TommyInnit REVEALS what Dream Looks Like...

TommyInnit REVEALS what Dream Looks Like...
(No you can't actually read the lock screen messages hahah)
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  1. Chug Jug

    Chug JugПре сат

    I’m a fuckin idiot

  2. Maia Black

    Maia BlackПре 2 сата

    For the people who disliked, come on, you knew there wasn't going to be a face reveal.

  3. Play Time Meyers

    Play Time MeyersПре 3 сата

    Great video man

  4. Golden Blade

    Golden BladeПре 3 сата


  5. melxdiq dooms

    melxdiq doomsПре 4 сата


  6. • LoserPlayz •

    • LoserPlayz •Пре 4 сата

    Dislike cuz u lyin

  7. Venty Bleh

    Venty BlehПре 5 сати

    I watched the stream I already know what happens

  8. Floresz

    FloreszПре 5 сати

    This guy clip baits all the time get a life

  9. Mr_Doobe

    Mr_DoobeПре 5 сати

    click bait 101

  10. KaTom

    KaTomПре 5 сати


  11. DRIPPYRaven

    DRIPPYRavenПре 6 сати

    We all knew it wouldn’t be real but we clicked

  12. Spidoc

    SpidocПре 6 сати

    No he doesn't


    FS SNIPEZПре 7 сати


  14. JammyTheTroller

    JammyTheTrollerПре 7 сати

    NO WAY

  15. MIG?

    MIG?Пре 8 сати


  16. Rūta priedīte

    Rūta priedīteПре 10 сати

    So Tommy has seen him?

  17. Alize Gumus

    Alize GumusПре 10 сати

    The way Tommy is holding the phone like nothing if it slipped a bit chaos would unfold

  18. Evan Games

    Evan GamesПре 12 сати


  19. Riley Freeman

    Riley FreemanПре 13 сати


  20. Christian Jacob Castro

    Christian Jacob CastroПре 15 сати

    :) 😊

  21. Elijah Christopher Rivera

    Elijah Christopher RiveraПре 15 сати

    imagine tommy showed the call and dream acitdently turn on his cam on

  22. London Leiby

    London LeibyПре 17 сати

    Yo bro you don't even reveal his face so fake

  23. Titanus Størm 2021

    Titanus Størm 2021Пре 18 сати

    tommy is explaining his face not dreams. but clicked it anyways.

  24. Ing. Manuel Zarate

    Ing. Manuel ZarateПре 18 сати

    That wasnt his face it was tommys wallpaper

  25. Shea Cousin

    Shea CousinПре 18 сати

    YAS 👁👄👁

  26. Emily Anny

    Emily AnnyПре 18 сати

    This fack lmao

  27. Bridget Giovannini

    Bridget GiovanniniПре 19 сати

    Before watching: Ik it’s not gonna show dream but I click anyway. After watching: He just described his reflection in the phone. I fu(k!n8 knew it.

  28. i_hate _myself

    i_hate _myselfПре 20 сати


  29. Veza

    VezaПре 20 сати

    Are we gonna talk about the time on his phone in the thumbnail

  30. i_hate _myself

    i_hate _myselfПре 20 сати

    what about it?

  31. sapnu puas

    sapnu puasПре 21 сат

    Dream is GIGA ChAD?! CONFIRMED!?!?!

  32. MrAimbotJK

    MrAimbotJKПре 21 сат

    Now let me scroll through comments for Rick roll

  33. ʙʟᴀᴄᴋʙᴇʀʀʏ

    ʙʟᴀᴄᴋʙᴇʀʀʏПре 22 сата

    Lol it’s Tommy’s reflection

  34. Busy_dogplayz

    Busy_dogplayzПре 22 сата

    i could read what his phone said it was somthing about snapchat and dream

  35. epmedrano01

    epmedrano01Пре дан

    Yea that’s the thing that makes it fu

  36. Dimitri Varias

    Dimitri VariasПре дан

    I knew this was a lie but I wanted to see tommy trolling us

  37. ShadowTheCat

    ShadowTheCatПре 2 сата


  38. Skeletone56

    Skeletone56Пре дан

    Are we sure that Tommy's describing dream? Or Tommy's reflection off of his phone screen.

  39. JarlKacobsSimp

    JarlKacobsSimpПре дан

    I knew it wouldn't actually have his face reveal, but I clicked anyways lol

  40. Trendex On YT

    Trendex On YTПре дан

    dream looks like a amog us

  41. Mc toast

    Mc toastПре дан

    Dream stans crying rn

  42. Hudson Seekamp

    Hudson SeekampПре дан

    We just got big click bated we knew he wouldn’t show.

  43. David Stojcevski

    David StojcevskiПре дан

    I paused the video and im guessing its a rickroll. Lets see

  44. Ednwhwfncn Dhznofeqop

    Ednwhwfncn DhznofeqopПре дан


  45. Animal Zr

    Animal ZrПре дан


  46. Danica Quadrilatero

    Danica QuadrilateroПре дан

    We all knew it was fake but we still clicked it.

  47. Milosz Bulenda

    Milosz BulendaПре дан


  48. Hakimi Nordin

    Hakimi NordinПре дан

    My disappointment is imasurable, and my day is ruined

  49. Tosh Kun

    Tosh KunПре дан

    2.3 million idiots including me

  50. christian alexander

    christian alexanderПре дан

    I knew this was clickbate but I watched it anyway

  51. Bunzy

    BunzyПре дан

    I feel like Tommy is talking about himself XD

  52. Nightlight

    NightlightПре дан

    omg soo exposed

  53. Feaxo

    FeaxoПре дан

    ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK!!!!

  54. ShadowTheCat

    ShadowTheCatПре 2 сата

    I dont think I count bc I'm not rlly a RSclubr bc I dont hv any vids but lol ima like anyways

  55. HELLET

    HELLETПре дан

    Back to the world of clickbaits

  56. Just Corn

    Just CornПре дан

    He's Donald Trump!

  57. IIX1624

    IIX1624Пре дан

    I know his Face ACTUALLY so he has black hair blue eyes and a circle shaped head I saw it in a video and he was talking so it's dream

  58. Jasim Abdul Karim

    Jasim Abdul KarimПре дан

    He said he has dirty blonde hair and green eyes

  59. Monkey

    MonkeyПре дан

    Stop the cap

  60. Laiba Asif

    Laiba AsifПре дан

    this is so cute

  61. aubseeaubs

    aubseeaubsПре дан

    where is the whole stream? Sorry I cannot find it can someone link it or tell me where it is? :) that would be helpful

  62. CBDOHI

    CBDOHIПре дан

    Tommy equal big chin

  63. Rowgerr Macabate

    Rowgerr MacabateПре дан

    I knew it wouldt happen yet im still disappointed

  64. Kings World Live

    Kings World LiveПре дан


  65. Kings World Live

    Kings World LiveПре дан

    No I he didn’t mr cap

  66. GamePage -RBXL

    GamePage -RBXLПре дан


  67. Bernabe Agne

    Bernabe AgneПре дан

    You know guys i really saw dreams face in a live podcast ahahhaha

  68. Naruto Uchiha. :D

    Naruto Uchiha. :DПре дан

    He's describing himself 😂

  69. Jeremy Jolly

    Jeremy JollyПре дан

    Lol I just wanted the see some BS 😂

  70. 3van

    3vanПре дан

    I think Tommy saw a reflection of himself

  71. Dream Totally official

    Dream Totally officialПре дан

    I will never show my Face 👀

  72. ollie humphrys

    ollie humphrysПре дан


  73. Connie Sayre

    Connie SayreПре дан

    ;-;OH COME ON🔪

  74. Aramaru 1837

    Aramaru 1837Пре дан


  75. Shiree Bard

    Shiree BardПре дан

    their friendship is amazing😭

  76. Antognoni Long

    Antognoni LongПре дан

    How to get 2.2mln views

  77. Carlos Mas

    Carlos MasПре дан

    Yo pa

  78. Pedro 8952

    Pedro 8952Пре дан

    is dream my profile pictured?

  79. dnfviolet

    dnfvioletПре дан

    Why does George not get to see him :(

  80. Arjun Rathod

    Arjun RathodПре дан

    drrream is danny gonzales

  81. Arjun Rathod

    Arjun RathodПре дан


  82. angela abella

    angela abellaПре дан

    Whos watching in 2022?

  83. Nicole Schwan-Lindberg

    Nicole Schwan-LindbergПре дан

    I'm confused

  84. Nicole Schwan-Lindberg

    Nicole Schwan-LindbergПре дан


  85. Alison

    AlisonПре дан

    i just realized tommy was describing himself 🤺🤺🤺

  86. Floppy Fish

    Floppy FishПре дан

    nobody: me trying to look through the reflection of tommys eyes to see dream

  87. Marina

    MarinaПре дан

    He sound like carter sharer at first 😂

  88. Mercedes F1 Fan

    Mercedes F1 FanПре дан

    we all knew it was click bait before we even clicked it

  89. Anastasia Zelenskaya

    Anastasia ZelenskayaПре дан

    I love how 2 million people knew this was clickbait but watched anyway

  90. Gloom Gaming

    Gloom GamingПре дан

    Yeah clickbaited but this means he has a higher HIGHER chance of getting hit by a car

  91. V01dz ._.

    V01dz ._.Пре дан

    Well that a good way to make good content whit a lot of views just put “dream face reveal”

  92. GCabbage

    GCabbageПре дан

    Imagine if dream was Asian all the time.....

  93. ILyes Titour

    ILyes TitourПре дан

    Big man is over 8 mil subs and he has a Iphone Xr

  94. Haroun Hashim

    Haroun HashimПре дан


  95. HamsterBoi

    HamsterBoiПре дан

    Tommy is talking about himslef guys, bruh obviously ---_______---

  96. MuffinGunnerYT

    MuffinGunnerYTПре дан

    Rest in peace, everyone wanted to see his face. :C

  97. Wegas

    WegasПре дан

    I expected coconut mall

  98. Ryder Noah

    Ryder NoahПре 2 дана

    i love how Tommys phone is on military time

  99. DreamWasFound

    DreamWasFoundПре 2 дана

    Everyone: nooooo, why tommy Me: *trying to read his notifications*

  100. ShadowTheCat

    ShadowTheCatПре 2 сата

    It's too pixelated to read lol

  101. D e a t h _YT

    D e a t h _YTПре 2 дана

    I love that we all knew it wouldn’t actually show Dream but we clicked anyways

  102. Ayden Brown

    Ayden BrownПре 2 дана

    Describing and revealing are WAY different. Nice click bait. 🙄

  103. Seth Gilham

    Seth GilhamПре 2 дана

    Click bait

  104. Haadi Khatib

    Haadi KhatibПре 2 дана

    We all got jabaited

  105. Victoria Burger

    Victoria BurgerПре 2 дана

    He’s describing his reflection in the phone...

  106. • llutherage •

    • llutherage •Пре 2 дана

    I watched the stream lol