Teen Cheats Off Of Nerd's Math Test, Ending Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Teen Cheats Off Of Nerd's Math Test, Ending Is Shocking
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Writer: Kat Davila and Dhar Mann
Idea: Michelle Do and Dhar Mann
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Brian S. Nelson
Casting Associate: Mikayla Miller, Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Felipe Martinez
Sound: Noel Palacios
Teacher - Riki Westmoreland
Billy/Bully - Devon Weetly
Frankie/Nerd - Ayden Mekus
Student 1 (Kelsi) - Sophia Hawkins
Student 2 (Mike) - Nathaniel Sanchez
Student 3 (Matthew) - Myles Lassiter
Student 4 (Isabelle) - Lylah Carmel
Student 5 - Samantha Divis
Student 6 - Grace Loggins
#LiveYourBestLife #DharMann


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    Hey #DharMannFam, EXCITING NEWS! Shop my latest limited edition merch collection, everything is on SALE! Shop now before it sells out: bit.ly/2KCEl1Y Also, thanks for watching my video! For exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2

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    This is so cool

  6. Clara Santiago

    Clara SantiagoПре 14 дана

    @Dhar Mann I have a great idea for the next video. A metalhead girl gets bullied and metalhead guys don't think she's a "true metalhead"

  7. nada esfacil03

    nada esfacil03Пре 20 минута

    I cheat on test all the time and I'm fine

  8. GeoBuddyTV

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    Theres always a twist

  9. ItzKast

    ItzKastПре сат

    ngl this bully was really stupid. man could have just looked at his test and saw the answers. while also noticing the questions were in a different order.

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    haha karma

  11. LilRomeo615videos Owner

    LilRomeo615videos OwnerПре 2 сата

    Billy: Gets Nerd's answers* Teacher: Im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move Switches up the questions* Bonus edit Kids: Wow im being hired and paid just to sit here in class this is easy

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    The Attack Of Jack?

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    Me in the beginning: hehehhehhrheb i think thats how ima cheat in middle school jehrhrh Me at the end: oop... teachers are smarter than a racoon looking for junk in the trash can 😬

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    So inspirational, as always


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    Oh my gosh he has a youtuber in video

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    James MaxwellПре 4 сата

    A teacher is never supposed to humiliate a student like that if he did something wrong on the test... the teacher could get in big trouble for that even though the student did something he wasn't supposed to. Also normally both students get in trouble no matter who gave or copied the answers

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    Thats rude

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    can we see the principles office

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    That teacher is such a good savage

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    Cheating is a art

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    My fav youtubers: Dhar Mann, Rob Landes, Nas Daily.

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    4:03- Oof. If anyone knows how to get a lot of likes on a comment, please tell me because it's my dream to get a lot of likes on just one comment, so if you have any advice please tell me! Have a wonderful day !

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    So youre saying I'm supposed to be i 5th class now..

  27. Polarify

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    So many dialogues are either the exact same or very similar to the ones in: Teen bullys nerd into doing his book report

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    hi dhar

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    pop Frankie is talked then his teacher

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    zak is black

  31. Itslyric

    ItslyricПре 10 сати

    If I would be then nerd I would like to say to him “ hey don’t coem closer or I will tell the teacher or I will just tell it now”

  32. Steven Lucas jr

    Steven Lucas jrПре 11 сати

    It's a good story I love it

  33. The KillerHawk21

    The KillerHawk21Пре 11 сати

    Just wondering why in all of these the White kid is the nerd and the Black kid is the one cheating on the exam. 0.o

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    Changing lives...Nerd so genius

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    GIOVANNIПре 13 сати

    I am sorry... b-but I feel a bit offended that he calls them nerds... because nerds are just the smarter people in this world, so I would love it if he changed it to “Smart kid” instead of nerd..

  39. Soul-Of-Infinity 000

    Soul-Of-Infinity 000Пре 14 сати

    Nerds don't always need glasses, i'm just sayong that bc most people assume that just because they wear glasses they're all of a sudden nerds. No Hate😊

  40. Soul-Of-Infinity 000

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  41. Malak Alihasan

    Malak AlihasanПре 14 сати

    Teacher: ahhhhh billy Me: billy bob the idiot

  42. NameNotFound

    NameNotFoundПре 15 сати

    lets be real he was observant enough to cheat and make sure the teacher didn't see but wasn't observant enough to compare his questions to the guy he was cheating off of

  43. Error Weirdo

    Error WeirdoПре 15 сати

    Dhar Mann, both my and my brothers names where in this video, Arthur and Isabella. I am confused how that happend, wait ooops now his name is Frankie still Arthur to me!

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    Nerd =that person that has power over bullys

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    Dhar man your my favourite youtuber

  46. QuadMan2_0

    QuadMan2_0Пре 16 сати

    why does the black kid become the bully every time (racism )

  47. Janeth Gutierrez

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    The teacher is a good actor

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  53. Vinay Kannan

    Vinay KannanПре 18 сати

    Why would Dhar Mann make the bully black? 😬🥱

  54. Maryam-Aysha Salar

    Maryam-Aysha SalarПре 18 сати

    If someone was bullied ill always send up for them.i can't see anyone being bullied

  55. NEWBIE

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  56. Liz Schmitt

    Liz SchmittПре 19 сати

    do not cheat off a test do your work I got 100% on a test

  57. life with jaell

    life with jaellПре 18 сати

    I cheat on all my test I know how to do it I just don't have time to do the work the teacher gave us 10 minutes to do a 25 question test 🙄

  58. Freedom Diamond

    Freedom DiamondПре 19 сати

    This has so many parallels to that one where Billy made the “Nerd” do his book report for him haha Great ep as always

  59. Axel Herrera

    Axel HerreraПре 20 сати

    Imagen you try to builly a nerd and he knows to fight

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    You know I would just give the wrong answer

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  72. Jully Alsheshakly

    Jully AlsheshaklyПре дан

    How did the teacher know that billy cheated on Frankie’s test and how did the teacher make 2 of the tests Comment if you know And like 👇🏻🙏🏻

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    The message is true only IF there’s accountability

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    Peyton DavisПре дан

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    E- RIOTTRIXПре дан

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