The Conspiracy Against Nikola Jokic

he's not getting a lot of free throws
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  1. AFunkyDiabetic

    AFunkyDiabeticПре 19 дана

    mlb the show to game pass kinda goated twitter - 2nd channel -​

  2. Jamal Julien

    Jamal JulienПре 13 дана

    @Killian Diego Damn! Took like 10 mins but it reallyworked!!

  3. Killian Diego

    Killian DiegoПре 13 дана

    Dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instapwn. Just google for it :)

  4. Peaceoo8

    Peaceoo8Пре 16 дана

    What song on The Cool?

  5. tropickman

    tropickmanПре 16 дана

    Jokic is getting robbed on free throws on nightly basis. Official stats show that Embiid gets 2.5 times more FT's than Jokic, per minute played. Jokic Embiid Minutes played: 1,717 (2nd in NBA) 1,010 (141st) = 41% less than Jokic Field goals: 503 (1st ) 293 (41st) = 42% less than Jokic FG attempts: 887 (4th) 558 (55th) = 37% less than Jokic 2-pt FG attempts: 717 (1st) 468 (30th) = 35% less than Jokic Free throw attempts: 225 (27th) 354 (4th) = 57% MORE than Jokic Note: (Stats above exclude the last game by each team on Apr. 3 & 4)

  6. Wolfof

    WolfofПре 19 дана

    There was a game vs the Blazers where Jokic was mad about a no call and a ref was laughing at him. Jokic was saying “Why are you laughing at me? Why are you laughing at me? Why the f*ck are you laughing at me?. its on video

  7. Bryant Mcelroy

    Bryant McelroyПре 5 сати

    After his performance in the Memphis game I firmly believe he isn’t of this world. MVP hands down

  8. Edy Coyote

    Edy CoyoteПре 2 дана

    Nobody wants to say it but the NBA doesn't want Jokic to be MVP because he's white. It's a black league. The MVP is the face of the league. I dont care one way or another, I'm Latino. I'm just pointing out the obvious. Its childish when people are afraid to discuss reality

  9. postal peter

    postal peterПре 2 дана

    NBA>Jokic = CNN >Trump

  10. Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah JohnsonПре 4 дана

    Thought this video was about Jokic?!?!? lol 2:00 about Jokic 6:00 about other players LOL

  11. Aleksandar Vlajkinovski

    Aleksandar VlajkinovskiПре 5 дана

    Its embarrassing for NBA, Embid have 350 FTA more then Jokic in 1100 min on the court, while Jokic have 350 fta less in 1700 min on the court...

  12. danacdgo

    danacdgoПре 5 дана

    classic example of a black supremacy league hating on white european players.

  13. JokPokBog

    JokPokBogПре 7 дана

    Jokic = MVP

  14. Sean Plant

    Sean PlantПре 9 дана

    Niki yogurt

  15. Jayill970

    Jayill970Пре 10 дана

    It’s bull shit

  16. MI982

    MI982Пре 10 дана

    Jokic is really not getting the calls. I mean, he flops half the time but the other half is for real it's just that the refs don't call it.

  17. Tim D

    Tim DПре 11 дана

    Real research.....thank you....

  18. Gabo Troncoso

    Gabo TroncosoПре 11 дана

    I've never seen them calling moving screen on jokic, but the other day they called it... Twice

  19. alexander williams

    alexander williamsПре 11 дана

    Who cares about the Joker not getting calls. If they don't call them for Curry, why get upset over a center that hasn't won anything yet? Is this really what people are complaining about nowadays?

  20. AngloSaxon

    AngloSaxonПре 10 дана

    Clearly you care, look at your paragraph

  21. O K

    O KПре 11 дана

    People can read internet comments and make money from that.. wow 2021 and this is what content is Or when white people watch NBA

  22. Siddhant Bhagat

    Siddhant BhagatПре 11 дана

    Embiid gets 12-13 FTA andar refs eject players if Embiid asks to

  23. Tyler Kinney

    Tyler KinneyПре 12 дана

    And Embid got more free throws than the entire Celtics team the other night. I know he's more physical than Jokic but gahhhhhh dammnnnnnnn. Sorry he is humble and doesn't have trigger fingers on Twitter to talk crap to other players. And Embid missed how many games? Can't stay healthy

  24. Tyler Kinney

    Tyler KinneyПре 12 дана

    Harden has missed a few games and had to bitch to win again. Not MVP over Jokic. Please stop.

  25. Bozha Kapetanovic

    Bozha KapetanovicПре 12 дана

    Mby cuz he cant miss free throws ...

  26. Bozha Kapetanovic

    Bozha KapetanovicПре 12 дана

    I dont know why refs hate him so much, I watched all Nugets games and they didnt call many many fouls...

  27. John Dee's notebook

    John Dee's notebookПре 12 дана

    I told you in comment section couple months ago and i'm gonna say it again. That's because he's a Serb.

  28. Mattie Ice

    Mattie IceПре 13 дана

    Dude it’s not JUST Jokic...the whole damn team never gets calls!!!

  29. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean HernaneПре 13 дана

    Someone can foul the shit out of Curry or Jokic and the refs wouldn't call anything but if someone lays a finger on Lebron or Harden they'll get technicals

  30. D1v94

    D1v94Пре 13 дана

    Well also tbe clippers get calls their way at home , especially against certain teams like the nuggets and lakers and I would argue the 6ers as well,

  31. Ryan Haenelt

    Ryan HaeneltПре 13 дана

    This guy sounds like Wob's brother

  32. DarthDingo

    DarthDingoПре 13 дана

    Dude, im sorry but, bird strikes aren't a little thing, plane is travelling at at least 550+ MPH and then the plane hits a bird - traveling at the altitude these planes fly in, it could have been a substantially large bird, like say a goose 10-12 LBS... do you think planes are made of vibranium??? so yeah bird strikes... kind of a big deal

  33. Alex Houser

    Alex HouserПре 13 дана

    They call fouls on flagrant flops but not flagrant fouls. Come on.... Doesn't help that Jokic is white either. I guess thats not the narrative that the woke NBA is forcing.

  34. Abraham Earthstein

    Abraham EarthsteinПре 13 дана

    "Black Kings built the NBA. Not little white guys in sneakers." -----Kyrie Irving, NYC, NY; 2021 Jokic is very white and exceptionally good. This can not stand. The NBA is 75% Black man.

  35. Junior Hernandez

    Junior HernandezПре 14 дана

    Refs don't give skilled post bigs consistent calls and that's a fact. It's not about Nikola Jokic. The conspiracy is not to do with him.

  36. alvin081988

    alvin081988Пре 14 дана

    I want Jokic to win MVP but everyone is against him

  37. Lucidbro

    LucidbroПре 14 дана

    Are there some calls Jokic could get, sure. Is this a relevant conversation? No.

  38. Mattie Ice

    Mattie IceПре 13 дана

    It isn’t for people like you in the double digit IQ realm. Shoe size...think about it.

  39. Reborn Music YT

    Reborn Music YTПре 14 дана

    Jokic FTA is 2 today. Embid had 20

  40. Labas Labas

    Labas LabasПре 14 дана

    LeBron and Silver have decided this.

  41. Marian Chicago

    Marian ChicagoПре 14 дана

    You can’t have a white guy that’s a team player, not a whiner or a diva from a small market team win the mvp, what kind of example would that set for the rest of the players.....

  42. Maki Suites

    Maki SuitesПре 14 дана

    nba is black. Thats all the BS.

  43. LionHeartZ

    LionHeartZПре 14 дана

    Is it possible that this is like the negative side effects of Hack a Shaq rules? Like he's a big man and dude's are throwing themselves on him but no FTs

  44. Paul Joo

    Paul JooПре 15 дана

    So he was playing with handicap and still on mvp candidate

  45. Shanae Schedel

    Shanae SchedelПре 15 дана

    The overwrought amusement coronally reject because meteorology cumulatively bathe between a bitter cannon. invincible, abandoned flood

  46. Replica

    ReplicaПре 15 дана

    Jokic's worst nightmare the officials! They are ought to get him! Other players know they can hit, bruise, slap him and the refs wont call nothing. Not so much that they arent calling anything, its the fact other players are having a field day with him and the refs on top of that are choosing to look the other way, or ignore the calls.

  47. Alfie Tank

    Alfie TankПре 15 дана

    Lebron said "execute Order 66" Refs "Copy" 😈

  48. Gogi grk

    Gogi grkПре 15 дана

    If he got 5 x times a game a foul, he would average 35 pts a game. That cannot happen. Nba is the devil in this.

  49. Evan Buntoro

    Evan BuntoroПре 15 дана

    The referees are the true "MVP" of this season. They are absolute garbage, not just to Jokic. Doncic is also getting hacked a lot without getting FTs. A player gets emotional and they get fined, a referee makes a blatantly incorrect call and they have nothing, at least in public.



    why anyone in sport shows talk about this,not about refs,about free throws

  51. Udit Manoj

    Udit ManojПре 15 дана

    nba doesn't want the fat white guy to win mvp because he is not marketable. the league will do anything to show they support black people because black players is what made this league successfull

  52. Miss O.P.

    Miss O.P.Пре 15 дана

    part of the issue is they use to do the same thing to Demarcus cousins. big man don't get calls like they should. embid tho.. looks like he's half broken all the dang time. only big man i see doing that kinda crap

  53. anoopster

    anoopsterПре 16 дана

    I hate to say this but the NBA doesn't want The Joker as MVP because (1) He plays in a small market, (2) He's from Europe, and (3) his 'lack of' skin color. He would be getting the calls if he wasn't up for MVP consideration.

  54. Christian Mendoza

    Christian MendozaПре 16 дана

    Jokic:"finally I can reach 20 assists"

  55. Izzy Luc

    Izzy LucПре 16 дана

    We all know Jokic is gonna be robbed of the MVP Award from Embiid or whoever the media sees fit. It’s all basketball politics.

  56. Noah

    NoahПре 16 дана

    Jokic could average 30 with proper FTs

  57. Y B

    Y BПре 16 дана

    i love that you remembered what song number is go go gadget flow one of my favs the cool lupe was nothing to f with also, i think that a plane hitting a pack of birds is usually a big deal; i may be wrong, but when you said that at first it seemed like they just hit a pack of birds, it kinda sounded like hitting a pack of birds is not usually a big deal anyways, i'm glad i got this in my reccos, it's a cool channel i subbed man, cya around :)

  58. archyleach

    archyleachПре 16 дана

    Basically a tackle from behind while shooting by PG ain’t a foul?

  59. Sparkz2718

    Sparkz2718Пре 16 дана

    The fact that the refs have a “well he’s a superstar i’ll give him the foul” mentality is the reason we need to replace the refs. Or atleast review their actions and possibly fine them for multiple bad calls. We don’t have a superstar on the knicks yet so we’re used to not getting calls our way on a nightly basis. Smh i feel for jokic

  60. Tsg Byamba

    Tsg ByambaПре 16 дана

    Again last night vs Magic

  61. Young Skilla

    Young SkillaПре 16 дана

    Bigs & stronger players don’t get calls. Look at the average lebron game for evidence.

  62. notsofast

    notsofastПре 16 дана

    I'm a big bucks and giannis fan. But joker is the MVP. Hes unreal. I never paid that much attention till this season. Hes not only the mvp, hes the best player in the NBA. I've been watching the nba over 50 years . I've become a big fan of joker ( accept against the bucks). Also , denver will win the west!

  63. ColoradoChris

    ColoradoChrisПре 16 дана

    Its because he looks like Ivan Drago or something Hitler would build in a lab

  64. Nash Snyder

    Nash SnyderПре 16 дана

    Its because he is white

  65. Costas Manoleas

    Costas ManoleasПре 16 дана

    Jokic is not aggressive. Jokic is not the MVP

  66. Crvsh Nxbula

    Crvsh NxbulaПре 16 дана

    Jokic doesn’t really do anything offensively that should get him more foul calls he takes tons of off balance fades and hooks 10 feet from the basket instead of getting all the way to the rim unless he’s under the basket the refs won’t give him the calls he’s always so akward looking on every move so it’s hard to tell if he’s just off balance or actually getting fouled it’s jokic’s own fault for not attempting closer shots centers have always gotten less calls but Embiid has managed to find a way to get calls even at his size because he doesn’t play like a big slow center he plays like a big forward (flops a lot too but everone does)

  67. Salty Rush3r

    Salty Rush3rПре 16 дана

    I had to cut off the Lakers-Clippers game because of how shitty the refs were. Marc Gasol got a tech for saying he was fouled. Or the fact that Luka got a tech for yelling “and 1”. They need to fine refs for shitty calls

  68. Eli Adler

    Eli AdlerПре 16 дана

    If Jokic doesn’t get mvp..... the league is rigged. He’s literally averaging 27 11 9 on 57 42 85 splits. Leads the league in PER, VORP, WS, OWS, WS48, OBPM, it’s ridiculous how good he has been

  69. HahaLesbians

    HahaLesbiansПре 16 дана

    All the facts about the lack of calls heres the best one. Jokic has 7 games this season with 0 free throws. Embiid has 1 in his ENTIRE CAREER. Bruh.

  70. xXBigRojoXx

    xXBigRojoXxПре 16 дана

    This aged well. .. . He got mauled last night and it led to a tech by him and not to mention frustration all night again.

  71. The Angry Slav

    The Angry SlavПре 16 дана

    He is a white slav european. Doesnt fit the social justicr narrative.

  72. Davies Ugo

    Davies UgoПре 16 дана

    Zion also doesn't get nearly enough foul calls

  73. Rodga Laurius

    Rodga LauriusПре 16 дана

    Stop it

  74. Alex Green

    Alex GreenПре 16 дана

    Reminds me of Jeremy lin. Joker not getting calls cuz white.

  75. donovan light

    donovan lightПре 16 дана

    Joker getting the raptors treatment, no free throws unless you're already too far down to win the game

  76. Đorđe Ralić

    Đorđe RalićПре 16 дана

    Jokic is without any doubt the MVP this year.Guy didnt miss singe game in years and we should respect this kind of players.

  77. Rodga Laurius

    Rodga LauriusПре 16 дана


  78. Fundings GT

    Fundings GTПре 16 дана

    Lmao an even better example of this just happened in Nuggs vs Magic

  79. tropickman

    tropickmanПре 16 дана

    Jokic is robbed on FT's every game. Embiid gets 2.5 times more FT's than Jokic, per minute played. JOKIC EMBIID Minutes played: 1,717 (2nd in NBA) 1,010 (141st) = 41% less than Jokic Field goals: 503 (1st) 293 (41st) = 42% less than Jokic FG attempts: 887 (4th) 558 (55th) = 37% less than Jokic 2-pt FG attempts: 717 (1st) 468 (30th) = 35% less than Jokic Free throw attempts: 225 (27th) 354 (4th) = 57% MORE than Jokic Note: (Stats above exclude the last game by each team on Apr. 3 & 4)

  80. Turbo MG5

    Turbo MG5Пре 16 дана

    Drose another victim

  81. tropickman

    tropickmanПре 16 дана

    Officials stats below show that Embiid gets 2.5 TIMES as MANY FT's as Jokic, per minute played. Jokic Embiid Minutes played: 1,717 (2nd in NBA) 1,010 (141st) = 41% less than Jokic Field goals: 503 (1st ) 293 (41st) = 42% less than Jokic FG attempts: 887 (4th) 558 (55th) = 37% less than Jokic 2-pt FG attempts: 717 (1st) 468 (30th) = 35% less than Jokic Free throw attempts: 225 (27th) 354 (4th) = 57% MORE than Jokic Note: (Stats above exclude the last game played by each team on Apr. 3 & 4)

  82. Rayn D

    Rayn DПре 16 дана

    Tonight against Orlando Jokic was so pissed on refs. Tonight's refs were unreal, it's was so disrespectful toward the MVP front runner. He didn't get so many calls, I stoped counting. At the same time, Embiid gets 17 ft for 29 min. What is going on!?

  83. Big Brody

    Big BrodyПре 16 дана

    It was the magic and the refs vs jokic tonight smh

  84. Dejan Jovanov

    Dejan JovanovПре 16 дана

    Jokic need team...he is monster.

  85. Jose Nava

    Jose NavaПре 16 дана

    We just saw it today again gets slapped 3 times no foul

  86. Leo Cruz

    Leo CruzПре 16 дана

    Jokic really need to complain hard even if he get technical foul at least he needed this to be voiced

  87. realTNTproductions

    realTNTproductionsПре 16 дана

    They did it to him again today vs Orlando

  88. Kayo Shin

    Kayo ShinПре 17 дана

    Jokic can NOT become MVP!!! Hes not drawing enough fouls... Hahahahahahaha LOLZZZ

  89. Red Fish

    Red FishПре 17 дана

    Jokic is mvp

  90. Calvin

    CalvinПре 17 дана

    i love how you don't yell in your videos

  91. G2KPOAT

    G2KPOATПре 17 дана

    “The refs” you mean the NBA? The refs are hired and clearly told what to do but the NBA

  92. Matt Bell

    Matt BellПре 17 дана

    They don't want the big white Serbian from small market denver to win it. P obvious

  93. TheRockRocknRoll

    TheRockRocknRollПре 17 дана

    ok if nobody else is taking the shit for that brainfart at 0:52 i will for the algo "yea i figured that out" no you didnt^^

  94. Luka Calov

    Luka CalovПре 17 дана

    "Everybody wants Jokic to win MVP" Well ESPN and US media clearly dont cuz they never talk about him ans they always come up with some bs like all of a sudden so and so is better than him Now they are gonna be like 3rd seed so im waiting to see whats next Prolly now Mitchell can be in front of him cuz of the best record or something

  95. SlyRacoon

    SlyRacoonПре 14 дана

    You never really know what media is gonna do. I guess some people just vote for superstars who they like because they have flashy numbers not noticing how they actually play

  96. del tse

    del tseПре 17 дана

    Not to take away from Jokic, or Embiid, but Lebron to me, was the MVP and it is even more evidenced In his absence. Also Dame Lillard (kept the team winning when the other best player was injured) both playing on teams that are well... Unlike Denver, Philly, or Nets that are stacked.

  97. Klayeotic

    KlayeoticПре 16 дана

    @Rodga Laurius Yea but cant blame people when people will go on tv and say lebron deserves more mvps when he does not have the numbers for it in the regular season it's not a longevity reward or a post season reward so I dont understand

  98. Rodga Laurius

    Rodga LauriusПре 16 дана


  99. Klayeotic

    KlayeoticПре 17 дана

    You dont get mvp not playing the full season usually

  100. Muthertz

    MuthertzПре 17 дана

    He's Serbian, that's why. Refs hate Europeans.

  101. dragan zivkovic

    dragan zivkovicПре 17 дана

    2.25, that's not a foul? This is for prison.

  102. Markavelli Medina

    Markavelli MedinaПре 17 дана

    As a die hard nuggets fan I cant help but feel like they do it to him because he complains alot. Even when there is no foul he's throwing a fit about one thing or another. That aside. He better win MVP lol

  103. Lucretia

    LucretiaПре 17 дана

    I want Jokic to win mvp

  104. Tenno Operator

    Tenno OperatorПре 17 дана

    This isn't new for Jokic, hell just re watch the Lakers vs Nuggets series in the bubble.

  105. Jackir Erioa

    Jackir ErioaПре 17 дана

    imean it just gets worse because THEY WILLKEEP WINNING, and jokic will keep being the mvp

  106. Anthony Kosinski

    Anthony KosinskiПре 17 дана

    Are you kidding me he doesn't get fouls go watch a Bulls game they can't get a file as a team

  107. Роби Л

    Роби ЛПре 17 дана

    Jokić new intro song , me against the world - 2pac

  108. Lazar Savin

    Lazar SavinПре 17 дана

    He is people MVP. Elite hate Jokic.

  109. Ryan Richardson

    Ryan RichardsonПре 17 дана

    Embiid had 13 FT attempts in his first half back..

  110. James Martinez

    James MartinezПре 17 дана

    Shit sad from denver fan like fr denver was bad for min after lost melo now we have mvp guy and completely overlooked for LeBron then Harden then embid lol okay pick anyone but the guy might take his franchise somewhere never been

  111. Chigozie Ozor

    Chigozie OzorПре 17 дана

    Shout-out to Lupe Fiasco and his album The Cool

  112. Connor Riccilli

    Connor RiccilliПре 17 дана

    Theyre trying to make harden mvp again

  113. lostone

    lostoneПре 18 дана

    Capela is top 10 center easy maybe top 5. i've been saying that for a while. he was the beginning of the end for the rockets.

  114. Laikon24

    Laikon24Пре 17 дана

    not top 5, there are too many good centers, but top 10 for sure. Top 5 are Jokic, Embiid, KAT, Gobert, Bam