Virgin Hyperloop Passenger Experience

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  1. Virgin Hyperloop

    Virgin HyperloopПре месец

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  2. Mr. Positive

    Mr. PositiveПре 13 дана

    Absolutely stuning

  3. adesdigital

    adesdigitalПре 13 дана


  4. Gavin Barnes

    Gavin BarnesПре 13 дана

    If they can do this with clean energy omg

  5. Vinay Katta

    Vinay KattaПре 13 дана

    so, it's a fancy metro system

  6. Gaurav Poddar

    Gaurav PoddarПре 13 дана


  7. neeraj kumar

    neeraj kumarПре 13 дана

    I hope all this amazing tech. development doesn't come at the price of env. Degradation

  8. Professor Teach

    Professor TeachПре 14 дана

    Future is here 🥰

  9. Abid Fokrul

    Abid FokrulПре 14 дана

    This is so futuristic

  10. Bill Y.

    Bill Y.Пре 14 дана

    Looks incredible, wow!

  11. rc04

    rc04Пре 14 дана

    no windows, but im glad this concept is being developed

  12. Siva sai

    Siva saiПре 14 дана

    If it became success it may replace airways😀

  13. Luis Porem

    Luis PoremПре 14 дана

    Beautiful future

  14. Robbie Robbins

    Robbie RobbinsПре 14 дана

    Love to see this

  15. S3bluen

    S3bluenПре 14 дана

    Absolutely beautiful!

  16. Khalid Salah

    Khalid SalahПре 14 дана

    Ok now do it

  17. DR Homestead

    DR HomesteadПре 14 дана

    Looks like a dream of the future

  18. AP

    APПре 14 дана

    Beautiful presentation, but will most likely be a long delayed execution.

  19. MD. Faraz Ahmad

    MD. Faraz AhmadПре 14 дана

    That's some Utopia there 🤩

  20. Junji Liquer

    Junji LiquerПре 14 дана

    Welcome to the future!!

  21. Home of The Champions

    Home of The ChampionsПре 14 дана

    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼is all electric

  22. Anindya Zarbade

    Anindya ZarbadeПре 14 дана

    B. U. T. FUL

  23. Qwert 4

    Qwert 4Пре 14 дана

    Just in the end noticed, that was an original company channel. No fantasy.

  24. CluelessTalks ASMR

    CluelessTalks ASMRПре 14 дана

    We’re really living in the future

  25. kiran sai

    kiran saiПре 14 дана


  26. Prithpal Matharu

    Prithpal MatharuПре 14 дана

    Can't wait to get this real

  27. kushal das

    kushal dasПре 14 дана

    Selling Dreams!!! Which will become a reality in future....

  28. Manish Parmar

    Manish ParmarПре 14 дана

    Kind of gives me vibe of black mirror episode but happy one

  29. Spontidakis Nikolas

    Spontidakis NikolasПре 14 дана

    Now all we can do is wait and see

  30. Deep G

    Deep GПре 14 дана

    think how much the politicians would lose money if this happens , property rates would not rise to unexpected amounts!

  31. Khadiah

    KhadiahПре 14 дана

    Lovely !

  32. गँlaXy KING

    गँlaXy KINGПре 14 дана

    When come's in india

  33. Boba Fret

    Boba FretПре 18 дана

    Hope this materializes really soon! But out of curiousity, at those breakneck speed, are the gaps between each carriage or pod adequate? In avoiding collisions despite any failsafe protocol. They seem to be moving in tandem.

  34. TheKwiatuszek1234

    TheKwiatuszek1234Пре 18 дана

    This is how I imagined 2020 when I was 10 years old.

  35. Ashish Dayal

    Ashish DayalПре 18 дана

    ticket price ?

  36. Oluwaseyi Akinruntan

    Oluwaseyi AkinruntanПре 18 дана


  37. shubham kumbhalwar

    shubham kumbhalwarПре 18 дана

    Looks futuristic 🤩

  38. CoolJWB

    CoolJWBПре 18 дана

    We need this now, not in 30 years. *Make it happen.*

  39. Eddie Tucker

    Eddie TuckerПре 18 дана

    The new world

  40. Bhola Prasad Goswami

    Bhola Prasad GoswamiПре 18 дана

    Sometimes I forget that we are in the future.

  41. AnotherSKYWALKR

    AnotherSKYWALKRПре 18 дана

    When is this going public!?! I would love to invest! I’m an investor in Virgin Galactic! I love what Virgin and SRB are doing!

  42. Rayleigh Silvers

    Rayleigh SilversПре 18 дана

    Is this 2001 or what?

  43. Andrew Steen

    Andrew SteenПре 18 дана

    Maybe by 2070...

  44. Samruddha Kolhe

    Samruddha KolheПре 18 дана

    This is awesome

  45. whats in name

    whats in nameПре 18 дана

    But who can afford them

  46. Gaming Soup

    Gaming SoupПре 18 дана

    I thought this company was a record label...

  47. PennyBluebottle

    PennyBluebottleПре 18 дана


  48. UnicornHunter MC

    UnicornHunter MCПре 18 дана

    I feel like I want to put it in my mouth ? Looks like a Tic-Tac

  49. Jerome Shalom

    Jerome ShalomПре 18 дана

    Now all you gotta do is buy real estate everywhere.


    MCOM 1077 RATHOD RONAKПре 18 дана


  51. Finny Thomas

    Finny ThomasПре 18 дана

    Can't wait!

  52. Hiddo

    HiddoПре 18 дана


  53. big whale

    big whaleПре 18 дана


  54. Keystroke Brony

    Keystroke BronyПре 18 дана

    Sir Richard Branson is a genius... he always has such a unique approach to these things, yet the vision always seems to be so seemless.

  55. SebTheDeb

    SebTheDebПре 18 дана

    It could do with some windows

  56. Akash H Nair

    Akash H NairПре 18 дана

    Can u please make this VR

  57. Jonathan Bojorquez

    Jonathan BojorquezПре 18 дана

    Damn they really fixed cyberpunk in this update

  58. Mark Hill

    Mark HillПре 18 дана

    This is definitely not America, nobody's fat.

  59. Amit Sur

    Amit SurПре 18 дана

    How do you counteract the centrifugal forces at such high speeds? I’m sure the coffee would spill at a bend /turn.?

  60. Mr.abhishek

    Mr.abhishekПре 18 дана

    Future is here

  61. Sangita Devi

    Sangita DeviПре 18 дана

    We Indians invite u to setup some of ur plans to india

  62. Ryan Grimm

    Ryan GrimmПре 18 дана

    Why didn’t Vgac take this public?!

  63. cinnamon in my teeth

    cinnamon in my teethПре 18 дана

    It makes so much sense now

  64. akash verma

    akash vermaПре 18 дана

    This is feature

  65. Ankit Sd

    Ankit SdПре 18 дана

    Virgin Haha

  66. Jo Jojo

    Jo JojoПре 18 дана

    This is literally just a trainstation. But faster trains. And modern looking concept that does not account enough for baggage room, garbage, etc what would make it look more realistic

  67. Udit Anand Sharma

    Udit Anand SharmaПре 18 дана

    Better than NewYork Subway

  68. oviwrites

    oviwritesПре 18 дана

    Genuinely curious, wouldn't shinkansen be cheaper in terms of building the infrastructure?

  69. Sheldon Miranda

    Sheldon MirandaПре 18 дана

    Now this is the future. Also appreciating the artists who made this.

  70. Nonsense music

    Nonsense musicПре 18 дана

    So futuristic and lovely

  71. puru suvarna

    puru suvarnaПре 18 дана

    The future seems to be fucking awesome

  72. Keanu Threeves

    Keanu ThreevesПре 18 дана

    I wish this was real. I have my doubts on whether this would work in practice though.

  73. Isso

    IssoПре 18 дана

    This is honestly amazing. Please make it happen

  74. joseph M

    joseph MПре 18 дана

    When will this actually be available to the public?

  75. Ahad Raza

    Ahad RazaПре 18 дана

    Looks good but when will this happen?

  76. Yeetus God

    Yeetus GodПре 18 дана

    This would be pretty epic

  77. YES

    YESПре 18 дана

    Is Hyperloop hanging now? Was there a design change?

  78. Erwin Bolocboloc

    Erwin BolocbolocПре 18 дана

    Watching From The Philippines! 🇵🇭 🇵🇭#ProudToBeFilipino

  79. Marco

    MarcoПре 18 дана

    It will need so much time to build


    JAIN JIJO PAULПре 18 дана

    Insane 💙

  81. Aman Kumar Dubey

    Aman Kumar DubeyПре 18 дана

    This was *WowSome* Can't wait to see how the future will be

  82. Anil Kumar

    Anil KumarПре 18 дана

    This virgin wants to ride that virgin HyperLoop

  83. Harshit Saini

    Harshit SainiПре 18 дана

    amazing. beautiul

  84. Wise President

    Wise PresidentПре 19 дана

    You guys have high speed tunnel trains and we are still struggling with high speed internet.

  85. OR Op

    OR OpПре 19 дана

    Very soon in india ☺


    FLAMERUBYПре 19 дана

    Im confusing when the animation and when the real😂

  87. Legal Advisor

    Legal AdvisorПре 19 дана

    Hats off to you Mr. Animator & graphic designer

  88. Sandeep Saini

    Sandeep SainiПре 19 дана


  89. LightGod 225

    LightGod 225Пре 19 дана

    Hmm, it seem they change the design.

  90. E Moises Lara

    E Moises LaraПре 19 дана

    Can’t wait for design to be meaningful !!! Thanks Virgin for the vision

  91. Aiden

    AidenПре 19 дана

    here we are in the future

  92. The Dous Brother

    The Dous BrotherПре 19 дана

    "Its makes me wanna go there"

  93. No Soy Lechuzo

    No Soy LechuzoПре 19 дана


  94. TopAxe GT

    TopAxe GTПре 19 дана

    no windows eh?

  95. Technical Prince Samir

    Technical Prince SamirПре 19 дана

    Welcome the future

  96. ore2k

    ore2kПре 19 дана


  97. Jonahs Gang

    Jonahs GangПре 19 дана

    This is amazing will it go across the Atlantic or from city to city in one country

  98. Imam H Sajeeb

    Imam H SajeebПре 19 дана

    Need a ticket

  99. Dream

    DreamПре 19 дана

    My school met Richard Branson recently

  100. Jens Maul

    Jens MaulПре 19 дана

    I am on Board !