The New RECYCLER in Fortnite!

Today Fortnite finally released the RECYCLER in Season 6! It's lowkey pretty good! Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today I check out the new recycler in Fortnite Season 6 ! Hope you enjoy!
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  1. gallihyde B.

    gallihyde B.Пре 2 дана

    Sypher gets a blind person with no hands that plays controller with one foot as the last player to fight while on the contrary i get 10, 16 to 17 year old pros all cracked out their minds on redbull and g fuel as the final circle closes and here i am a dumbass with 2 makeshit rifles and 2 small pots feelin like rambo

  2. Brawl Stars

    Brawl StarsПре 4 дана

    Bruh did Fortnite copy creative destruction that’s how You know the game is dead

  3. noob productions

    noob productionsПре 10 дана

    Fortnite ripped off fallout

  4. Wow Dude

    Wow DudeПре 28 дана

    It’s just the Junk Jet from Fallout except completely unusable.

  5. Juan Saavedra

    Juan SaavedraПре 29 дана

    Basically the wonder weapon from cod zombies

  6. WholeWheatBread

    WholeWheatBreadПре 29 дана

    This is just the die machine wonder weapon

  7. Therealdeal 3000

    Therealdeal 3000Пре месец

    Bruh that’s the Junk Jet from Fallout

  8. SkyZilla

    SkyZillaПре месец

    I Pray That Everyone Who See’s This Achieves Greatness And Overcome Any Obstacles In Life

  9. Rocker Style

    Rocker StyleПре 27 дана

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  10. Joe Pickard

    Joe PickardПре месец

    Thanks, Sypher... I tried to use it 3 times and didn't think it did much damage... I'll get in closer next time! I like your shooting around the corner at him!!

  11. Bung Bung

    Bung BungПре месец

    I haven’t seen that much raw emotion in an end game since world cup

  12. Ontaria Barrett

    Ontaria BarrettПре месец

    That weapon is sooooooo useful

  13. jadval18

    jadval18Пре месец

    That last kill was amazing. Literally laughing out loud.

  14. Pid RSPS

    Pid RSPSПре месец

    7:17 oh yea sypher?

  15. xv fvny

    xv fvnyПре месец

    its the die machine from cold war lol

  16. Therealdeal 3000

    Therealdeal 3000Пре месец

    No it’s the Junk Jet from Fallout lol

  17. Di G

    Di GПре месец

    Take the suck!!! 😆

  18. Spirit_739

    Spirit_739Пре месец

    Sypher u throw the stink fish and it acts like a stink bomb

  19. Yesindeed126

    Yesindeed126Пре месец

    Got to come out and say it... this gun is the worst iv seen in fortnite so far and i like pretty much all the weapons... its just so shit

  20. B1ur CrXptic

    B1ur CrXpticПре месец

    Lol they literally copied the D.I.E Machine from cold war zombies they are just copying everything now

  21. B1ur CrXptic

    B1ur CrXpticПре месец

    @Therealdeal 3000 that as well

  22. Therealdeal 3000

    Therealdeal 3000Пре месец

    Junk Jet from Fallout*

  23. Lamarage

    LamarageПре месец

    I never new about dis y

  24. Sydney Phillips

    Sydney PhillipsПре месец


  25. Carlos Zuluaga Caicedo

    Carlos Zuluaga CaicedoПре месец

    It actually reminds me of the D.I.E Shockwave gun in Die Maschine of Cold War lol

  26. Illuminati

    IlluminatiПре месец

    "Take the suck" -SypherPK 2021

  27. Pp Lol

    Pp LolПре месец

    I still dont even get the point in this weapon.

  28. the hurricane

    the hurricaneПре месец

    All the players that he killed are noobs


    PAXEL LEGENDПре месец

    well its a soulstealer

  30. EndlessSAWYER

    EndlessSAWYERПре месец

    4:05 Sypher: junk rift in action

  31. madiihah nujuraully

    madiihah nujuraullyПре месец

    "2:50" Happy to get from *VB2.ONLINE**

  32. Blinking Eyes

    Blinking EyesПре месец

    Are there still bots in fornite, didnt play it since season 5

  33. Cj Games

    Cj GamesПре месец

    This gun will be broken in the future

  34. Jack Margolin

    Jack MargolinПре месец

    1000000th View!

  35. EthicSkull

    EthicSkullПре месец

    lol that kill tho

  36. Viral

    ViralПре месец

    Here before 1 million views

  37. Super memes

    Super memesПре месец

    So it’s basically a family friendly version of the die machine from cod zombies

  38. Dabermcdabberson

    DabermcdabbersonПре месец

    the succ

  39. Anton Stjernström

    Anton StjernströmПре месец

    AHH, fresh was first

  40. K Baker

    K BakerПре месец

    SUCKING IN the last player was hilarious

  41. Xxxjustin

    XxxjustinПре месец

    0:45 Sypher 100 percent accuracy 😤👌

  42. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian HernandezПре месец

    Rip fortnite

  43. Freddy Lutu

    Freddy LutuПре месец

    the gun is basically the die machine from cold war zombies

  44. Dave Pike

    Dave PikeПре месец

    They should add that thing that they have on impulses so you can see when the shot is going long rang.

  45. Benjamin Seymann

    Benjamin SeymannПре месец

    litterally the pickaxe from creative destruction lmaoo

  46. Jennifer Chaves

    Jennifer ChavesПре месец


  47. Jennifer Chaves

    Jennifer ChavesПре месец

    Every time it’s the fun gun that gets vaulted

  48. Nicolas Bennett

    Nicolas BennettПре месец

    Using the Succ

  49. Jayden Sides

    Jayden SidesПре месец

    ayo this commentary kinda sus 0-0- get it low then suck-, imma use the suck on this wolf-imma try suck the last player- ayo sypher u need to do some explaining

  50. LMNT Galaxyツ

    LMNT GalaxyツПре месец

    It’s called THE VACUUM CLEANER

  51. Strong Light

    Strong LightПре месец

    9:50 well the pig-axe was a toxic weapon to pig-axe people but, I think this is a toxic toxic weapon because it takes by 1

  52. William Dickens

    William DickensПре месец

    Whats a junk rocket?!

  53. J4ckFrost

    J4ckFrostПре месец

    How can u find only trash player lobbies?🧐

  54. Robert O’Neal

    Robert O’NealПре месец

    that last guy was so lost LMFAOOOO dude was panicking

  55. Tigerclaw 8821

    Tigerclaw 8821Пре месец

    My brain goes straight to the gutter so every time he says we gotta do the suck my head thinks of the most messed up crap ever

  56. LilBattleKat

    LilBattleKatПре месец

    That “gun” reminds me of creative destruction

  57. Uninspired

    UninspiredПре месец

    so like the proximity launcher

  58. Pugest

    PugestПре месец

    sypher loves that pickaxe he’s been using

  59. Shikar Sham

    Shikar ShamПре месец


  60. Daniel Chadwell

    Daniel ChadwellПре месец

    It's a cool idea they just never had the guts to make it what it needs to be to be fun (and useful)

  61. Casal T

    Casal TПре месец

    LOL... take the suck!!

  62. Ez vibezz :]

    Ez vibezz :]Пре месец

    We just not gonna talk abt how it is *extremly* rare-

  63. Wesley Laureano

    Wesley LaureanoПре месец

    My boy did 61 white with the suck...

  64. Fortnite Gamer157

    Fortnite Gamer157Пре месец

    The final guy: ...!?

  65. Chicken Pop Official

    Chicken Pop OfficialПре месец

    It's insanely powerful. I first saw this in 50v50 when trying to get the bunker Jonesy character (still failed to see him).

  66. Michael Perrett

    Michael PerrettПре месец

    Trash gun. Love the video. Hilarious finish

  67. L1stn

    L1stnПре месец

    Anyone feel like the suck damage should do 2?

  68. WvdW- Gaming

    WvdW- GamingПре месец

    i vacuumed a chicken in one of my vidoes 😂😂

  69. Wade Darley

    Wade DarleyПре месец

    Next video...Suck to Win!!

  70. Gabriel Almeida

    Gabriel AlmeidaПре месец

    Lobbies full of bots, full of stream snipers trying to have fun, that looks really unreal... Who else wants a lobby like that?

  71. Gabriel Almeida

    Gabriel AlmeidaПре месец

    That proves, he's a noob.

  72. Matthew Waters

    Matthew WatersПре месец

    Just a friendly reminder that we're closer to chapter 3 then chapter 1

  73. crownow shindow

    crownow shindowПре месец

    "7:22" Happy to get from *VB2.ONLINE**

  74. noneofya Business

    noneofya BusinessПре месец

    Anyone else miss when sypherpk used to do the emote dances ? I miss them days . Sypher if you read this please do some more emote dances pretty please 🙏

  75. efu nyc

    efu nycПре месец

    the final kill... LMAO "Take the SUCK!!"

  76. DivineSavior

    DivineSaviorПре месец

    Without daequan I gotta watch sypher😞

  77. Exhausted

    ExhaustedПре месец

    the ending was super nice lol :D

  78. Zeyad toukhy

    Zeyad toukhyПре месец

    The ending😂😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Allison Parks

    Allison ParksПре месец

    Omg!!! This was everything. I laughed so hard

  80. NOTORIOUS 503

    NOTORIOUS 503Пре месец

    Another useless thing 😏

  81. Brayan Paxtor

    Brayan PaxtorПре месец

    This is the wonder weapon from Cold War zombies

  82. BRUC3LEE

    BRUC3LEEПре месец

    Take the suck!!😭😂

  83. Yt Wifi

    Yt WifiПре месец

    It took so long to kill him with the recycler

  84. Victor Jauregui

    Victor JaureguiПре месец

    bro pk learn how to edit

  85. XPhantomX - Brawl Stars

    XPhantomX - Brawl StarsПре месец

    Sypher: OH IT DOES DAMAGE Also Sypher: it does 1 damage... Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  86. Alex Flips

    Alex FlipsПре месец

    That gun sucks

  87. Where the Lamb sauce

    Where the Lamb sauceПре месец

    Sypher like using the suck machine

  88. Lord_ DiMiTri_

    Lord_ DiMiTri_Пре месец

    The last guy reacted like i would if id get sucked, just let it happen

  89. Grimace

    GrimaceПре месец

    if it had more splash, ever so slightly more damage, abd the suck was stronger (damage and range) then it might be a good weapon. the concept is cool though

  90. Cj Krash

    Cj KrashПре месец

    What was epic thinking?. You have more chances at winning with a fishing rod

  91. L A D

    L A DПре месец

    Sypher Pk is og at fortnite my guy

  92. Tiago Margon

    Tiago MargonПре месец

    Damn... You sucked!

  93. Farzana Kasimi

    Farzana KasimiПре месец

    I could use my brother as an ammo in the junk gun

  94. Mueen Targio

    Mueen TargioПре месец

    Today Fortnite finally released the RECYCLER in Season 6! It's lowkey pretty good! Hope you enjoy!

  95. Gerald Russell

    Gerald RussellПре месец

    bro you still play fortnite

  96. gabn8r

    gabn8rПре месец

    Sypher actually sucked the last person off to get himself a win! New strat i guess.

  97. Damir Veseli

    Damir VeseliПре месец

    how can i fix lobby lag and crashing??? pls help mee

  98. MAZ Esports

    MAZ EsportsПре месец

    Sypherpk+bullying=cypherbullying got em

  99. Theo Schofield

    Theo SchofieldПре месец

    Wat if u held right click then fired like the charge

  100. Nick Martinez

    Nick MartinezПре месец

    Kinda sus

  101. kobytheweeb

    kobytheweebПре месец

    When you chuck the stink fish it has stink effect

  102. Brady Barr

    Brady BarrПре месец

    Is this exactly like the mega weapon in the new cod zombies

  103. Kixxx Kix

    Kixxx KixПре месец

    Epic stole this from creative destruction

  104. cade madsen

    cade madsenПре месец

    It’s like the pickaxe thing from creative destruction if anyone has played this game...

  105. Poison2power

    Poison2powerПре месец

    Bro 1v1 me any takers will sub to your YT if you win.