frankfurt... Like Of course Madrid kills the players..

  26. szabó levi

    szabó leviПре месец

    @bundesliga song name?

  27. OllieSmythable

    OllieSmythableПре месец

    What’s with the music? It’s a football match not Game of Thrones

  28. Mahdi Amirkhani

    Mahdi AmirkhaniПре месец

    is he back on loan or permanent ?

  29. Goran Arsić

    Goran ArsićПре месец


  30. Ronaldo Gente

    Ronaldo GenteПре месец

    The yielding wave puzzlingly divide because trade focally realise along a parallel sex. curved, massive sort

  31. mivana teim

    mivana teimПре месец

  32. Williams Soares

    Williams SoaresПре месец

    O cara saiu do Real e já está metendo goll

  33. Asgard Asgard

    Asgard AsgardПре месец

    Noob league

  34. Frenemy 05

    Frenemy 05Пре месец


  35. Success Raphael

    Success RaphaelПре месец

    This sound track is something else🌹

  36. Tymko C

    Tymko CПре месец

    I'd rather have Jovic than Werner. Zidane's not great at evaluating talent.

  37. A to Z Youtube Box

    A to Z Youtube BoxПре месец

    Kp Rahul kerala

  38. Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan WilsonПре месец

    As a madrid fan i love jovic since the day he arrived i juss dislike zidane for not playing him at all, zizou out, cant wait for him to return, hopefully zidane is sacked

  39. X Æ A 12

    X Æ A 12Пре месец

    Awesome Goals Luka, Welcome Back!

  40. QuarkGluon Plasma

    QuarkGluon PlasmaПре месец

    Those angles though..

  41. Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014

    Serbian young football soccer hopes Luka Nesic 2014Пре месец

    Luka majstore!

  42. Unika Ngxonono

    Unika NgxononoПре месец

    Bundesliga commentators seem like the most excited people in the world😂

  43. Mehboob Khan

    Mehboob KhanПре месец

    Jovic better than overrated asencio

  44. likejeppy

    likejeppyПре месец

    Farmers league

  45. DAVID Badette

    DAVID BadetteПре месец

    Costic jovic so cruel

  46. Lazar Hrebeljanovic

    Lazar HrebeljanovicПре месец

    Bravo Luka!

  47. Garçon Paúl Ed’son

    Garçon Paúl Ed’sonПре месец

    Jovic is back 💯💯✅✅

  48. Steven Ciputra

    Steven CiputraПре месец

    Let's say like this: let him play in frankfurt for the rest of the season so he'll be back on his form. Then trade him with M'bape or Haaland next season

  49. PumpedNoDat

    PumpedNoDatПре месец

    Barcelona need luka jovic


    IQA SUCKSПре месец

    WOW. Jovic should just stay at Frankfurt

  51. Video eleştirmeni

    Video eleştirmeniПре месец

    Schalke 04 😢😢😢😢

  52. Alvin Suffian

    Alvin SuffianПре месец

    Luka jovic only loan he will be back to Real after end of the season 2020/21

  53. Spider - Man

    Spider - ManПре месец

    Jovic really needs Kostic in his side. JOSTIC!!!!

  54. Spider - Man

    Spider - ManПре месец

    @sotuur aeei im a man utd fan but i agree. Premier league misses him

  55. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeeiПре месец

    Even hazard should return Chelsea for a season.

  56. hamzah 13

    hamzah 13Пре месец

    Madrid just don't know how to manage properly. Just like how odegaard loaned out played amazing, Hakim sold played amazing. James showed his talent. Kubo on any other team play amazing but Madrid. Just let hazard loan out then they'll see. It's just Zidane doesn't know his tactics.

  57. hamzah 13

    hamzah 13Пре месец

    @sotuur aeei nah but everyone else who was either known as a good player or new has been terrible under Zidane. The amount of players it just can't be a coincidence.

  58. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeeiПре месец

    It's not Zidan's fault jovic was never confident in real madrid. Now he's back to a place where he feels more comfortable. But let's not lie he was dreadful at madrid

  59. Petr Krejčí

    Petr KrejčíПре месец

    This video does put a smile on my face.

  60. fafa as

    fafa asПре месец

    How on earth liverpool want ozan kabak. That guy is worst than Karius plus itandje

  61. ElytraOrSomething

    ElytraOrSomethingПре месец

    Frankfurt should really keep Jovic, him and Silva would be amazing, they would tear up the league!

  62. Tanzim Meraj

    Tanzim MerajПре месец

    zidane has done a lot for madrid! but he has to go now! his tactics are exposed and it isn't working anymore!

  63. Mark Blunsum

    Mark BlunsumПре месец

    Back yes

  64. Mark Blunsum

    Mark BlunsumПре месец


  65. cais

    caisПре месец

    Shows the difference in quality between La Liga and Bundesliga

  66. Dwi Irianto

    Dwi IriantoПре месец

    So please Hazard back to Chelsea, mirroring what Jovic did

  67. Nurtaufiq Ismail

    Nurtaufiq IsmailПре месец

    Is corona still alive???

  68. Desporto

    DesportoПре месец

    André Silva adds to his form.

  69. Carlos Eduardo bonucci

    Carlos Eduardo bonucciПре месец

    reminds me of Chicharito :')

  70. CEBRISA 14

    CEBRISA 14Пре месец

    Porque papi ha vuelto a casa y todo sigue como estabaaaaa!!!

  71. Arsenic0317

    Arsenic0317Пре месец

    This guy is making it look like real madrid's the problem, maybe it is, I don't know🤷‍♂️.

  72. Patrick De Reyck

    Patrick De ReyckПре месец

    That is certainly part of the problem: the club, the coach, la liga .... I've seen practically all the games Hazard has played for Chelsea and our national team, but now all his smiles and 'spontaneity' seem fake. He always started pre-season overweight, like he needed to let go all the way for couple of weeks each year. He's also scared shitless by the attacks on legs and limbs (Premier League football is tough, but never mean) and the astonishing lack of quality of Spanish referees. How come so many players don't seem to adapt to Real's football? Paying them enormous amounts isn't doing the trick, maybe the opposite (but enough not to feel sorry for him).

  73. 3mryaman

    3mryamanПре месец

    It's not Zidan's fault jovic was never confident in real madrid. Now he's back to a place where he feels more comfortable. But let's not lie he was dreadful at madrid

  74. Jefferson Ochoa

    Jefferson OchoaПре месец

    😭Exactly...but I'm glad he's back. Btw the greatest Spanish clubs don't play like the used to be(as a Barça fan).

  75. soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuyПре месец

    Even hazard should return Chelsea for a season.

  76. Felipe Lara

    Felipe LaraПре месец

    La Liga > Bundesliga

  77. Qawiem Nazransyah

    Qawiem NazransyahПре месец

    Abraham retired :')

  78. soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuyПре месец

    He should stay at frankfurt choose x decision

  79. Flying Dutch

    Flying DutchПре месец

    Kostić-Jović Serbian tik tak .

  80. Chris Fraser

    Chris FraserПре месец

    Well it didn’t take long for Kostic and Jovic to start linking up again! Great to see Luka back in the Bundesliga! It’s amazing that he got to play one more time with David!

  81. Ibrahima SOW

    Ibrahima SOWПре месец

    Content pr jovic, ne revient pas au Real Madrid, il n t mérite pas

  82. Liam is kool

    Liam is koolПре месец

    happy for him

  83. Cheese

    CheeseПре месец


  84. That Was Dope

    That Was DopeПре месец

    Only Rebic missing here from that trio

  85. tamilselvan22

    tamilselvan22Пре месец

    A talent made to warm bench at one of the best clubs in Europe🥲

  86. XTCyMAN

    XTCyMANПре месец

    one of the best...THE of the best temporally but the best by far atemporally

  87. MrSilender

    MrSilenderПре месец

    As a RM fan- the problem is that we play completely differently than Frankfurt and mainly our striker(basically only Benzema) play differently too=we want them to engage in combination and to drop deep into the pitch when Jovic is a "poacher" type of the striker...bad decision from RM ...

  88. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuПре месец

    Zidane can't make use of Jovic. So, Zidane not enough clever.

  89. martin cvetkovic

    martin cvetkovicПре месец

    Serbia is Luka joviccc

  90. Christopher Jimenez

    Christopher JimenezПре месец

    Tag Zidane on this Vid

  91. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuПре месец

    Don't worry he will come back to real madrid next season so wish him all the best whith Frankfurt until he comes back ❤️

  92. zamri zamriany

    zamri zamrianyПре месец

    Zidane favour old horse.. After Raul taking over Jovic will be Real no. 9

  93. Ali El-farsy

    Ali El-farsyПре месец

    Frankfurt doing some mighty business out here!!

  94. Dave 86

    Dave 86Пре месец

    The quality of these highlights is majestic. Great music exactly in the moment when Jovic scores first goal 👍

  95. Lance Derossi

    Lance DerossiПре месец

    He should stay at frankfurt choose x decision

  96. اسير الهموم

    اسير الهمومПре месец

    Stay there stay there

  97. m2d3s4 gaming

    m2d3s4 gamingПре месец

    why did realmadried wanted him they already have benzema

  98. XTCyMAN

    XTCyMANПре месец

    ask zidane real madrid is not guilty ...only wasted money to bring zidane a desired player by him

  99. LiODa

    LiODaПре месец

    Indeed. Bought a youngster to replace Benzema but still fav Benzema over Jovic. He didn't get much time to show what he capable of. Benzema son of Zidane.

  100. Sohel Mondal

    Sohel MondalПре месец

    Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  101. Sohel Mondal

    Sohel MondalПре месец

    Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  102. Fei Fei

    Fei FeiПре месец

    Jovic is always good if he is assigned to be the key attacker. But there is zidane and benzema.

  103. Rebel with cause

    Rebel with causeПре месец

    Drze se Cofi moj Kragujevcanin i Luka i podrzavaju...tako i treba,bravo Srbi moji,drzite se i bodrite po belom svetu,malo nas je ☺

  104. Lomus Official

    Lomus OfficialПре месец

    This proves how tougher it is to play in La Liga than to play in Bundesliga.😏

  105. Jolly John

    Jolly JohnПре месец

    Jovic was like im back home mofos

  106. Oljas Tursunbaev

    Oljas TursunbaevПре месец

    Bundesliga 🤡, La Liga ☠️💪✓

  107. Malisa Obradovic

    Malisa ObradovicПре месец

    Bravo Kralju

  108. Ahmad B

    Ahmad BПре месец

    Don't worry he will come back to real madrid next season so wish him all the best whith Frankfurt until he comes back ❤️

  109. Hector Hugo Lopez

    Hector Hugo LopezПре месец

    Jovic playing again makes me happier than anything

  110. Jovan Bajilov

    Jovan BajilovПре месец

    Takoo je Jovicu SRBINEE!!

  111. sheets0fmetal

    sheets0fmetalПре месец

    Where is Sead Kolasinac? I really want him to do well in Schalke

  112. Chris

    ChrisПре месец

    Jović will make Eintracht to UCL

  113. Nikola

    NikolaПре месец

    Serbian machine ❤️🤍🇷🇸

  114. John Rivaile

    John RivaileПре месец

    zizuuuu siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu¡

  115. Jhostin

    JhostinПре месец

    Zidane quedaste 🤡

  116. suleiman bello

    suleiman belloПре месец

    The fact that I admit Luca Joviks goals are spectacular and also he found him self in a good position but we got to admit that the opponent defence are so floppy...