viisaus #shorts


  1. Please no

    Please noПре 32 минута

    why does she have a southern accent I'm so confused

  2. Yummy Klown

    Yummy KlownПре сат


  3. minij hooi

    minij hooiПре 3 сата

    How to get more finnish people to watch your videos Step 1: mention finland in the title Step 2: wait

  4. Jakob Noll

    Jakob NollПре 4 сата

    the man is wise

  5. Minan Minan

    Minan MinanПре 4 сата

    O mean this is an education channel

  6. Arcares

    ArcaresПре 4 сата

    Oh my dog, finally a real channel with actual content is showing up in these dumb RSclub shorts!

  7. ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel Garcia

    ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel GarciaПре 5 сати

    Hey *viisaus* Michael here

  8. Luke Brewer

    Luke BrewerПре 6 сати

    Do you know Jim wilder

  9. Upielips On Youtube

    Upielips On YoutubeПре 6 сати

    That definitely wasnt a coincidence

  10. Drops Of Mars Archives

    Drops Of Mars ArchivesПре 8 сати

    That's just 2010 pewdiepie saying "Vsauce" you can't fool me

  11. aika_Ebin

    aika_EbinПре 8 сати

    Whats a finland

  12. Talentless

    TalentlessПре 9 сати

    vsus 😭😭😭😭

  13. Onskerous

    OnskerousПре 9 сати


  14. XxMrNoNamexX

    XxMrNoNamexXПре 9 сати

    This guy answers the question I don't even know how to ask

  15. Kais Uusipere

    Kais UusipereПре 9 сати

    I thought you were not posting anymore and when I come and see there is an Easter egg thingy of your name or smth in my Suomi maa

  16. Maxi Almås

    Maxi AlmåsПре 9 сати


  17. Viipuli

    ViipuliПре 10 сати

    We just hear Visaas no Vsauce and we think hmm it is viisas so viisas is smart

  18. kotkahax

    kotkahaxПре 10 сати

    i'm finnish

  19. thereisanappforit

    thereisanappforitПре 10 сати


  20. euro snuke

    euro snukeПре 10 сати


  21. Jonathan Lumsden

    Jonathan LumsdenПре 10 сати

    We are in a simulation

  22. Deivid

    DeividПре 11 сати

    I see, I have been sumoned, someone some where mentioned Finland! Torille!

  23. ulu

    uluПре 11 сати

    say whaaaat

  24. G P 8

    G P 8Пре 11 сати

    May I ask what made him try that?

  25. Jedi

    JediПре 11 сати

    And when the world needed him the most, he returned

  26. SLIM PAC

    SLIM PACПре 11 сати

    As a Finn...I’m not surprised ;3

  27. Dan Kusai

    Dan KusaiПре 11 сати

    And another time there was evidence that the Finnish language doesn't exist

  28. Aava Immonen

    Aava ImmonenПре 12 сати

    I am a Finland person and i dont think its comfusing like idk its just not confusing and i know in english theres not a letter like these (ä and ö) they are basically (ä = a and ö = o) so yeh you have deleter our 2 vowels

  29. TaZah101

    TaZah101Пре 12 сати

    vissaus in dutch also means fish juice

  30. ReggieTheTurtle

    ReggieTheTurtleПре 12 сати


  31. turtleboy23

    turtleboy23Пре 13 сати

    suomi gang?

  32. Tonttu Römppänen

    Tonttu RömppänenПре 13 сати

    Jes ai riili laik viisaus. Idis mai feivrit juutuub tsännel.

  33. HYpiucle

    HYpiucleПре 13 сати

    Ive never noriced this before

  34. MattheLord

    MattheLordПре 13 сати

    Michael man never replies or hearts any comments

  35. Toyboat1000

    Toyboat1000Пре 13 сати

    Video idea why are things funny

  36. Karidu Animations

    Karidu AnimationsПре 14 сати

    Ah yes

  37. Gian Antonio Danga

    Gian Antonio DangaПре 15 сати

    What will happen if you built a hollow sphere around the Earth? No support beams, nothing to keep it attached to the ground. Would it float? Or will it do something else?

  38. Encrypted PG3D

    Encrypted PG3DПре 15 сати

    Day 1 of asking for a liminal spaces video

  39. Vincent Hermes

    Vincent HermesПре 15 сати

    As a finnish person I would say something fitting... But I aint. So I wont.

  40. Kirnu Vee

    Kirnu VeeПре 16 сати

    Vau, siistiä.

  41. smartcarman1

    smartcarman1Пре 17 сати

    If you translate wise to Finnish it sounds more like vsauce than if you translate wisdom

  42. FLOW The Otaku

    FLOW The OtakuПре 18 сати

    Call me FLOW coz I be flowing in all of your SCIENTIFIC THEORIES

  43. Elias Tanninen

    Elias TanninenПре 18 сати

    To the marketplace

  44. xXjesperoXx

    xXjesperoXxПре 19 сати

    Yes hi, did somebody say Finnish?

  45. Forbidden Studios

    Forbidden StudiosПре 19 сати

    I won't even ask how you found this finnish coincidence

  46. Kura kura kura kura TWICE!

    Kura kura kura kura TWICE!Пре 19 сати

    Because Vsauce channel is such wisdom to us

  47. LogicalYT

    LogicalYTПре 19 сати


  48. FlyinC4T

    FlyinC4TПре 20 сати

    Hey, viisaus. Michael [jackson] here...

  49. Dr. Universeman

    Dr. UniversemanПре 20 сати

    Vsauce found my easter egg for him! Its funny isnt it :)

  50. Sami Metsinen

    Sami MetsinenПре 20 сати

    Tämähän meinaa että olet viisas! (So this means you are wise!)

  51. Haze

    HazeПре 20 сати

    Google hittin us with that deep south dirty dirty vee-saouss swag vibe

  52. Froggy 2Ambitious Studio

    Froggy 2Ambitious StudioПре 20 сати


  53. Ozan İKİZDOĞAN

    Ozan İKİZDOĞANПре 21 сат

    Coincidence? *I don't think so!* (seriously man, this guy is one of the wisest people I have ever seen in my life.)

  54. Zeuch YT

    Zeuch YTПре 21 сат

    If another planet had youtube ehy dont they see our videos or us theirs

  55. Suburban Reaper Records

    Suburban Reaper RecordsПре 23 сата

    Do dogs have a sense of humor?

  56. Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto

    Sailendra Kirana AbiyantoПре 23 сата

    i dare you to grow your hair and shave your beard

  57. Pumpkin

    PumpkinПре 23 сата

    He finally found his purpose he must learn Finnish now for the finish touch

  58. Maxen

    MaxenПре дан

    A Vsauce a day keeps the tutor away

  59. IKS

    IKSПре дан

    "There is no such thing as coincidence" -Master Oogway

  60. Jamjam's VR Adventures

    Jamjam's VR AdventuresПре дан


  61. Ron Pottah

    Ron PottahПре дан

    Ah yes, you are pretty wise, my friend.

  62. Ethan Suresh

    Ethan SureshПре дан

    It was not a coincidence

  63. Mo 2k

    Mo 2kПре дан

    Does the website generate absolutely random words? Maybe it generates a random cool name that it found on another website. So some Finnish guy came up with the word vsauce, typed it into a chat room in say 2002 and forgot about it. Then this website found it

  64. Keep Playz

    Keep PlayzПре дан

    Shhh you are scaring the Russians

  65. Grace

    GraceПре дан

    I'm Finnish but I don't speak Finnish so I didn't actually know that

  66. President Doggo

    President DoggoПре дан

    I’m Finnish-ed with these “coincidences”

  67. Photoflowey

    PhotofloweyПре дан

    Stop lying, everything was planned you reptile big brain from venus or something. Sus man, ur sus

  68. Human Being you see sometimes

    Human Being you see sometimesПре дан

    This changes everything

  69. KyuB

    KyuBПре дан

    Hey viisaus Michael here

  70. ssdttd Gamers

    ssdttd GamersПре дан

    Hey vsauce michael here how fast can you run

  71. EFS3

    EFS3Пре дан


  72. Photoflowey

    PhotofloweyПре дан

    he's from planet sus-paick

  73. Shrake

    ShrakeПре дан

    Kyllähän se näin on

  74. xLuna

    xLunaПре дан

    Fun fact, in multiple languages saus actually means sauce

  75. Edward jj

    Edward jjПре дан

    I think i've never been so proud for being finnish lol

  76. The Master of the Mansion

    The Master of the MansionПре дан


  77. Veketal

    VeketalПре дан

    Did somebody say Finland? Well here I am, a finnish person pointing it out.

  78. Its SyKe

    Its SyKeПре дан

    I'm Finnish and I have literally no words to say.

  79. Chris Schall

    Chris SchallПре дан

    What made you even look for this?

  80. Meikeeel

    MeikeeelПре дан

    fun fact: the German word wieso (spoken "Vs-oh", close to "visa" with an "oh" at the end, or just "Vsau" without the "ce") means why :)

  81. Manni

    ManniПре дан

    I heard there's a finnish people gathering in the replies, sorry for being late

  82. Yamaha ei Pamaha

    Yamaha ei PamahaПре дан

    Suomi sisu

  83. StatueOfOpachki

    StatueOfOpachkiПре дан

    Looks like like the name theory has finnished

  84. dexz

    dexzПре дан

    came from the hub 🙂

  85. Mico Miettinen

    Mico MiettinenПре дан

    Smurtnese 100 terveisin suomi poika

  86. CrimCrem

    CrimCremПре дан

    Vee sous

  87. Xenovy

    XenovyПре дан

    "vesawse" once said google translate

  88. Otto Vuori

    Otto VuoriПре дан

    As a finn this makes me happy. Its a miracle that this hasnt been discovered or atleast spread all across the internet by now

  89. Photoflowey

    PhotofloweyПре дан

    It'll be spread, give it a second

  90. Tomi Rajala

    Tomi RajalaПре дан

    Eti piruuttas tubesta "vcause ei asu meissä"

  91. Petteri Michelin

    Petteri MichelinПре дан

    I'm already at the marketplace!

  92. PlaKsu

    PlaKsuПре дан

    These are that kind off moment when i'm proud to say that i'm from finland!

  93. Elizabeth Brown

    Elizabeth BrownПре дан

    now vsauce is doing shorts bruh

  94. eat hot chip and lie

    eat hot chip and lieПре дан

    Michael: Many of you already know I discovered the name "vsauce" using fake-name-generator dot com. Narrator: But, in fact, many of them did _not_ know.

  95. Haze

    HazeПре 20 сати


  96. •Gray Fox•

    •Gray Fox•Пре дан

    Im from findland ;-;

  97. Stupid_Game_Clips

    Stupid_Game_ClipsПре дан

    Suomalaiset 2020 kesällä: Mikä on Korona Virus? Amerikkalaiset: Me tiedetään tuo juttu. Finish people on summer 2020: What is Corona Virus? Americans: We and know that thing.

  98. Stupid_Game_Clips

    Stupid_Game_ClipsПре дан

    Like jos oot Suomesta like if u are from Finland

  99. Jeremy Antman

    Jeremy AntmanПре дан

    You were summoning all the Finnish people here? What do I do now?

  100. Milla Jussila

    Milla JussilaПре дан

    torilla tavataan

  101. Stupid_Game_Clips

    Stupid_Game_ClipsПре дан


  102. Dead Pumkin

    Dead PumkinПре дан

    Im finnish

  103. hui

    huiПре дан

    suomi perkele if your Finnish you know.!

  104. Stupid_Game_Clips

    Stupid_Game_ClipsПре дан


  105. Voiceless 87

    Voiceless 87Пре дан

    Thats true! "Say whaaaaaaaat" 🤣🤣