Yaman Fırat'tan Yardım İstedi | Legacy 153. Bölüm (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.


  1. Noemia Nunes

    Noemia NunesПре 5 дана

    Amo demais essa novela Assistindo todo horas

  2. sasukeGutsZeroLevi alucod

    sasukeGutsZeroLevi alucodПре 11 дана

    The writer makes yaman charcter become dumb and naive bcos the writer choose to make yaman believe and rely always on nedim ikbal...deymmmm.

  3. paula Miranda

    paula MirandaПре 23 дана

    Gente volta tudo de novo já mas de 10 vezes porque a legenda está maravilhosa

  4. İbrahim Halil

    İbrahim HalilПре месец

    My yaman darling you always look so cute 💕😘 how much you love sehar

  5. Mezhuvono Neikha

    Mezhuvono NeikhaПре месец

    Nedim is useless

  6. Susana Gercie

    Susana GercieПре месец

    Lejos la mejor parte de hoy

  7. Claudette Williams

    Claudette WilliamsПре месец

    I dont know why yaman dont get rid of nedim.he is always useless

  8. Ladan Musa

    Ladan MusaПре месец

    I just wondering when he found out the true what his will do

  9. cari

    cariПре месец

    maybe Ikbal and Nedim are lovers hahaha


    SONIA COLTANПре месец

    Please may I have English translate...

  11. Vesna Kuljanin

    Vesna KuljaninПре месец

    Pomoc od brata njenog ,molim te pomozi mi,jel moguce da je izgovorio tooooo

  12. Fatima Zulejha

    Fatima ZulejhaПре месец

    Ovaj Yaman se uživo u ulogu krimosa...

  13. Red

    RedПре месец

    Imagine Zu Hell behind the bars wearing the new bought clothes, she may say"Get th London Look"!!!

  14. EVA osuna

    EVA osunaПре месец

    Fans de EMANET, vieron: Yaman dijo el nombre de su esposa, él dijo: Seher


    MASTER HUNTERПре месец


  16. אזימה איכילוב

    אזימה איכילובПре месец

    Frat ❤ חתךךךךךך❤🇮🇱

  17. I H

    I HПре месец

    والله نديم من اول المسلسل لحد الاءن ما طلع ما اجا باءى معلومة جيدة ولا استفاد يمان منه بشيء والمصيبة انو اقبال عندها القوة اكتر من يمان ونديم شو هل الاءستغباء بعقول المشاهدين يعني معقول شخص متل يمان رجل مافيا تشتغل فيه النسوان ما بعرف شو عم يصير بيتوا وبشغلوا 🤔🤔🇱🇧🇱🇧

  18. Sonim Machinao

    Sonim MachinaoПре месец

    I think neidim is in zuhual side

  19. Pasha Aliyev

    Pasha AliyevПре месец


  20. Sun Melody

    Sun MelodyПре месец

    Yaman bey, you should asked help from Firat from beginning 😶😔 instead of listening to zuhahl 🥴😒

  21. Sri Battosai

    Sri BattosaiПре месец

    Firat eyes 😍😍😍



    why i think firat is cte. especially his eye

  23. Selvinaz Sulejman

    Selvinaz SulejmanПре месец

    Nedim is not helpful at all

  24. RomanceLoverGirl

    RomanceLoverGirlПре месец

    Once he finds out the truth, he can never doubt her again!

  25. Areeshaabbasi Abbasi

    Areeshaabbasi AbbasiПре месец

    Uffff Yaman is looking sooooo Goood And innocent here💙❤💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤💕🥰🥰🥰❤💕💕💕❤💙❤💙❤💙💕💕💕💕❤💕❤💕💙💕

  26. One One

    One OneПре месец

    Firat is so beautiful. He look likes leader of the wolf teenager (American series)

  27. Nuala Duffy

    Nuala DuffyПре месец

    Did Yaman, say Shere's name for the first time in this clip?

  28. Rae Marie

    Rae MarieПре месец

    In this conversation with Firat, Yaman is so humble and sincere. Think how differently things may have gone, if he had spoken to his wife with the same respect and sincerity he had for Firat. We are all damaged in some way but that does not excuse our bad behavior. The abuse Sehar has suffered by Yaman’s hand is not something easily forgiven and never forgotten. The hard won trust between the two is forever broken. There comes a point in which even great love has it’s limit. What sadness and pain on both sides.

  29. Nadziejka

    NadziejkaПре месец

    Nedim needs to be fired he is useless looser 😡

  30. Luz Elena Mendivil Jaime

    Luz Elena Mendivil JaimeПре месец

    Nedim nunca encuentra nada que bárbaro y es su mano derecha de Yaman o será Cenger que se me hace mejor

  31. Selina Afzal

    Selina AfzalПре месец

    I can't believe Ikbal never heard this convo.. Like she hears everything else! 🙄

  32. Nolan Callender

    Nolan CallenderПре месец

    I swear Nedim is working for zuhal😠

  33. Nolan Callender

    Nolan CallenderПре месец

    I change my thought he is working for iqbal the snake master😠

  34. G M

    G MПре месец

    I think so too🤔😩 and I hope I’m wrong

  35. Brenda Maharaj

    Brenda MaharajПре месец

    He really needs firat help nedim is useless halil is a brilliant actor he rocked in black

  36. Francisca Sánchez

    Francisca SánchezПре месец

    Desde que comenzó el tema del archivo hubiese confiado en su cuñado y ya se hubiera solucionado todo esté drama 🤷🏻‍♀️

  37. walkiria mallea

    walkiria malleaПре месец

    Finalmente estas usando tu cerebro Yaman. Nedim traidor

  38. Rica Moncillo

    Rica MoncilloПре месец

    Nedim is snake 🐍 too

  39. Marie Imad

    Marie ImadПре месец

    وينك اذا بضل هلا إقبال وزحل مبسوطين كتير ❤️❤️❤️❤️😔😔😔😔

  40. Gülsen Yavlal

    Gülsen YavlalПре месец

    YAMAN KIRIMLI Sen NEDIMDEN yardim isteme gözünü ac GIZLIDEN GIZLIDEN IKBALE birlikteler

  41. cristobelle56

    cristobelle56Пре месец

    So humble talking to his brother-in-law.

  42. Rich Shibaa

    Rich ShibaaПре месец

    I love this man YAMAN best acting and very handsome ❤😍 ....Today am happy he talk firat I think its good idea 👏👏

  43. Hatun Değer

    Hatun DeğerПре месец

    Yaman'la Fıratın konuşmasını tekrar tekrar izledim çok güzeldi

  44. Divya S

    Divya SПре месец

    Did Yaman said Seher's name while talking to Firat?

  45. Mireyda Ramos

    Mireyda RamosПре месец

    Deseo los subtítulos en inglés por favor

  46. Turani Aydin

    Turani AydinПре месец

    Nedim bir yaralı barmaqa t..ş yapmyor😡😏

  47. Angelica Colon

    Angelica ColonПре месец

    Firat is gorgeous 💕💕💕

  48. mariju bulauitan

    mariju bulauitanПре месец

    If i were Seher ,After seing the fake files ,i have to run and go to Police Station talk to Ali and Firat .She must complain

  49. Shafieka Petersen

    Shafieka PetersenПре месец

    He is not man enough

  50. Desdemona Diciotto

    Desdemona DiciottoПре месец

    Bravo yaman;Ferat è un buon aiuto😉

  51. R k

    R kПре месец

    Seems ideal the brother in laws are going to get good friends

  52. MyHelena82

    MyHelena82Пре месец

    Did Yaman just say Sehers name...

  53. Samina Kanwal

    Samina KanwalПре месец

    Nedim is a duffer man.

  54. Fatima Jaffer

    Fatima JafferПре месец

    Nedim. Uff yaa. A waste of space. Useless.☹

  55. DNB BEN

    DNB BENПре месец

    French translate

  56. Slowly Official

    Slowly OfficialПре месец

    Yaman said "please"

  57. Bego Jimenez

    Bego JimenezПре месец

    Ojjaaa 😲😲😲 Yaman Kirimli necesito a Firat. Y dijo Seher 👏👏👏👏👏 siempre la llama " la tía de Yusuf"🤭🤭🤭

  58. Orietta Figueroa

    Orietta FigueroaПре месец

    Gracias por traducir

  59. Manolya#

    Manolya#Пре месец

    Nedim işleri uzatıyor nedense,,ikbalin adamı sanki

  60. Mitali Gabbi

    Mitali GabbiПре месец

    So Yaman washed his brain, dried it and fitted it again and Voila! It works! Dust is cleaned! Congratulations u idiot businessman!

  61. Maria Conceição

    Maria ConceiçãoПре месец

    Amei First vai ajudar Yaman lindo

  62. Marrye Farias

    Marrye FariasПре месец

    Que desespero ,incrível ele falou o nome dela

  63. A. AMORE

    A. AMOREПре месец

    Desperate times...Yaman Bey you took long...

  64. Maria blanca Ona Ana

    Maria blanca Ona AnaПре месец

    La forma de Nadin actua parece que es complice de itbal

  65. nana hana

    nana hanaПре месец

    Iam I the only one who noticed that yaman for the first time said seher name???

  66. Hrvojka Slavica

    Hrvojka SlavicaПре месец

    Ne, he didn't. Listen to Turkish again!

  67. Catherine Cabrera

    Catherine CabreraПре месец

    Yaman y Firat new friends????

  68. Seva Elizade

    Seva ElizadeПре месец

    Bolumun en gozell sahnesi Firatla Yamanin konuwmasi iki adamin Sehere olan sevgisi coxx guzelll

  69. Laz Kızı 28

    Laz Kızı 28Пре месец

    Bu sahneye bayıldım. Kayınco enişte dayanismasi😂😂😂 Bak gör bunlar ilerde kanka olucak.

  70. C Romulus

    C RomulusПре месец

    Nedim is an accomplice with the sisters he can’t be trusted. He doesn’t like Seher!



    Did he mention SEHER’s name?

  72. Abel A. González López

    Abel A. González LópezПре месец

    Por fin algo inteligente, por ahí debía haber comenzado.

  73. Luzma Hernández

    Luzma HernándezПре месец

    Ahora si está pensando!! Porque si sigue esperando a Nedim van a pasar 1000 capítulos y no pasa nada!! 🙈🤣

  74. Elmira Inácio

    Elmira InácioПре месец

    Nossa essa cena foi incrível, Yaman pedir Firat ajud. Tô boba.

  75. kamila rocha

    kamila rochaПре месец

    Como sempre Nedim um zero a esquerda, sério aí tem

  76. Marilene Paula

    Marilene PaulaПре месец

    Ainda bem que ele yaman não sofrede coração

  77. Tk Tk

    Tk TkПре месец

    Nedim is honestly part of Ikbal's team...it makes no sense how he is so incompetent 😂

  78. Alicia P. Martinez

    Alicia P. MartinezПре месец

    Damn Yaman asked Firat for his help... if his so rich why doesn't he have a hacker on stand by lol

  79. RASHI Srivastava

    RASHI SrivastavaПре месец

    I was surprised that firat is now part of family of yaman, he took help of firat otherwise these people were hostile to each other before but see everyone here got excited for a while that whether yaman has spell out seher or not 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. adriana Mercadal

    adriana MercadalПре месец

    To no lo sé hacer,pero hoy por hoy un niño rastrea un número ese Nedim es un bueno para nada o bien guarda algo importante.

  81. Simona Mahfouz

    Simona MahfouzПре месец

    Now i am totaly sure that nadim is working with ibkal he never do somthing good for seher he always find a reason not to help her

  82. Amy Samek

    Amy SamekПре месец

    Finally this man called Firat- OMG , isnt Yaman a powerful guy in Istanbul. How is not able to locate the detective. That nedim is useless and he is probably a snake too. OMG , they better let the truth come out . This is beyond ridiculous. Instead they need to focus on how how ysusuf mom died . Why was she sedated and who called her in episode 1 .

  83. Joyce Parker

    Joyce ParkerПре месец

    Not only is he seeking help from Firat so we'll done he's using his brain at last, but also acknowledged to him he has done thing he said he wouldn't to Seher and he's doing this to save his marriage. At last he's pulled up his big boy pants let's just hope it gets done before the end if the week so that Seher can punish him for his atrocious behaviour towards her.

  84. Mariele

    MarieleПре месец

    Depois de 3 semanas ai o Yaman vai descobri a verdade, quanta enrolação

  85. Marina Roldan

    Marina RoldanПре месец

    Me encantó yaman pidiendo al hermano de seher ayuda pero más me encantó la advertencia que le ISO este bravo 😁😁😁😁🤜🤜

  86. Mayda Guarch

    Mayda GuarchПре месец

    Porfinnnnnnn pide ayuda a alguien honesto

  87. Nezaket Memmedova

    Nezaket MemmedovaПре месец

    Axir ki Yaman duzgun adfim atdi

  88. Mayda Guarch

    Mayda GuarchПре месец

    Medina para mi juega en contra, no lo ayuda en nada.

  89. Mayda Guarch

    Mayda GuarchПре месец

    Medin digo

  90. susann susann

    susann susannПре месец

    Yaman, your marriage is already destroyed

  91. luisa portal

    luisa portalПре месец

    O nedim é corrupto não encontra o detetive

  92. Pilar Parrilla Moreno

    Pilar Parrilla MorenoПре месец

    Yaman q cabezón eres pobrecita

  93. karina candido

    karina candidoПре месец

    Tradução pra português 🙏

  94. luisa olives

    luisa olivesПре месец

    I don't know but for me Nedim is going to betray Yaman, for some reason I think he is somewhat related to Ikbal, is imposible to think that he can't help Yaman with the investigation 😪

  95. elisa elisa

    elisa elisaПре месец

    Zouuuuuhal you are going to jail for sure, the number's of a death man in a forest with a bullet , a man who give you name to Yaman. You are done

  96. Baharim sensin

    Baharim sensinПре месец

    Kardeş böyle zamanlar içindir.Yaman kafası çalışkı.

  97. M S

    M SПре месец

    He NEVER mentioned her name. The translation uses her name but not Turkish. He used pronouns her...

  98. shashika rathnayake

    shashika rathnayakeПре месец

    I hope Seher informs Firat that Yaman tried to slander her by using a fake file. He'll flip out😂😂😂

  99. elizabeth wainoga

    elizabeth wainogaПре месец

    So he can be humble 🤔

  100. Patricia Bustos

    Patricia BustosПре месец


  101. Roxana Campos

    Roxana CamposПре месец

    Yaman: "Cambien mi mundo. Solo por ella" 💙 Jamás vi venir que le pidiera ayuda Yaman a Firat, pero ha sido una muy pero muy buena idea... Aparte veo la desesperación de Yaman por saber la verdad, sabe muy dentro de él que ella es inocente, pero no tiene las pruebas suficiente para demostrar y hacer justicia de quien le puso esa trampa... Ahora ya tiene muy claro quienes están implicados (Selim que corrió como una loca, Zuhal con la señal directa del detective, más no sabe que la cuñada también está detrás de todo esto) Por otro lado, que yuca seria que Firat supiera después de todo que Selim ayudo a poner la trama a Seher... 😐😐😐😐

  102. Bea Garcia

    Bea GarciaПре месец

    La verdad que la frase me llego al corazón.....yo por esa misma frase el ...se vio perdido cuando se creyó traicionado ...pero por mucho k intentará odiarla y negarla ...los sentimientos sentimientos son

  103. Vivi Mejia

    Vivi MejiaПре месец

    Que tarde vino a buscar ayuda del cuñado

  104. neelamish

    neelamishПре месец

    Nadim bay is so overrated, instead he is more than useless from episode 01. We gave him extra importance🙄

  105. Griselda Lopez

    Griselda LopezПре месец

    I Loved Yaman face!!! He is really worried about losing Seher

  106. Bego Arraras Lizarribar

    Bego Arraras LizarribarПре месец

    Me ha encantado este fragmento ,Yaman pidiendo ayuda a Firat y con humildad.Increíble!!!!!! Cuando Yaman se entere de la verdad se va a dar contra la pared y Ali y los demás van alucinar con ese dossier!!!!!

  107. Bego Arraras Lizarribar

    Bego Arraras LizarribarПре месец

    @Miriam Cayamo totalmente de acuerdo!!!! Ahora nos va a tocar sufrir por el aunque no quiero que se alargue mucho porque quiero una declaración de amor de ellos con beso incluido que quedo inconclusa en la luna de miel!!!!! Y espero que Yaman de esta aprenda la lección!!!!

  108. Miriam Cayamo

    Miriam CayamoПре месец

    A yaman ya no le importa el dossier, el temor de el es que seher lo deje por todas las brutalidades que le hizo a mi reina. Entonces va hacer otro sufrimiento para nosotras viendo a nuestro yamancin triste y derrotado por que el hombre no le oye a nadie y si es por celos menos.