POPULAR Girl vs NORMAL Girl | My Friend is a Pop STAR | Funny Moments by La La Life Musical

A normal high school girl wanna be famous...👸while a pop star wanna be a normal girl😍. What if their wishes came true one day?😲
Check out the funniest story about their friendship in the NEW EPISODE of La La Life Musical
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00:00 Pop star!
00:39 Don't wanna be famous
01:20 Escaping from the fans
02:17 Living like a normal girl
03:01 No food at all?
04:40 First time in high school!
05:26 Chocolate prank
06:16 Shopping
07:56 Boyfriend vs best friend
08:42 Chloe's makeover
09:59 Messing with the teacher
10:49 New star!
11:50 Being famous is hard!
#fun #friendship #school
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