Tufting a Pooping Sign Rug

Tufting a Pooping Sign Rug!
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  1. SIMJI Shorts

    SIMJI ShortsПре 19 дана

    Everyone: “... or just buy a lock?” Me: 👁👄👁 but... I can’t 🥲 Edit* I’m amused that people are this heated about a strangers bathroom lock situation 😅. This isn’t my house, it’s like an Airbnb that I’m renting for a couple months 🥰. I cannot make any modifications nor do I want to. It’s not about the $20 or however much it costs to change a doorknob. 🤨

  2. VerbalHologram

    VerbalHologramПре 19 минута

    Buy a door stopper

  3. عوض سليمان

    عوض سليمانПре 2 сата


  4. Whatevasss xoxo

    Whatevasss xoxoПре 3 сата

    Okay, an apartment and can’t access modification. Inform the landlord to fix it and bring his team like any decent being would be doing if a boiler had issues and you’d wouldn’t be complaining.

  5. Teresa Duarte

    Teresa DuarteПре 8 сати

    I love it

  6. amariah

    amariahПре 13 сати

    @Special Bedford its a tufting gun

  7. Andrew Church

    Andrew ChurchПре 35 секунди

    Or I mean change the door handle

  8. gavn tyler

    gavn tylerПре 16 минута

    No one cares

  9. Eli Sst

    Eli SstПре 22 минута

    Here is a great idea 💡 CLOSE THE F**KING DOOR!

  10. Deus Vult.

    Deus Vult.Пре 24 минута

    A fetus? Wtf is wrong with you omg.

  11. GG

    GGПре 38 минута

    Why didn’t u just buy a new doorknob with a lock?

  12. Ian

    IanПре 41 минут

    People are seriously pissed at you for showing a funny sign you made 🤣 as if its their bathroom

  13. MrRuff

    MrRuffПре 43 минута

    Why just put a paper with txt (no enter)?

  14. Etegra T

    Etegra TПре 57 минута

    you can better get one of those triangular shaped plastics for under the door

  15. Lara Beatriz

    Lara BeatrizПре сат

    N é mais facil trancar a porta?

  16. Sonic4life And friends

    Sonic4life And friendsПре сат

    It’s a loop

  17. Xavier Westphal

    Xavier WestphalПре сат

    it's called knocking duh

  18. Dennis Welch

    Dennis WelchПре сат

    Buy a lock simplzzzz

  19. Kopilot98

    Kopilot98Пре сат

    How about locking the door xD

  20. Kirsten Hayes

    Kirsten HayesПре сат

    Or learn to knock...

  21. Twisted Oxen42

    Twisted Oxen42Пре 2 сата

    That transition was so smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyh

  22. Lawlyn Hebert

    Lawlyn HebertПре 2 сата

    Door knobs that lock aren't that expensive... and that is gonna be one nasty sign in a week or so

  23. theonlyredspecial

    theonlyredspecialПре 2 сата

    Sweet baby Jesus.

  24. Trippie._. kevin

    Trippie._. kevinПре 2 сата

    could have just bought a lock😐

  25. Anime fan

    Anime fanПре 2 сата

    The "thats a fetis" part WTF 🤬 😂🤣😂🤣

  26. Epiccomedy

    EpiccomedyПре 2 сата

    Or just get a lock instead of wasting our fucking time 🤣

  27. Baran G

    Baran GПре 2 сата

    Or just buy a new lock on Amazon

  28. Twic Believe

    Twic BelieveПре 3 сата


  29. Egg boi

    Egg boiПре 4 сата

    Or you could have just...locked the door?

  30. games for life

    games for lifeПре 4 сата

    I just put a piece of paper through the door saying fuck off

  31. 7 Stars

    7 StarsПре 4 сата

    Fixed the door instead

  32. Leigham 112

    Leigham 112Пре 4 сата

    There’s a thing called knocking

  33. Suga Technology

    Suga TechnologyПре 5 сати

    Y'all don't knock? ಠಿ_ಠ

  34. Tessa Raatikainen

    Tessa RaatikainenПре 6 сати

    He don't care

  35. Yarik Romos

    Yarik RomosПре 6 сати


  36. Six

    SixПре 6 сати

    a perfect loop doesnt even exi-

  37. RealChrisWaltzOfficial

    RealChrisWaltzOfficialПре 7 сати

    W*man propaganda

  38. Sammy jo West

    Sammy jo WestПре 7 сати


  39. Chanreiyo As

    Chanreiyo AsПре 7 сати



    DIVY LAKHANIПре 7 сати


  41. Ngà Trần

    Ngà TrầnПре 8 сати

    "There is no PEACE"

  42. Azaan Khan

    Azaan KhanПре 8 сати

    Indian families, this wouldn't work

  43. - ̗̀ Nightcore Rüya ̖́-

    - ̗̀ Nightcore Rüya ̖́-Пре 8 сати

    My bathroom doesn't lock too 😭😂

  44. Irices

    IricesПре 8 сати

    HAHAHAHAH the end

  45. Funky 123

    Funky 123Пре 9 сати



    GALAXVERSEПре 9 сати

    Someone's still gonna open that door

  47. MrWindsor

    MrWindsorПре 10 сати

    Why not get a cheap bolt latch?literally would cost a few quid/ dollarinos and just screws into the door and frame and can only be operated from the inside?

  48. Nikhil Shisode

    Nikhil ShisodeПре 11 сати

    Just get lock fixed

  49. Vickie Bradley-Greene

    Vickie Bradley-GreeneПре 12 сати

    Love 💘

  50. Liv Wendling

    Liv WendlingПре 12 сати

    Ok what did she say when she got done with the rug...😳

  51. SaKsHi Chawan .09

    SaKsHi Chawan .09Пре 13 сати

    Plz BTS💜💜🙏🏻

  52. Anna

    AnnaПре 13 сати

    Hi today my birthday 🎂 can you please do a birthday rug cake please

  53. Its Alex

    Its AlexПре 13 сати

    Do people know there's such thing as a rented house? Where you can't do any modifications? So no lock?

  54. Nirmala Thapa

    Nirmala ThapaПре 14 сати

    Me just putting a don't enter or you will die sign😂

  55. I’m _Roxanne swagy

    I’m _Roxanne swagyПре 15 сати

    Just me or look like a baby

  56. Crissyfox Does Stuff

    Crissyfox Does StuffПре 15 сати

    I love that perfect loop

  57. Ankit Das

    Ankit DasПре 15 сати

    Just fix the lock its not that hard.

  58. pest

    pestПре 16 сати

    Bla bla bla bla thx for wasting my time

  59. Hersh Cheriyil

    Hersh CheriyilПре 16 сати

    Just fix the fucking lock! U r not helping

  60. NightMoonGirl_

    NightMoonGirl_Пре 17 сати

    Yup my brothers don’t care they just open and say hurry upppp

  61. Arjun Biju

    Arjun BijuПре 17 сати

    Whatever happens I'm not gonna fix my door

  62. Alex Nachi

    Alex NachiПре 17 сати

    I see a babbon siting on a toiler

  63. Lovely Lillies

    Lovely LilliesПре 18 сати

    What machine were they using-

  64. MrThumb Gaming

    MrThumb GamingПре 18 сати

    How bout buy a new lock?

  65. Soham Raut

    Soham RautПре 18 сати

    She could have just repaired it...duhh😂😂

  66. DiE LoG

    DiE LoGПре 18 сати

    The loop is actually cool

  67. Dávid László Ódor

    Dávid László ÓdorПре 18 сати

    Actually you could just fix the lock btw


    PREDATOR GAMINGПре 19 сати

    Can't you repair the doo

  69. Peter Kings

    Peter KingsПре 20 сати

    Fix the door you lazy person

  70. melijam

    melijamПре 21 сат

    Buy a lock

  71. Gabriel Silveira

    Gabriel SilveiraПре 21 сат

    No começo parece 1 rola

  72. riley deiwert

    riley deiwertПре 21 сат

    why did i see barney lol

  73. Brett Augustine

    Brett AugustineПре 22 сата

    Or you could..ya know ...INSTALL A LOCK

  74. deine mutter

    deine mutterПре 22 сата

    Or just close the door

  75. Vladimir Vasilenko

    Vladimir VasilenkoПре 22 сата

    Easier, quicker and possibly cheaper to buy and install and privacy lock 😂

  76. Bilal Yildiz

    Bilal YildizПре 23 сата

    That's some Bullshit.

  77. Awenishkandar Nazlan

    Awenishkandar NazlanПре 23 сата

    "Onion have layers" - shrek

  78. Lily Stewart

    Lily StewartПре дан

    I hate people trying to open the door and I don't even know them I need privacy in the bathroom

  79. Beast Gordon

    Beast GordonПре дан

    Knock knock?



    Não e mais fácil tranca a porta?

  81. Sylvia Jones

    Sylvia JonesПре дан


  82. Mr. Nono

    Mr. NonoПре дан

    Holy crap Eren Jaeger

  83. NoCovid

    NoCovidПре дан

    How about installing a simple lock...?

  84. Tvted 2

    Tvted 2Пре дан

    Why did that hey send me

  85. Jose Soto

    Jose SotoПре дан

    Get a lock

  86. GambleFabrications

    GambleFabricationsПре дан

    Or get this, you could replace the doorknob with one that has a lock.

  87. HarriWasHere

    HarriWasHereПре дан

    all that effort when you could just hire builders to add a lock to your door

  88. miss nobodyYT

    miss nobodyYTПре дан

    What's a fetus????? #greatRSclubr

  89. Legend forever

    Legend foreverПре дан

    better to change door with lock lol

  90. Indigo

    IndigoПре дан

    Buy a latch lock for the inside..are women that "unfunny" they try to make a joke that doesn't make sense??

  91. Altaf Pathan

    Altaf PathanПре дан

    Better is get a lock 😒

  92. Jaywilt420 -_-

    Jaywilt420 -_-Пре дан

    Guys so there’s never been an idea like FUCKING KNOCKING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON so I’m gonna get some likes by making a stupid sign or some shit

  93. Rossross Allan

    Rossross AllanПре дан

    Buy a lock ...

  94. Biridianna Gomez

    Biridianna GomezПре дан

    When she said let me know what you see I actually saw the Saint Jude baby

  95. Joel Rodriguez

    Joel RodriguezПре дан

    O simplemente pon una hoja que diga ocupado y te ahorrar webadas

  96. THE Riften Guard

    THE Riften GuardПре дан

    Those videos are like a fucking virus

  97. Will Howard

    Will HowardПре дан

    I mean you coulda just bought a lock

  98. Addy A

    Addy AПре дан

    Why don’t you just buy a lock

  99. Bcat09

    Bcat09Пре дан


  100. _Zquad _

    _Zquad _Пре дан

    The loop omggg

  101. ishika

    ishikaПре дан

    😂bechari ki mehnt mitti m mil gyi🤣



    Lock lagwa leti itni mhnt kr rhi ho

  103. jksmasknz

    jksmasknzПре дан

    Or you know... fix the lock

  104. Subhash Gajjar

    Subhash GajjarПре дан

    Just lock the fucking door...when u don't have any content so u uploaded this shit

  105. 20 E's Productions

    20 E's ProductionsПре дан

    That loop tho