Thunder Force | Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer | Official Trailer | Netflix

In a world where supervillains are commonplace, two estranged childhood best friends reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them powers to protect their city.
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Thunder Force | Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer | Official Trailer | Netflix
Two childhood best friends reunite as an unlikely crime-fighting superhero duo when one invents a formula that gives ordinary people superpowers.



    VIP SHQIPETПре сат

    Looks good


    VIP SHQIPETПре сат

    1:43 ah yes the usual person to play negative roles

  3. Codedblox

    CodedbloxПре 2 сата

    This is probably the worst film trailer of 2021, congrates netflix.


    CAMANDO l BELL U.S.S.RПре 2 сата

    Netflix what the hell..?

  5. Gladys Cosby

    Gladys CosbyПре 3 сата

    What’s the song at the beginning of trailer? I know it I just can’t think of it ☹️ Help a girl out! Thanks!!!!

  6. GWalter Usher

    GWalter UsherПре 5 сати

    This Movie was freaking terrible.. WTF?

  7. Xaviann Campbell

    Xaviann CampbellПре 5 сати

    absolutely terrible save your time, extremely unwatchable, one of the worst netflix movies ive seen in a long while. i repeat, dont waste your time!

  8. Kori Harpoon

    Kori HarpoonПре 7 сати

    I bet the likes cost Netflix double what the movie made.

  9. tyrtyr

    tyrtyrПре 7 сати

    super fat heroes

  10. Patricia Eroz

    Patricia ErozПре 7 сати

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💃🏽🕺😲

  11. Harry Mavridis

    Harry MavridisПре 11 сати

    i knew this movie would be bad the moment they both said that they looked great

  12. A K

    A KПре 12 сати

    it is so bad! but, its Netlix! yes, but is soo bad! but its Netflix! yes, but is soo....

  13. AnAveragePakistani

    AnAveragePakistaniПре 14 сати

    I was thinking to watch it so decided to see trailer first Thankyou for saving me from wasting my 2 hours on this hot garbage

  14. thelco1

    thelco1Пре 16 сати

    I feel like I was the only one who enjoyed this movie lmaooo. It wasn't the best thing ever but it was moderately entertaining and funny.

  15. Rana Nawito

    Rana NawitoПре 22 сата

    Why couldn’t they make it good? Melissa is funny, octavia is a great actress...they have freaking Jason Bateman...why is it soo bad and not funny?? :(

  16. Thomas Node

    Thomas NodeПре дан

    Does Jason Bateman owe some bad people money?

  17. the Dimadomedingdangs

    the DimadomedingdangsПре дан

    Anyone know the song in the beginning

  18. Tyanna Jones

    Tyanna JonesПре дан

    y’all are uptight i like it so far

  19. Wonder Wongl

    Wonder WonglПре дан

    You probably think Adam Sandler an fart jokes are funny too. Good for you

  20. jon jones

    jon jonesПре дан

    hell no!

  21. Viktor ScruelberG

    Viktor ScruelberGПре дан

    People once see super hero and trying to overcome everything and struggle to stay fit now they just can be super hero by "being the unfittest" our world is went back to the dark ages lmao

  22. Viktor ScruelberG

    Viktor ScruelberGПре дан

    Ah yes! When I came here the dislike ratio is get overwhelmed by the dislike ....

  23. Beto Dueñas

    Beto DueñasПре дан

    Saw it yesterday, what a shitty movie, total waste of time... It sucks.

  24. Melody Mel

    Melody MelПре дан

    This movie is a disaster. Love the casts but the story is just horrible. Melissa & Octavia don't have a chemistry as a team.

  25. Theboredfella

    TheboredfellaПре дан

    horrible movie with horrid actors and crap plot good job netflix

  26. no more

    no moreПре дан

    celulit party...

  27. randomv3iwer

    randomv3iwerПре дан

    about 50k likes to 5.7k dislikes yet both of rotten tomatoes critics and viewers gave this film a terrible score Something is not right and Netflix is behind it.

  28. iTAchi UCHIHA

    iTAchi UCHIHAПре дан

    Looks like when you tube was talking about new policies on like and dislike button it's already have been implemented

  29. XbKittiecat

    XbKittiecatПре дан

    It was amazing.

  30. sports cards I'm all about VALUE

    sports cards I'm all about VALUEПре дан

    When will they ever learn ..

  31. Kimberly Lucas

    Kimberly LucasПре дан

    Eating raw meet, really? Too much of nothing suggested scenes. 👎🏽

  32. 汉升の游戏RPG-HS_GAMING

    汉升の游戏RPG-HS_GAMINGПре дан

    Like my boi Superman said it before me: *NOT IMPRESSED*

  33. Norths Crow

    Norths CrowПре дан

    i thought this was a SNL gag or really....

  34. Ali' Grimaldi P.

    Ali' Grimaldi P.Пре дан

    The worst movie ever!

  35. V man

    V manПре 2 дана

    I'd like Hancock 2 with Jason Bateman instead these bunch of mediocre superhero movies

  36. Top notch Tv Channel

    Top notch Tv ChannelПре 2 дана

    lol love ❤️ it

  37. Granite Creativity

    Granite CreativityПре 2 дана

    I loved this movie so much, I watched it twice on the same day.

  38. Granite Creativity

    Granite CreativityПре дан

    @Wonder Wongl Also, look at common scene. Kids and the professional reviewer loved the movie.

  39. Granite Creativity

    Granite CreativityПре дан

    @Wonder Wongl As I said, the kind of movie I like does not lower my IQ.

  40. Wonder Wongl

    Wonder WonglПре дан

    @Granite Creativity Because the world is full with people that have low IQ's. Like you.

  41. Elijah Clark

    Elijah ClarkПре дан

    i too enjoy pain and suffering

  42. Granite Creativity

    Granite CreativityПре 2 дана

    @MikiKiki And if everyone hated these types of movies, then why are they still making them. If everyone did hate these movies, they would stop making them.

  43. Lj Volschenk

    Lj VolschenkПре 2 дана

    There is only one part of this that's really bad, the part in-between the Netflix logos at the beginning and end.

  44. Mr Shadow

    Mr ShadowПре 2 дана

    It's a ton of fun.

  45. SwankyPotato

    SwankyPotatoПре 2 дана

    Okay, so I ACTUALLY liked this movie. It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's main focus is the goofs and cheesy jokes - which for me were thoroughly enjoyable. Comedy-wise I give it a solid 7/10. Plot wise it's about a 4/10 maybe less for the plot holes - lol. If you simply watch for enjoyment and humor and not for analyzing plot or character development stuff, then it's honestly pretty darn funny. I love these two together, and my whole family enjoyed it. It's certainly no Avengers or DC superheroes extravagance, but it takes a very silly way of showing superheroes and villains. It's enjoyable lighthearted fun. I'm not super judgmental of movies, and only seek to find some enjoyment in what i watch. I don't always worry about all the details - yes I notice plot holes and things that don't make sense, but I know this kind of movie is not really meant to be taken seriously Language and such wasn't too bad, crude humor was moderate but funny, sexual content was played out pretty mildly and was usually for the laughs. A good 7/10 for comedy and just plain enjoyment. Thoroughly liked it! Loved all the ridiculous crab jokes and the banter between the villains.

  46. Ed Rubio

    Ed RubioПре 2 дана

    This movie must be the worst ever in Netflix. Its extremely horrible. Corny jokes and too much talking nonsense. My God what a waste of half an hour.

  47. Granite Creativity

    Granite CreativityПре 2 дана

    I loved this movie so much, I watched it twice on the same day. These kind of comedies get more hate then they deserve.

  48. Ярослав Сергеев

    Ярослав СергеевПре 2 дана

    Two cows save the world

  49. Khorneflake

    KhorneflakeПре 2 дана

    Jesus H christ what is this...

  50. Nosi Soka

    Nosi SokaПре 2 дана

    Am I the only one that finds this trailer entertaining and I want to watch the movie so bad but don't know where to watch it for free

  51. Wonder Wongl

    Wonder WonglПре дан


  52. Budu-Budu World

    Budu-Budu WorldПре 2 дана

    Add 3 more and we'll have the all Female Thunderbird.

  53. Dell.

    Dell.Пре 2 дана

    This movie sucks !

  54. jonathan wright

    jonathan wrightПре 2 дана

    Haha so a crapy version of "the boys".....

  55. ClitRinger

    ClitRingerПре 2 дана

    Wow this movie was horrible

  56. EGG MAN

    EGG MANПре 2 дана

    they can only put this on script because it will be never be true lol

  57. Lawrence Karl S. Fille

    Lawrence Karl S. FilleПре 2 дана


  58. motorhome mike

    motorhome mikeПре 2 дана

    26 minutes in this movie I had to turn it off I DO NOT know why people give Falcone and McCarthy money to make crap movies she is NOT funny

  59. Aleksandar be together not the same

    Aleksandar be together not the sameПре 3 дана


  60. DJ Surferdude

    DJ SurferdudeПре 3 дана

    Now it makes sense. Couldn’t understand why so many people are hating on this but now I see it’s a bunch of Trump idiots crying. So glad you fuckers lost. Go Waze your nearest safe space and cry it out Trumpflakes.

  61. ClitRinger

    ClitRingerПре 2 дана

    @DJ Surferdude calm down cupcake

  62. DJ Surferdude

    DJ SurferdudeПре 2 дана

    @ClitRinger - Enjoy your loss Trumpflake. Go Waze your nearest safe space and cry it out crybaby.

  63. ClitRinger

    ClitRingerПре 2 дана

    Wow TDS much

  64. HuJAN

    HuJANПре 3 дана

    So from this trailer i got that it has the female from 2016 Ghostbusters (always a great sign *sarcasm*), has a (at least imo) shit and cringey humor, the main characters will be slightly bigger middle aged women with cringy humor and "quirky" personality (hmmm sounds kinda like GB 2016), and the main vilian seems to be a rich white guy.......jee where have i heard THAT one before, looks like it's gonna have bad CGI......did i miss anything?

  65. Agon Leed

    Agon LeedПре 2 дана

    @HuJAN the mayor of the city? lol ok

  66. HuJAN

    HuJANПре 2 дана

    @Agon Leed yea, yea, the "white rich guy" didn't have to be there.

  67. Agon Leed

    Agon LeedПре 2 дана

    everything was fine till the complaint about "rich white guy" it's such a bitch complaint. just put one true thought to it...who was the villian in james bond movies? Transporter movies? Die Hard? name almost any great movie or shit movie that had a human evil person..and they were most likely white males. So these movies aren't doing anything as a target. the REALITY is that the targets are who they possibly would be. In a business..who would OWN that business most likely? Who would most likely be the top politician? who would most likely be the top level evil person who can do as they please and travel and be accepted in any country almost? And in ANY movies..who is the target? the person who already has something and is abusing it. Complaining about "rich white male" is stupid cause it's always accompanied by already having complained about the non white or male protagonist. And if you've already complained about that..then you're DEFINITELY goingto complain when they also make the owner of companies and huge corporations non white males. other than that...the movie was shitty. silly ass wife loved it. And, in a silly female way, it was ok. I'm not a sillly ass female, so...I did what men do all the time to keep their woman happy. Let them have their fun.

  68. Rachel Marron

    Rachel MarronПре 3 дана

    Lol so much hate in the comments. If this movie starred two men or two women you all found attractive there wouldn't be any issues or negativity.

  69. ClitRinger

    ClitRingerПре 2 дана

    @Rachel Marron yea I'll give any movie a try. That's how I've found alot of great movies is thinking i wouldn't like it so I'd put it on so i could fall asleep to it, and end up awake and amazed at how good it was lol

  70. Rachel Marron

    Rachel MarronПре 2 дана

    @ClitRinger Ok that's respectable because you at least watched it then gave your opinion. I'm talking those who are criticizing based off the trailer. It's no worse or unrealistic than any other movie.

  71. Vihaan Ramesh

    Vihaan RameshПре 2 дана

    Not really. Just if this movie didn't star Melissa Mccarthy. She's just too corny. For me at least

  72. ClitRinger

    ClitRingerПре 2 дана

    Not true for me i think most of the actresses and actors in this movie are pretty good but not in this. This was a waste of time watching.

  73. Solaire

    SolaireПре 3 дана

    If Netflix would donate (a dollar) to the hungry for (every million) they have spent in a bad movies, there would not be hunger in this world...

  74. Didi Tek1

    Didi Tek1Пре 3 дана


  75. joao da silva

    joao da silvaПре 3 дана

    I gonna buy a lamborghini one day.

  76. Rotten Flesh

    Rotten FleshПре 3 дана

    Не особо здорово смотреть на двух толстых баб в роли супергероев. Полная шляпа, отправьте их в спортзал.

  77. Sranug

    SranugПре 3 дана

    Lord forgive us...

  78. NJames

    NJamesПре 3 дана

    Everyone involved in this needs to me fired.

  79. Shawn Langford

    Shawn LangfordПре 3 дана

    Going by the trailer this might be one of the worst movies ever made.

  80. RamenSullah

    RamenSullahПре 3 дана

    Noway plz Netflix don't do this

  81. Arelys Cabrera

    Arelys CabreraПре 3 дана

    Omg Octavia why would you do a movie like this, I know times are difficult with the pandemic, and you guys need money and all but I expected so much more from you horrible movie horrible 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  82. Melodic Feline

    Melodic FelineПре 3 дана

    A dude with oven mittens? For real?

  83. Nino CC

    Nino CCПре 3 дана

    Boring, did not finished the movie... Too much unecessary dialogue to deliver an unfunny joke...

  84. black mamba

    black mambaПре 3 дана


  85. RamenSullah

    RamenSullahПре 3 дана

    Yeah I agree with that

  86. Shyla Angela Z. Lazaro

    Shyla Angela Z. LazaroПре 3 дана

    i remember that black hair woman she's octavia spencer i watched her movie (ma)

  87. AkumaBKK

    AkumaBKKПре 3 дана

    Tried and I mean tried to watch this trash last night, these films just need to stop being made. Please stop and give the money to charity next time.

  88. Eimran

    EimranПре 3 дана

    positive/negative comments-ratio= 1/99, like/dislike= 99/1. Yeah nice try RSclub

  89. IBadGrammar

    IBadGrammarПре 3 дана

    see Melissa McCarthy yup going to suck after see half hour i was right

  90. Franco Caceres

    Franco CaceresПре 3 дана

    Entiendo lo de Melissa McCarthy; pero ver a Octavia Spencer hacer tal ridículo, sinceramente da pesar! Nuevamente Netflix se pule produciendo en su ya surtida línea ''WTF?!''. POR FAVOR este extraño video debe tener una advertencia: ''sólo para cierta población, de cierto país, de cierto edad con cierto gustos.'' porque no se entienden sus ''F@#& referencias graciosas'', argumento cliché, sin evolución, mala parodia... En fin 1.5/10 (por los esfuerzos actorales expresado ¡Saquenme de aquí!) 😁✨🤐

  91. Neil Olsen

    Neil OlsenПре 3 дана

    They cancelled Swamp Thing and then gave us Thunder Force... wtf

  92. TheClaw

    TheClawПре 3 дана

    Landwhales: check, blacks: check, gays probably: check, empowering women with the shittiest plots: check. It's a netshit movie allright.

  93. Ronald Turner

    Ronald TurnerПре 3 дана


  94. Ulver27

    Ulver27Пре 3 дана

    Aaaand that crap.

  95. Bianca Hsu

    Bianca HsuПре 3 дана

    this movie is pure trash

  96. Jonathan Garfia

    Jonathan GarfiaПре 3 дана

    What's the song used at the beginning?

  97. Ruin Nation

    Ruin NationПре 3 дана

    looks dumb


    GRIM REAPERПре 3 дана

    Woke garbage

  99. PJE

    PJEПре 4 дана

    This new crap is awful

  100. ProXi

    ProXiПре 4 дана

    This has been in the top trending for like 3 days now it's currently 3rd in my country??

  101. make earth spirit fun again

    make earth spirit fun againПре 4 дана

    i refuse to believe that over 48k people clicked like and only 5.5k clicked dislike.

  102. Taylan yıldırım

    Taylan yıldırımПре 4 дана

    The shortest but clearest summary of a movie

  103. Waffles

    WafflesПре 4 дана

    i actually liked this movie was a fun movie

  104. Eric Ortega

    Eric OrtegaПре 4 дана

    I actually liked this movie a lot

  105. Pippa Moss UK

    Pippa Moss UKПре 4 дана

    yes this looks REFRESHING AND JUST WHAT THE PLANET NEEDS RIGHT NOW! Ladies I’m so excited for you!

  106. iTzJake101

    iTzJake101Пре 4 дана

    Your names literally moss

  107. Daetyme

    DaetymeПре 4 дана

    I like Melissa and Octavia; say what you will, but they are very entertaining; and, each to their own, so if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!

  108. Main Account

    Main AccountПре 4 дана

    Bruh, I don't mind fat superheroes or even superfat heroes, but this one reeks of identity politics and the "body positive" movement

  109. Kauã S. Santos

    Kauã S. SantosПре 4 дана

    Me: Isn't Thunder Force a Shmup franchise?

  110. shanay creer

    shanay creerПре 4 дана

    The movie was really funny what is the pains me to see is the comments below. Is it because to have you set women are playing superheroes and it’s actually good?

  111. Cryo1147

    Cryo1147Пре 4 дана

    Another Superhero movie ?

  112. Dekis Pekis

    Dekis PekisПре 4 дана

    Не представляю как тяжело было уместить актрис в кадре)))

  113. latoyiab79

    latoyiab79Пре 4 дана

    Before 😃 During 🥱 After 😶🤨

  114. Kamil Chara

    Kamil CharaПре 4 дана

    love that like to dislike ratio, there is no chance that yt is removing dislikes right? :)

  115. Josef Sabó

    Josef SabóПре 4 дана

    BLM and fat acceptence movie? :D

  116. Raiyan Ahsan

    Raiyan AhsanПре 4 дана

    flop movie i ever watched on netflix

  117. Bethel Makoni

    Bethel MakoniПре 4 дана

    “How can we not stop two chicks in their forties” 😂

  118. Elizabeth Anel Diaz

    Elizabeth Anel DiazПре 3 дана

    nah the funniest part was when the Grandma thought they were a couple lol

  119. Neal

    NealПре 4 дана

    “My mistake was thinking that movies could be art.” -Jesus

  120. Jim Sinister

    Jim SinisterПре 4 дана

    what a shit pile