Yaman & Seher - Hurricane (Türkçe altyazılı/Legendado) | Emanet Klip / Legacy Edit

Yaman & Seher's Hurricane of Love, Hate & Heartbreak up to Episode 156 || Music: Hurricane by Fleurie: Türkçe çeviri / Tradução || Edit/Klip by Lillith || Emanet/Legacy
Thank you all so much for 2k subscribers I didn't expect this channel to grow so fast. I truly appreciate all your comments and support ❤❤ Hope the wait was worth it in the end, sorry for all the heartbreak, I was angry at Yaman when I started. Hoping to edit a beautiful love story some day if Seher still thinks he deserves one after all he put her through.

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Yaman e Seher
яман и сехер история


  1. dude dudy

    dude dudyПре 2 дана

    💞Sehyam forever❤ Amazing editt 💥and song was so touchingg🥺

  2. Celene Acosta

    Celene AcostaПре 4 дана

    My goodness aren't they too good? 🤩 That's why please vote for Halil and Sila as Turkish best actor and best actress 2021on Google they deserve to win. Halil is already on top he's currently leading but SILA needs more our support she's currently at 7th place she's very good at her craft she deserves to win as well both of them. ❣️😘😍😍

  3. Serena T

    Serena TПре 5 дана

    I’m a little late seeing your latest masterpiece but it gave me chills watching all the hurt and pain that they’ve gone through. I’m so glad the hurricane has settled 😍 And now we get to enjoy their beautiful pure love ♥️♥️

  4. Lillith

    LillithПре 11 сати

    @Serena T I really hope so, I need closure after all that has happened, I think that's the only reason I'm still watching. I'm sorry, Emanet fans wont like this but, I honestly just cant wait for it to be over so I can re-watch Siyah beyaz aşk. I hoped this show would have a similar 'passionate' love story, but the fire between them doesn't even compare 😢 (don't get me wrong, I love Sehyam but I'm finding it hard to love the series as it drags on and they keep throwing in random drama instead of a developing a good story line. I really hope they change my mind.

  5. Serena T

    Serena TПре дан

    @Lillith Aww thank you so much ♥️♥️ the fire 🔥 is always burning between them. And I understand you completely about being upset at Yaman. He destroyed her trust and confidence in him. He literally broke her down in every way. 😢 Word on the street is he hasn’t really apologize and plans to do so in a thoughtful way for all the hurt he’s caused. I hadn’t accepted the first apology and now I see he’s trying. We had almost a month or more of his destruction 😭😭😭 it can’t be easily forgotten. Let see how he redeems himself.

  6. Lillith

    LillithПре дан

    Thanks again Serena 🥰 I'm also glad the hurricane has settled but I'm still mad at Yaman for what he's done... I'm slowly coming around. I still can't get enough of your edit Tango to Evora, Absolutely Beautiful! Honestly my favourite edit that I will keep coming back for, Thank you ❤

  7. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku MidoriyaПре 8 дана

    his face is always a another level xD it just 😤 her face is always just 😭 but I love this drama ima cry when it ends or if it ends 🥺

  8. Celene Acosta

    Celene AcostaПре 10 дана

    Great editing 👍👏 Thank you...❣️

  9. Noreda Jantan

    Noreda JantanПре 12 дана

    Wow .. beautiful and perfect...

  10. Simply MJ Damas

    Simply MJ DamasПре 13 дана

    They realy look like a real couple.thE way they look in the eyes,I can feel thier feelings for each other, ILOVE THEM BOTH

  11. Milhata Hanic

    Milhata HanicПре 15 дана

    Psihicko maltretiranje Seher i ovo bacanje o zid uopste mi se ne gleda.

  12. Yasmin Deedat

    Yasmin DeedatПре 17 дана

    Ohh. This drama is just too wonderful to watch. Learning from it all the time. Enjoying it at its best. I salute the writers and all involved for this amazing work. Let’s hope it grows from strength to strength. ❤️

  13. Manoni Lagvilava

    Manoni LagvilavaПре 17 дана


  14. Lillith

    LillithПре дан

    Çok teşekkür ederim ❤

  15. moonchild

    moonchildПре 20 дана

    Thank god I found this video. I almost forgot and forgave him. His puppy eyes won’t work on me anymore because I will just come back to this video and break my heart over and over again 😂

  16. Lillith

    LillithПре 19 дана

    😂 😂 😂 That's kinda what I was going for

  17. alphonsa manu

    alphonsa manuПре 22 дана

    Thank you so much sad love story😍💖💖💕💕

  18. Lillith

    LillithПре 19 дана

  19. Sameera Azza.

    Sameera Azza.Пре 22 дана


  20. Bindusree Star

    Bindusree StarПре 26 дана

    Friend. Sorry for asking. I want legacy emanet berat ( Yusuf)clips. Video can you do it. Twinkle Twinkle Little ⭐ berat bubble ⭐

  21. Bindusree Star

    Bindusree StarПре 26 дана


  22. Lillith

    LillithПре 26 дана

    Don't be sorry at all, I have been wanting to do a video for Yusuf for a long time. I just haven't found the right song. But now I am trying to use music without copyright claims so it may take some time to find the right one. I will start looking :)

  23. Bindusree Star

    Bindusree StarПре месец

    Very emotional heart pain scenes.halil 👌 please everyone don't forget to vote

  24. Cruz Lupercio

    Cruz LupercioПре месец

    Capítulo de hoy 158 seher y yaman destrosados por la zuzuhal

  25. HG81

    HG81Пре месец

    incredible job!! the editing was fantastic. 👏🏼 bravo

  26. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked it 🥰

  27. Elżbieta Betlej

    Elżbieta BetlejПре месец

    Seher is right, she should make this big bully suffer for all he has done to her. Yaman was not serious about her, he did not even ask for the explanation but judged without listening to her. And she, unaware what exactly did she do wrong, had to tolerate abuse for her nephew. Yaman now reaps what he has sown.

  28. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    @Elżbieta Betlej All very true, and I'm loving watching Seher grow stronger every day. I do still have empathy for Yaman and we've come to far for a heartbreak ending, I just hope she doesn't forgive too easily.

  29. Elżbieta Betlej

    Elżbieta BetlejПре месец

    @Lillith I know, right? He has given her a hellride for a month for a picture of hugging her childhood friend and a letter that was written during her surgery at hospital. All fake, but for him - who cares? It is nice to watch her growing a backbone, she is a mirror reflection of Yaman. I do not know why , but he resembles a big dangerous bear that only transforms into a teddy in front of Seher and Yusuf.

  30. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Can't disagree there, even the fact that he is still happy to let her think it was all a lie, instead of telling the truth is just agonising. Looking forward to him reaping what he has sown.

  31. Jamilya Tahir

    Jamilya TahirПре месец


  32. Ikiza M

    Ikiza MПре месец

    Wow really really heartbreaking. Looking this its nearly impossible for him to fix all this mess he has done😭😭😭😭😭😭 beautiful video cut & Music.

  33. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    @Ikiza M Beautifully said ❤ I'm sure he will make up for it all in the end. Looking forward to the day when we all forgive him

  34. Ikiza M

    Ikiza MПре месец

    @Lillith yes u are true. I said this because in real life the people act like the life have teached them. Some dont know how to trust, love or manage anger. I think if someone is regretful after such a treatmant and HE really changes. Still in real life there has to be a Chance of forgivness. Without such a great act of forgiving there will not be a real change. U can overcome really Big Problems if u really regret and apologize. Forgivness is a great Gift. Well lets see if he can do this. I hope so and he will never again put her trust in question

  35. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    @Ikiza M I understand this, however I honestly don't think it is a valid excuse to treat anyone with such level of cruelty. I come from Syiah Beyaz Aşk fans where the male lead suffered FAR worse and would never treat anyone in such a way.. he would just shoot you and be done. I hope they work it out as it is just a TV show and my heart needs to heal but in real life such things should not be forgiven.

  36. Ikiza M

    Ikiza MПре месец

    @Lillith i Think we have to remind us that this man has lived his whole live with serios trust issue. He never letzten a woman Inside his heart. Than fianally he opened a door to a woman and than they separate them with this file. He is a victim top but of course HE was really really Bad to her. Hope HE will develop more his personality.

  37. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you ❤ Yes I was so mad at him when I made this I didn't think he deserved to fix it, my feeling came through in the edit😪

  38. Andreia Mesquita

    Andreia MesquitaПре месец

    Da para passar no português

  39. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    na verdade não, eu uso traduções que encontro na internet e no google tradutor ❤

  40. Μirada Lezaj

    Μirada LezajПре месец


  41. Hani Zah

    Hani ZahПре месец

    I love this couple....

  42. Fathima Fazeena Mohamed Matheen

    Fathima Fazeena Mohamed MatheenПре месец


  43. Fathima Fazeena Mohamed Matheen

    Fathima Fazeena Mohamed MatheenПре месец

    @Lillith Exactly you made us feel Seher's pain.

  44. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you so much ❤ I'm sorry it made you cry, but its so good to hear that it made such an emotional impact and hopefully communicated Seher's pain 😢

  45. Fathima Fazeena Mohamed Matheen

    Fathima Fazeena Mohamed MatheenПре месец

    I don't know but I was crying watching this 😢

  46. Karen Mendoza

    Karen MendozaПре месец


  47. Sylwuska 79

    Sylwuska 79Пре месец

    Amazing song and video 🥰❤ Thank you 😘

  48. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    You're more than welcome🥰Thank you for your comment ❤

  49. Bhagya Handagiri

    Bhagya HandagiriПре месец

    Superb edition. So beautiful.

  50. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you ❤ honesty means a lot, its awesome to hear you enjoy my edits 🥰

  51. Misireta Gashi

    Misireta GashiПре месец

    Love it 💕 thank you ❤️

  52. marti mac

    marti macПре месец

    well done, so heartbreaking but straight to the point, wonder what he will do to make up for all he has done to her.

  53. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you ❤ I was very frustrated about the whole situation so I used this as an outlet. He will have to do a hell of a lot to make up for what he's done to her, but even then I don't think its enough 🥺 Looking forward to better days

  54. Stana Cirla

    Stana CirlaПре месец


  55. Batool Dalloul

    Batool DalloulПре месец

    Oh waw!!!! You are creative!!! Very beautiful video😍

  56. Batool Dalloul

    Batool DalloulПре месец

    @Lillith Thank youuu for making the video🥰

  57. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Wow thank you so much 🥰 seriously means a lot to me to receive comments like that ❤ I'm really glad you enjoyed the video.

  58. Julie Lund

    Julie LundПре месец

    Omg this is perfect❤️❤️❤️

  59. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you 🥰🥰

  60. Lizett Mielnik

    Lizett MielnikПре месец

    Amazing video! So many images of their story... Thank you for sharing! 👋🏼🇦🇷

  61. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you for watching and for your comment ❤ I'm more than happy to share my videos with you guys, that's honestly my favourite part of the whole editing process! 🥰

  62. Holmesian Junkie

    Holmesian JunkieПре месец

    You are so so talented !! This is such a beautiful video !! Par excellence !! This deserves so many more views !!! Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and thank you for making such an amazing montage !!! ❤️❤️

  63. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you soo much ❤❤ I appreciate your comment from the bottom of my heart 🥰 You're more than welcome, It means a lot to me to receive such comments. Thanks again 🥰

  64. Milenka Supic

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  65. Cupcake Tm

    Cupcake TmПре месец

    Il video è perfetto❤❤...ma c'è tanto dolore .

  66. Cupcake Tm

    Cupcake TmПре месец

    @Lillith Anch'io 🙏💔

  67. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Grazie ❤ Stavo soffrendo molto per Seher quando l'ho fatto.

  68. mine Faree Saleem

    mine Faree SaleemПре месец

    Bravo ❤️👏👏👏👏

  69. Atosa Far

    Atosa FarПре месец

    Very beautiful and emotional. We love our couple and we wait for good episodes full of their love and peace. 🌺🌺🌺

  70. Lillith

    LillithПре 10 дана

    @Atosa Far 🥰 wow It's so nice to hear that you come back for more. I'm really glad you enjoy the clip ❤

  71. Atosa Far

    Atosa FarПре 10 дана

    @Lillith I watch this clip how often. Love the song , your story and the voice of Seher & Yaman.

  72. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thanks again Atosa 🥰 Looking forward to love and peace ❤

  73. Big Foot

    Big FootПре месец

    rumors are rife that....seher is gonna met with an accident and this thing will shake yaman to the core...the fear of losing seher will haunt yaman now...

  74. Sarah Guechtal

    Sarah GuechtalПре месец

    @DOM 13 Indeed because they have a lot's of good chemistry :/

  75. DOM 13

    DOM 13Пре месец

    @Sarah Guechtal it is sad that the writer can only tragedy can bring them together

  76. Sarah Guechtal

    Sarah GuechtalПре месец

    I'm so sure It's gonna happen 🙄🥱😩

  77. Emily

    EmilyПре месец

    WOW!!! It just perfection amazing love it how you make the perfect match on the lyrics and the scenes 😍

  78. Nenexanim Həsənov

    Nenexanim HəsənovПре 21 дан

    @Lillith wujbb hb Com or a jury of you you have to go back to utiuyuy

  79. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you so much ❤ I try very hard to match what I can, I love when it gets noticed 🥰🥰

  80. khadija aboudaoud

    khadija aboudaoudПре месец

    I demand every week of your video's they are fenomenel 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  81. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Wow! Thank you so much! ❤❤ Your comment truly made my day. Its nice to hear you love my videos that much 🥰 I wish I could upload every week as well as I love them as much as you guys do ❤

  82. A

    AПре месец

    Güzel olmuş eline sağlık 👏👏

  83. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Çok teşekkür ederim arkadaşım ❤

  84. Magda C

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  85. Cruz3485

    Cruz3485Пре месец

    Well done heart broken but beautiful

  86. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you ❤ I was heart broken for Seher when I first made It and it shows 😪

  87. Mah J

    Mah JПре месец

    Beautiful clip. Thank you

  88. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    You're more then welcome. Thank you for watching ❤

  89. Jennifer

    JenniferПре месец

    perfect video and this song just speaks so well to there relationship. Ugh i hope we can get a happy ending for these two

  90. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you, I'm sure we will get a happy ending after all the pain we've been put though but you never know with Turkish dramas.

  91. Miriana Ben Attia

    Miriana Ben AttiaПре месец


  92. Lillith

    LillithПре месец

    Thank you ❤ I'm glad you think so 🥰🥰🥰

  93. Rosa Ojea

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    LillithПре месец

    Gracias ❤

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    Muito obrigada ❤

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    Such a beautiful video omg 🥺🥺🥺

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    Thank you ❤